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CyberSource is an E-commerce credit card payment system management company. Customers process online payments, streamline online fraud management, and simplify payment security.

A previous customer of CyberSource posted the following review online:

Used to use CyberSource to bill credit cards. Cancelled the service in August. CyberSource continues to bill our credit card monthly for service fee. CyberSource has stated in e-mails as early as Oct. 4th the account is fully closed and won't bill. Ended up billing in Oct, Nov and BAM again today. They stated on e-mails on the Nov 15th they would refund several months, they still have not. I have been e-mailing them back and forth for 3-4 months now without resolution.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything else - bad management, each group (dev, qa, tpm, pjm and business) has their own agenda, lot of politics, low experienced managers , pushy management, very low quality products, useless business product management team, clue less technical product management team, sick and low quality dev/QA management, Engineers (dev/Qa) always afraid of management, old legacy stack. If you want to loose your heath take it. I still feel bad why I took the decision of joining such a horrible place."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything else. Management to the C level is clueless and massively disconnected with their employees and the market. A dinosaur product that has no vision or innovation."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"if the job is in a special team with special teammates, the job will hurt your heart. got a lot of false feedback from a remote manager. There are a lot of politics which is more important than deliverables. I regret I took that job which drove me nuts. Whenever I think of it, it is still painful. Be careful when you choose a team."

Staff Engineer says

"no respect workload heavy colleagues arrogant no team work"

Current Employee - Staff QA Engineer says

"Management plays favorites and sets impossible expectations. Management regularly sets-up employees to fail and promotes negative animosity towards each other. This company will suck you dry with its inconsistent polices and harsh employment practices. If you like that sort of thing, this company is for you."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Senior marketing leader gets caught up in clicks, and misconstrues information and under communicates strategy and goals. If strategy and goals are communicated, they often are not 'stuck to'. Allows abusive and bullying behavior while stating it will not be tolerated. Good employees have been lost due to the blind eye of management."

Senior Software Engineer says

"waste of your time and contribution to company"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lies/promises from management in support for promotion to get you to stay longer in the company. Wrongful promotions based on relationship rather than skills. Not a company to stick with longer than a year! No career progression at all in Technical Support Engineer land"

Former Employee - Product Support Engineer says

"There is a general anti-European sentiment in this US run Visa Inc acquisition business. Executive level employees think it's appropriate to publicly mock and scapegoat European nationalities in company wide meetings where HR and other senior management sycophantically pander the insensitive, careless, offensive ramblings of an out-of-touch executive team. Most US employees talk down to any non-American colleagues. This filters down to middle management who have an appalling attitude in dealing with the diversity in the people they employ. Petty, hypocritical, deceitful managers constantly play games with each other and their subordinates. They lie to people in interviews about the jobs they are recruiting for and they force senior personnel interviewing with them to employ similar tactics. Middle management are allowed to run riot, constantly infighting, exhibiting favouritism / undue bias to friends and family, taking credit for other people's work after creating competitions between departments, awarding promotions and bonuses not based on performance but to those who will support and aid their personal career progression. Managers will come into work intoxicated, unfit for work, gamble online whilst at work (circumventing company security measures), spend the day playing games or films on tablets, having sexual intercourse in the toilets, hitting on employees, creating rumours about colleagues, using HR procedures to attack "rival" managers, bullying people into submission or managing out anyone who did not silently allow them to go about their business. HR are incompetent and allow this to occur as they are employed to support management and not all employees. Management also coerce their subordinates into breaking company policy so that they can later use this as leverage to forcibly eject employees if needs be. HR will maintain face by sending managers on training courses when these issues are reported but there is no evidence of incompetent managers being handled in the ways most befitting. HR are still struggling in such a corporate environment, after coming from a smaller business, and hold exit interviews in public places, prohibiting the use of the company or parent company's name in public in order to intimidate exiting employees. Additionally, upon discovering that exiting employees have a reason to possibly sue or make their practices public knowledge, they attempt to bribe individuals with financial "assistance" when leaving the company. HR also selectively employ their procedures based on the pay grade of the employee in question; claiming to low-level employees that something is zero-tolerance and beyond their control but when the same indiscretion, or worse, is committed by a high-level employee, discretion is needed (as not all disciplinary procedures apply to executive level staff). There's a company joke stating the management are the mafia and when they make mistakes, they get promoted. Generally speaking, employees are financially motivated, meaning that they are driven by the metrics that define their bonus packages rather than real business needs or the conviction to do a good job and work collaboratively.You cannot blame individuals though as it's a company culture problem, which can only be controlled by the executive team. Managers compete in petty games for scarce resources under ridiculously stringent security mandates from the parent company who just do not understand the business that they bought, or software development. Middle management, most institutionalised since the start of the company, are not equipped to deal with the larger Visa Inc organism and consequently take political approaches to everything based off their own insecurities or ambitions. Staff are allowed to not do their jobs properly as long as they do not challenge management; anyone willing to denounce management will be bullied or "managed out"; practices which have the full backing of HR who facilitate and encourage this. The resources given to staff to do their jobs, with the exception of equipment, is not acceptable; training is poor, access to systems is poor, management support is poor and inter-departmental collaboration can be appalling. One individual can make little impact in such a monstrous business environment especially if they have the conviction to not play games and treat people fairly."


"Manual job Poor salary No room for progress Must belong to the clan before you get a promotion They let the good people go Your promotion is not earned but you can get one if you're a manager's buddy. Once you have been on maternity leave your career progression is dead."

Date Screening Management Specialist (Full-time) says

"My job is very mechanic and the management does not help to improve our working environment. Not a good place to work. It's all office politics. You have to be part of the clan to get a promotion."

Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"This is a company that is now Visa. They are a credit card gate way. I am not sure how to get hired on to them. I do know that they are a good company to work with but do have strict rules!"

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

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Managed Risk Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Most people are great to work with. Job was remote and I was able to work from home which was great. There was some travel which I did not mind. Some traveled more than others."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"It's a nice little company to work with, but it did provide me with good benefits.good culture, work loadso so benefits"

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