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Royal Development, Inc. is a company that recognizes the need to be flexible, entrepreneurial, assertive, both as individuals, and as a company. It's mission is to provide financial support to residential, commercial and multi-family properties. Royal Development, Inc. believes in teamwork, innovation, growth, professionalism and long-term decision-making. The company offers competitive rates and can provide the borrower a stress-free transaction, from start to finish! Royal Development, Inc. endeavors to preserve and enhance its reputation for integrity through all of its actions.

Royal Development, Inc. finances residential, commercial and mixed use projects. Each transaction is supported by a Promissory Note, Deed of Trust, Loan Agreement & Proper Insurance(s). Market analysis is conducted per each transaction, including physical observance of each property. Proper estimated market value is completed prior to each transaction. Our current transaction terms range from six to twelve months.

Royal Development, Inc. continues to expand and enhance its national presence in order to serve its growing list of clients. Our success is a result of the company’s vision, the determination on quality design, construction, the option of prominent architects, landscape designers, and high rated construction companies. Through its assertive management style and insightful growth strategies, Royal Development, Inc. provides advance expertise for its own portfolio, in addition to entering into strategic partnerships with several national and international prominent investment and development firms.

A disgruntled employee sadly expressed his ordeal , he said " Job market is not stable right now, and moving jobs around. Executives make rash decisions that negatively impact areas without proper research, just to save a buck. The manager has us use the hilo and dump garbage bins in the back of the building close to homes, when no one is looking or outside. its loud and they are starting to record us and post it online. looking for a new job."


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Former Employee - Administrative says

"I worked at Charles River Development full-time Cons: Please ask attrition during job interview and find out the root cause on why people left. Every company may have a bad manager, but unfortunately bad managers seem to stay longer in this company even if HR knows about the complaints. Attrition for some admin functions can be as high as over 60%, and the most tenured persons, except the top boss, is <11 months. If you don't want to leave after a few months, better perform some due diligence on your manager or department manager before joining the company. Otherwise, please be prepared to answer phone calls outside working hours for non-urgent items, or spend 2.5 hours to watch the manager word-smith an email or powerpoint and then you work overtime to finish the daily assignment."

Former Employee - Associate Systems Analyst says

"I worked at Charles River Development full-time for more than 3 years Cons: You work with people who are film majors and not really any IT people. You are surrounded with people who lack technical knowledge. You are paid hourly and benefits such as bonus are at the discretion of management (which you may not get)."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Charles River Development full-time Cons: work life balance, difficult to use proprietary technologies"

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"I have been working at Charles River Development full-time for more than a year Cons: This one is a long list. I'll start with some recent things happening here. CRD got acquired by State Street. Yayyy !! Wohoooo!! This was the best thing that happened to CRD in 2018. Because our previous CEO was known to be micro-manager who had strict policies such as no WFH, no flex timing, etc. But soon in 2019 we realized we have a much bad owner now which is a bank. So what does that mean now ? 1) No GC filing till you have 2 years or less on your H1B. That is if I get picked in H1b lottery in 2019. I can be on my H1b till 2025. CRD will not file for my I-140 till the year 2023. Does this justify the review title for you? For me it does. 2)Other minor things include no IntelliJ. Yes you heard it right. Company is cutting down on every little expense it can. This unfortunately means you cannot work on IntelliJ as there is just one license per team which means a Principal Developer who has been here for 3+ years will get it. 3) No trading. Well this is not entirely true, you can trade but with a lot of restrictions. I know some people who were here for more than 5 years just because we had no restrictions on trading prior to the state street acquisition and now they have started quitting because they have so many restrictions."

Former Employee - Software Engineer Co-Op says

"I worked at Charles River Development full-time for less than a year Cons: Mediocre work and legacy code base on which they build their new projects. Manager tried to micro manage everything irrespective of work being completed on time so it was frustrating."

