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Dictao Siege is a publisher of software solutions for security and digital trust. Our software platform guarantees the security of digital transactions, and gives users confidence thanks to reliable proof. The platform provides three core functions: strong authentication of users, transaction security (digital signature), and data integrity (digital vault and traceability). Dictao is the only software editor whose product range is tailored to meet high performance levels, is proven in diverse contexts and is certified at the EAL3+ level of the international Common Criteria standards by the FNISA (French Networks and Information Security Agency).

An employee shares his thoughts on glassdoor.com, "At some point, you have to reinforce the teams at Dictao to follow the growth of the company. A high turn over rate (over 20%), mainly during the first few weeks. No profit-sharing at all. I would recommend communicating more and more regularly about the company strategy and achievements. Have a real HR department that takes care of careers."


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