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Datapipe was a provider of managed hosting services and data centers for information technology services and cloud computing with data centers in Somerset, New Jersey, San Jose, California, the United Kingdom, and China. The company was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey. Since 2011, more data centers have been added, including in Ashburn, Virginia, Moscow, and Singapore.

Joe Hark recounted an incident in September/October 2001 for WEB HOSTING TALK about Datapipe Hosting "service" from hell: If DataPipe reads this and wants to consider a lawsuit for libel, I remind them that truth is an absolute defense against libel. And would love the opportunity to get you into Court. On September 10, I paid $244 to (a div of to host 25 client sites for one month. Their website said they support MS FrontPage but they didn't tell me until after they had my money that they only support FP2000. Most of my clients at that time were using FP98. The site also said they support Eudora but the configuration their website recommended delivered only error messages, not a connection to the email server. After tech support wasted an hour of my time on the phone with ineffective "solutions" I suggested settings that, as it turned out, actually connected to their mail server but it could not retrieve the dozens of emails sitting there. And DataPipe, while admitting there was an accumulation of email on their server, either could not or would not provide me and my 25 clients with any access to that email nor would they forward them. Tech Support then said that the email problem was all my computer's fault even though I never have had a problem with any other mail server in the 7 years I've been using Eudora. The so-called TS person who said that could not cite any basis for such an accusation. When I asked to speak with a higher-up person, a Tech Support person who claimed to be the manager of TS for Data Pipe but who refused to give me his name told me I should find another hosting provider and hung up. That was pretty late that night so I sent an email to DataPipe saying I would start moving the websites the next morning to another service in an orderly way and said I would eventually want a refund for unused service after I finished the move. Although I had signed up in the predawn hours of September 11, I had been distracted from actually using the service because the Sept 11 WTC attack took place right outside my window o the Jersey side of the river as I was getting the file transfers ready. When I saw the towers burning, I took off running for the waterfront to help handle survivors who had started arriving on a fleet of boats and ferries and then to support the rescue workers who went over and back from this side. I did that every day for three weeks before going back to take care of my business. So it was less than a month after I opened the account and prepaid for a month's service that I began installing my sites on their server and encountered these problems. The conversations with the so-called Tech Support took place late in the day on October 5 within a few hours after I made the move to their servers. Hours after telling me to find another service, but without notice or response of any kind to my email telling them I would let them know after I completed doing moving elsewhere, they shut off all 25 domains and all email access for my clients' businesses. When I wrote and asked them to put the sites back on so I could use the remaining time on my prepaid month to make an orderly move without harm to me or my clients they sent me an email demanding I pay a second months' charges. Extortion I call that. I am not so much of a fool as to throw good money after bad. I had full backups and put my clients' sites back online at another service after a few days offline. You can imagine how they felt about that. I got a refund after I filed a complaint with the Hudson County Prosecutor. Unless DataPipe has changed its attitude I would be very careful about placing your own company's future in their hands.


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Sales says

"Datapipe was acquired by Rackspace one year ago and has since been integrated into the Rackspace family. We are sorry to hear you had a disappointing experience and wish you the best on your next step."

Datacenter Operations Technician (Former Employee) says

"The IT industry is constantly changing and evolving. Companies like Datapipe which refuse to permit remote work, force extremely long and spontaneous shifts (including, on a few occasions, 30+ hours, unexpected and unprepared), and enforce strict uniforms for employees who aren't even client-facing will be left in the dust. While Rackspace has acquired Datapipe since my departure from the company, my former coworkers have kept me updated on the status of the company. Management has not changed and has, in fact, gotten worse. There is a reason that they have such high turnover at this location, but they refuse to address it. I hope that, for the sake of what has been built at what was formerly Datapipe, Rackspace is eventually able to turn things around.Free lunch on Thursday, if you have time to go and eat lunch.No breaks, no lunch hours, overbearing micromanagement, rude and inconsiderate clients, low wages, no raises"

Server Technician (Former Employee) says

"I have absolutely nothing positive to say regarding this company other than my time with them was informative of what type of atmosphere I prefer not to work in.close to homeeverything"

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"If you have little experience, this can be a great place to obtain it. There is little structure or organization, and the direction can change rapidly with little consistency behind decision making. The turn over ratio is high as there is little incentive offered, with extremely large workloads. If you can deal with a chaotic work environment with uneven work loads/compensation, and in return gain exposure to a wide variety of technologies, then I would recommend Datapipe to you. If you require structure and a sense of direction, you may want to look else where.Exposure to new technologyLack of direction and vision from management, little investment as possible in human resources attitude"

Datacenter Technician (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Datapipe for 6 months. I don't know what to say, my boss really didn't care for my tech geeky personality, he only wanted to talk about sports. Me and my coworker said he was being hostile and did the same thing to veteran I replaced and fired him for not liking him. I have never been so stressed by a boss who has insulted me and threatened me. My boss never would teach me other than the good old lesson of when to leave a job when it gets bad. If you work in Ashburn, VA RUN RUN RUN FAR FAR AWAY. If you work in any other department I've heard that treatment is fair.Paid in dollarsExpect to work on your own time, without pay. Bully bosses, HR will ignore you."