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"I worked at Charles River Development full-time Cons: no work culture at all unfriendly environment buggy proprietary technologies with close to zero or outdated documentation outdated workplace - unless you are nostalgic about 80th office space no teamwork (you barely talking to your team) no team buildings (drink alone, eat alone will be your credo) no introductory steps for newcomers - you will be expected to perform as good as people working here for 10 years from day 1 you are expected to work long hours (directly or indirectly) micromanagement (up to ridiculous every hour check) don't expect work/life balance here - work hard, play hard is not about this company - work hard, work hard - people are expected to spend 9 hours working and are ashamed to be relaxed every team has it's own code style which is far from standards no freedom to make your own decision how to implement code, you will be forced to do as your team lead sees it even if it's obvious anti-pattern"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Charles River Development full-time for more than a year Cons: - Mandatory overtime. 45 hours per week. - CEO is a jerk, and he makes sure to hire managers who are the same. - Management by intimidation, threat, and fear. - Constant eavesdropping and micromanagement. - Forced overtime. - It made me physically sick to work there. - God help you if you go to the cafeteria for lunch, take a walk, or use the onsite gym. - Continual and rampant firings. - Two-faced Team Lead."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Charles River Development full-time Cons: Have not announce pay raises this year. More than 2 months later than usual. Upper level management has poor communication with employees."

Former Employee - Systems Analyst says

"I worked at Charles River Development full-time for more than a year Cons: i will tell truth and only truth. 1. There is no process at all for anything , these people are living in stone ages.most of the time you will be doing other people job. there is no defined roles and responsibilities. (that's why people leave this company so quickly . note my point one who is here from longer is either stuck here or have godfather here ) they don't have mindset to grow.few people are sitting there at top position and only just sitting there from years doing nothing and do't let anyone do so outdated . 2. 9 hour excluding lunch which is only applicable to analyst (TL and Mgr can go anytime at their wish .no work from home option at all (specially in operation team)--- why not have same policy for everyone. 3. No one will hear you here because there is no platform to raise your concerns as you get to meet with your team lead only who himself have very less say in front of mgmt. no meeting with higher mgmt (sorry only one at beginning of year) or HR during entire year. 4. there is always work to do ,More work you will do here , more you will get .during my entire time here i felt why i joined this company. 5. Forget promotion that is far far career growth.once you joined in one role ,you are stuck .there is no motivation to work. 6. so much micro management.people always keep sitting in their cubes to show their mgrs that how much they are working . 7. Here knowledge is in people mind and they don't want to share or document, you have to beg them for everything and on top of that its their wish they will tell you or not because for everything they will say i did it long back i am not able to recall."

Current Employee - Senior Systems Analyst says

"I have been working at Charles River Development full-time Cons: *No growth opportunities* - When you are hired, you are told a promotion within 6 months is highly likely, but even after 3 years there is no sign of any growth - Work is repetitive and boring - Some employees are given preferential treatment over others - My coworkers were not being respected and it was an overall degrading work environment"

Intern (Former Employee) says

"I did an internship there years ago and was placed under someone who had never supervised anyone. She was a mean, old therapist who made my going in everyday dreadful. She was negative, critical and just tried to make my life hard. I asked to be placed under someone else and was let go. I luckily found a great internship and excelled. This was an awful experience and management sucked. Cons: Management/chaotic"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"The company it's self is ran differently. DCI does not believe in respecting their employees. Management causes a very low moral for their subordinates. Communication on how you do your job is never clear, upon coming on board you will not get the proper training. Another thing I noticed is that there is a strong buddy system that is allowed in this organization. God forbid if you are not one of the choosen ones. That leaves you open to being bullied out of your position. Don't believe me if you ever interview with DCI ask about their turn over rate. They will try to trick you and claim people don't want to work. Which was the lie that was told to me but after working there the truth was uncovered. Cons: Every thing about this job"

n/a (Current Employee) says

"Things have changed at development centers and the focus is not on effective service delivery, but rather productivity. New staff do not get nearly enough training and are set up to fail. Because of this, veteran staff have trouble doing their jobs. Development Centers is a good place to get your feet wet in the field, but anything more than a year or two, and you're wasting your time. Cons: Terribly toxic environment, executive leadership is out of touch, no support for new and existing staff from administration"

Worker (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately the micro management is at an all time high ! Very unsupported toxic environment the only reason people stay Is they truly love there clients /students and the pay is good ! Cons: Mico management/unsupportive /toxic work culture"

Family Service Worker (Former Employee) says

"Work culture sucks! Leadership sucks! Benefits suck! Pay is decent but not worth putting up with the nepotism and horrible culture. Leadership lacks professionalism and put unrealistic expectations on staff. The agency lacks effective communication for positive and productive growth. High turnover rate! Always short staffed! Don't waste your time!"

Housing Specialist/ Case Manager (Current Employee) says

"many chiefs,large admin staff, company always wants more from staff, no raises, health insurance very high, some managers see no clients, policies always changing for the benefit upper managment while line staff pay the price with increased productivity."

