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Dish Network Corporation (or as the Latino community knows it, Dish Latino3) is the first largest provider of pay-TV in the United States, 4 providing direct broadcast satellite service — including satellite television, audio programming, and interactive television services— to 14,337,000 5 residential and commercial customers in the United States. Dish Network has approximately 24,500 employees, most of whom are located within the US The corporate office is located in Meridian, Colorado, although the company's PO box is in Englewood.

Dishlatino has terrible customer service and business practices, bill could go up without an explanation, Kyla claims at

"Terrible customer service. Terrible business practices. I have been with them for three years. My bill continues to go up. I have been supposed to have a $40 bill credit but have yet to see it. When asked they know nothing about it."


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Alejandra says

"Scam! Promise promotions then don’t come through . Worst company ever. Expensive. Useless"

Aaron Mcabee says

"worst possible experience. After canceling my cable service at a 2nd home and wanting to open a new internet account at a new home I am purchasing they said I have to wait 90 days after I was on the phone for 1 hour. Terrible company to work with. I would never refer someone to them after that experience."

B. J. Smith says

"Never have I talked to more collosally stupid people. If your new, customer service is great, however, they will screw over a long time customer in a heart beat. You always get stuck with a 2 yr commitment and no warning. They just send a damned bill with a jacked up price! And it's always the same b.s.! It's the guys that control the airwaves. They lost $$ and customers in the first quarter. I will dance in the street when customers start dropping them due to the pandemic and unemployment! I'm on a fixed income. And everybody is trying to suck the life out of what little we have in our purses! Jacked up prices! Food, gas, clothes, dish, OTC stuff...hand sanitizer, face masks! So now dish is piling on! Hope the next 2 quarters are worse! On the phone 5 times today. Put on hold then totally ignored! Total of an hour and a half! Had to keep calling back! They should be sued they say they have "top rated customer service" LOL! NOT!"

Sonal Bali says

"Dish is just for the customers to make money for their business. When you disconnect their service they look for every reason to make money out of you."

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