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Awful benefits and always on call. 401k is bad, health insurance is bad, no tuition $. clients are not happy with datapipe. Very little structure and organization.Thursday lunchBenefits"

Technical Escalation Manager (Former Employee) says

"Helped support the company during the acquisition of Layered Tech, by converting tools, procedures and process and integrating Service Desk into their Global Response Team. Also worked with Datapipe to help configure, test and roll out Nagios automation which helped overall workloads and provided better client support. This all being said when I accomplished these items for Datapipe I was laid-off. I would recommend this company to anyone who is willing to learn and grow there experience, but would not recommend for long term, do not expect to be a company man. Datapipe is trying to take on way to much to fast, and this will impact employees and customers."

Principal author (Former Employee) says

"Very fast-paced; Opportunities to learn a lot; Service delivery suffers from poor project management and lack of senior management support. Not enough resources to keep pace with the work, leading to dissatisfied customers.Exposure to different technology; competitive benefits; free lunch on ThursdaysMisalignment between strategic vision and business reality"

Support Engineer (Current Employee) says

"What to say? The place is a dysfunctional train wreck. There's no L1, L2, L3 support. It's all mashed together. You could be top-flight tech talent and get stuck playing receptionist (you definitely will after hours and on weekends) or dealing with L1 problems that their incompetent response "engineers" can't/won't handle. You have a real mix of "talent". Some are really sharp and on top of their game, others I wonder if they even know what a command line looks like. The company has taken on too many clients, promised them the world, and does not have the resources to deliver. Management -- such as it is -- is a mess. I've never seen a group as apathetic and low-energy as these people. It filters down to the support staff, where you have people sitting around reading online news or Facebook all day and not a word is said about it while tickets build up in the queue. It's very demoralizing. I suspect when Rackspace really sees what is going on and how badly managed this company is, they will have to undertake a serious housecleaning this year. I wish them the best in that effort.Free lunch on ThursdaysDisengaged management, poor business planning, apathetic employees"

Data Center Technician (Current Employee) says

"Work life balance is none existent. Good job if your just starting out in your career to gain experience and prepare yourself for the next opportunity."

Accounts Receivable Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Layered Tech was acquired by Datapipe. Pros (Layered Tech) Great people, relaxed atmosphere, had some great times working here. In the beginning, there were lots of fun team building exercises and holiday activities. We had a big team that got along well and I have stayed here many years because I love the people I work with. Cons (Layered Tech) Then there were a few rounds of mass layoffs and the atmosphere turned dark and bitter. Lots of promises and positive words that never panned out. Sadly in the end the company fell in on it self. We are now owned by Datapipe and will be let go in March. I do appreciate how Datapipe has worked with us so far leading up to the March exit date. Advice to Management (Datapipe) To Datapipe management, I hope you take whats left of LT and do something good with it.Stay BonusLosing Job"

Vmware / UNIX Administrator Project manager (Former Employee) says

"Datapipe is a fast paced hosting company with locations all over the world. It needs techs that are decently skilled to handle the fast pace call centers from high brow clients. It will definitely transform a mediocre admin into a senior level admin in a few lunches, hot dog eating contestbreaks only when calls die down, high pressure long hours"

Human Resources Business Partner (Current Employee) says

"Datapipe will not exist from 1st April 2018, going through sales process when hires, that information was not shared at interview stage, line manager left very quickly, left to do acquisition and lunchdissolving"

Project Manager Cloud Engineering (Current Employee) says

"Many talented people with super work ethic keep the place ticking."

Cloud Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"During my tenure with Datapipe I learned a lot on business development, managed service, hosting, public and private cloud. Very hands off company until the end. I enjoyed the relationship I built within the company as well as the connections I made within the cloud eco system."

Information Risk Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Performs risk, security, and vulnerability assessments. Performs business impact and dependency analyses. Documents, maintains, and provides guidance on Systems Security Plans (SSP) and associated security controls, baselines, and overlays. Documents, maintains, and provides guidance on contingency planning including: Business Continuity Plan (BCP), Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP), Crisis Communication Plan (CCP), Cyber Incident Response Plan (CIRP), Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), Information System Contingency Plan (ISCP), Occupant Emergency Plan (OEP), and Emergency Mode Operations Plan (EMOP). Documents, maintains, and provides guidance on risk-based information security policies, standards, practices, and procedures. Performs one-time and recurring risk-based and other information security audits and assignments."

Global Response Center Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Documentation is still in the works along with training which they need to do better lunches on thursdays and holidays30 minute lunch break"

Revenue Assurance Analyst (Current Employee) says

"This company recently bought Layered Tech, the company I worked for for 3.2 years. I would continue to work for Datapipe is given the opportunity.fairsurplussed entire Finance team"

Server Support Technician (Former Employee) says

"Great place for someone who has been in the industry for awhile. Terrible place if you're young. They constantly will treat you like a child. Everyone that you would work with has probably worked there for way longer than they should and they are out of touch with industry standards. Management enjoys doing absolutely nothing but the good part about that is you also do absolutely nothing and get paid for it. Hardest part of the job is being the new guy (which also means you're that person until someone newer than you gets hired). Most enjoyable part is being paid to sit on Netflix all day and maybe you'll have to do one thing all day.Very lax environment, free lunch once a weekNew guy gets hazed, you get really bored"

Accounts Receivable Manager (Current Employee) says

"Fast-paced setting where you could thrive and advance through your own merit Passionate and dedicated core group created a welcoming and harmonious environment High level of autonomy where creative and critical thinking were welcomed Work/Life balance less than desirable, you were "always-on", especially in management role. Difficult to use all time-off earned during year without losing it at year end Fair compensation Former Executive team ineffective at driving Layered Tech forward in marketplace, Interim Executive team made many strides forward, it's a shame they couldn't see their vision through.Free lunches on ThursdayBelow industry-standard benefits package, Poor work/life balance"