Lead Teacher (Former Employee) says

"Very unprofessional, drama, no emotional/ mental support, disrespect parent and the disrespect is supported by management. The staff fights, argues, and disrespects one another."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"Big on writing people up for anything. Like to change things up often very unprofessional and unorganized. If someone does not do their job they like to blame others for it. There are so many clicks here if you are not part of it you will have a very hard time here. Cons: half hour breaks, health insurance its expensive if you have a family. forced company picnic."

Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"Its an ok job but you wont get as much support from management or coworkers as needed. I understand the level of independence but if i need help from management and/or their managers with a critical issue regarding the position then I expect that, especially when you start questioning me after the fact. Office equipment doesnt work as it should (no one comes out to fix not company staff or a third party and if they do, a manager is not present which causes employees to "pull rank"."

Professional (Former Employee) says

"I've never worked a position where management was so poor and unprofessional causing me to experience ALL KINDS OF WORK PROBLEMS AS A RESULT! DONT!!! Cons: Poor management, crooked union and everything else!"

Head Start Teacher (Current Employee) says

"I worked here for a year and couldn't wait to leave. The management here can't be trusted, if you have a grievance it's best to keep it to yourself. It will come back to the person you had an issue with via your supervisor which makes for an awkward work environment. On Fridays when you aren't supposed to have children you sometimes get moved to work in the baby room or another center location. Last minute changes happen often, just last year an field trip was added for the last week of school , mind you this was our first died trip EVER too! During "spring break" the children are out of school for an week while you complete your second round of home visits. You also have to use your pto time for Christmas break! Cons: Lack of admin support, limited materials, disorganized company, secretive about incidents that happen at work, most trainings/meetings start late but you have to be there early"

ECFS Clinical Therapist (Current Employee) says

"The facilities are poor including flooding issues and bugs."

Lead teacher (Former Employee) says

"The job doesn't require an overload amount of work. Management (specifically upper management) is more like a high school click where they favour those whom are older and have been working for them 5 years plus. This place is more about the numbers than it is teaching the children and preparing them for the future. They micromanage EVERYTHING! From the way a supervisor is asked to split staff members into groups during a meeting to what activities should be done for end of the year celebrations. it's almost no reason for a site supervisor because they aren't able to make the smallest decisions. The children aren't celebrated equally (depends on your site). If you are young, fresh out of school AND/OR excited about your career in the early childhood field this isn't the place for you!!!!"

Headstart Teacher (Former Employee) says

"Development Centers may be an ideal company for someone that is new to the workforce, but not for people that want more from their employer. Cons: Short breaks, benefits, Using PTO times for breaks, and micro-managing"

N/A (Current Employee) says

"This company is old-fashioned. Leadership has no knowledge of how the world is changing and is unwilling to leave their comfort zone to change. The work is fast pace and the communication is poor"

RN (Former Employee) says

"I was through under the bus from the first day, Worst orientation ever. No job description. The blind leading the blind. Kinda ghetto and unorganized. Management didn't have a clue. They made very unreasonable demands. Vey high staff turnover. But, if you need a pay check they will do until something more professional comes along. Cons: Every week new demands, never satisfied, unorganized"

ACT Mental Health Advocate (Former Employee) says

"The company used to be supportive and inspiring. Then, they focused so much on productivity that clients became numbers. A lot of good staff left and staff were regularly told in meetings that there were lots of people willing to do the work and that they were welcomed to leave. Over time, many managers also left due to the unrealistic demands. I don't regret for a second leaving DC and only wish I left sooner. Cons: Often unable to eat regular lunches, low pay, flexible scheduling is not a thing, treated as if you are easily replaced"

Social Worker (Former Employee) says

"This company has unrealistically high productivity expectations. Programs do not do what they are intended for. Managers provide little training. High turnover. Co-workers act like supervisors even though they are not and most of the company belittles new employees and talks to them like they're idiots. I have been looking for a new job since I started."

Therapist (Former Employee) says

"admin, IT, HR and facilities are unresponsive and under staffed. blds are dirty and furnishings are old and dirty. organization lacks a business plan"

Lead Teacher, Early HeadStart/HeadStart, KeyHolder (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at the job was nice. I enjoyed the opportunity to train new workers. Management was fair at times. Workplace culture was well at times"

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