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Derishow is a women's clothing store in Istanbul, Turkey

Spida shares her disappointing experience on Google reviews, "Derishow called me for a job interview. The interview was first online and then face-to-face. In the first interview, they asked me to record it. Then, I went face to face to the second meeting, another person attended and I was not told what position he had in the company. During the meeting, I was asked all kinds of questions about the job. From the technical information to the B plans in emergencies. I felt something was wrong after the first meeting. The second time I was sure. The owner of the company, Fatoş, decided to hand over the job to his nephews. One of his nephews was the one who interrogated me to get tips. The person who will actually work in the relevant department is his nephew and they called me just to learn about the job. If you are invited to a job interview, don't go. Don't trust these buffoons. They will also close all the stores and stay only in Fulya. This company is stealing the hopes of people excited about their job interviews and deceiving them."


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