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Theater De Mythe presents a wide range of performances every year. She also organizes events for companies and individuals.

Wim Schiebaan mentioned, "Last Saturday, due to illness, I was unable to use my admission ticket for the Wibi Soerjadi concert. I tried to call the Myth, but did not hear. Via a tape you were told that you could contact us by telephone one hour before the performance, which I tried, but that did not work either. I then went to the Myth to ask if I could get the amount paid by me. I had then and I still have asthmatic bronchitis, so I have severe coughing, which for the other visitors and certainly Wibi would not be very pleasant. The lady behind the counter told me that giving money back was not an option. I do not think this is very customer friendly. I request you to pay the costs of the ticket. € 25.00 to be reimbursed. I think if I went to the concert anyway, I would be removed from the room because of the inconvenience that I caused. I hope for a favorable response from you."


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