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C. Wonder is a fashion retailer founded by J. Christopher Burch in 2011. C. Wonder sells women's clothing, accessories, as well as home decor items. The stores also sells electronics and other products, leading The New Yorker to label the company as "the World's Fair of retail".Personalization of the merchandise in C. Wonder stores includes monogramming your initials on their clothing and belt buckle customization. More expansive items such as pillows, table ware, art books, and picnic baskets have also been sold.

A sad client bemoans " Senior management doesn’t recognize employee talent and makes it difficult to find structure and organization. Upper management didn't always run things the way that they should. Staff gossiped too much and there was a lot of drama. Individual store management could have been held to more strict standards and oversight. We all could have had more streamline training to ensure consistency with all employees."


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Associate (Current Employee) says

"Most employees are part time so there isn't a need to provide them with benefits. Most people receive about 5 hours per week to work and are notified last minute if a shift is cancelled. Cons: no benefits, little to no work hours"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Pros: great sales approach, flexible work schedule, nice events for customers. Cons: Young company, VERY disorganized, management was very immature and inexperienced for the most part."


"This company is the worst example of retail employment. Hiring was done without providing the information that the store would be a "pop up",meaning it would close in six months. First two weeks paychecks were delayed a month with no adequate explanation. Staff left abruptly after realizing they would not have jobs in a few months. Time and a half was not paid on sundays until brought to the attention of corporate that ma. State labor laws state it will be paid..How does a co. Open a store and not know state requirements for employees??? Customers are bombarded with unecessary greetings from one and all to the point of being annoying. This is a retail store and behavior is required that is more like you are attending a pep rally. Cwonder needs to revamp its style and attitudes and clothing is less than quality..Everything is made in china and reflects that with materials that are inferior. Return rates are high as shoes fall apart and jewelry metal turns green. Save your money and shop at a reputable store and one that treats its employees with respect. Manager was a professional and deserved to be managing a store that deserved her knowledge and professionalism, don't work there!!!!!!!!"

Ambassador of Wonder (Sales Associate) says

"I had a bad experience with management while I was there.The atmosphere was very fun and creative. The work was very busy during the holidays and I was there seasonally."

Shipping and Receiving/ Sales Associate/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work would be coming in and receiving a daily chat in by management which consist of the days and weeks goals, any promotions, where to be zoned and breaks. While being on cashier my job is to make sure client had a great experience and knows of all sales. As a sales associate my job would be to greet the client and make sure they are helped and all times. Cons: no opportunity to move up within the company, no job security and no recognition on job performance"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work until it shut down. Great concept, but investor lost interest"

Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"C. Wonder is no longer open in California. Therefore reviewing the work place environment seems pointless. The store went bankrupt when my location closed."

Merchandise Manager (Former Employee) says

"C wonder is no longer open. All physical stores closed 2014 and they are no open online only or through home shipping networks. They're product is something that was hard to stand by when it was known to be a lower price point replicas of high end designers Cons: Knock off brand"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This was a great store! We sold everything from shoes to pencils. Unfortunately, the company did not stay open for long."

Associate Manager, eCom Operations (Current Employee) says

"Your experience here is what you make of it. It can be incredible challenging or incredibly productive. Cons: Executive team not touch with day to day activities."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work is dealing with customers, you learn how to become better at customer service everyday. Management helps keeps you on track and the co-workers are great support. The hardest part is learning how to handle every situation but the enjoyable part is making the customers happy and seeing a smile on their face before they leave."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"I worked at C. Wonder part-time for less than a year Cons: disorganized and unprofessional management, favoritism, beautiful sales space and downright disgusting stock room. no office or eating room for employees."


"I worked at C. Wonder Cons: Ruined my life Promised me opportunity to grow, and then shut the store down"

Sales Associate says

"I worked at C. Wonder Cons: Laid people off with no notice"

Anonymous says

"I worked at C. Wonder Cons: Absolutely no direction, recognition, or motivation from upper level management. Was offered and accepted position with the understanding of "unlimited future growth" into multi store positions and corporate opportunities. Within only a few months in position it was communicated that there would be no growth opportunities for several years. Little to no communication between executive team members around the needs of store personal and given false information about the present day responsibilities and future roles in order to "please the people." Unless you are applying for an entry level position with no plans to develop your career, stay away. This is not a "people" orientated company, this is a "business first" organization that uses a lot of talk with little to no action. Even upon exiting the business there was no care given to the people while still being called "top performers" along with many others who either left voluntarily or involuntary due to the downsizing of positions."

Former Employee - General Manager says

"I worked at C. Wonder full-time for more than a year Cons: Was constantly asked to do things out of my job description. Company referred to them as "stretch assignments." Never offered compensation for said assignment. I was doing a senior level job for 4 months, with no offer of a permanent position or even a conversation. I would have to ASK for compensation, and when given an offer that was a complete slap in the face, and when I asked about it, I got a "well its better than nothing" response. There was also a breech in our hiring portal where anyone with access to this site (store manager and above) could see EVERYONES information including social security number, salary and other personal information. When this was brought to light to HR, those who came forward got their hand slapped for trying to do the right thing. Corporate partners are rude and unprofessional to store staff. They act as though they are better than us and are inconsistent with their "visions". Basically there are 25 people telling you where to put a safety pin, but they all tell you do put it somewhere different. Corporate employees are treated far better than store employees. They do manicure Mondays at the office, have parties often and participate in "summer Fridays" where the whole office is closed by 12pm. Where at a store level, we were given a $0 budget to do any employee appreciation at holiday, and had a $50 budget to feed our entire staff (of 17 people) on Black Friday. If it weren't for us these people would not have jobs, however we were treated like we were lesser than."

Former Employee - Department Manager says

"I worked at C. Wonder full-time for more than 3 years Cons: I was promised a lot, over and over and over again. I LOVED C. Wonder. I put my heart and soul into the store. I did everything I was told and more. Someone on my management team, a step higher than me left and I finally had my opportunity to get to the position I had been working so hard for. I talked to my manager and I finally got to have a serious conversation about me and the future of this company. In the end it was not the promotion I thought I was going to get. Yes, everyday I was grateful for the job I was given, but then she went and hired someone above me to basically do the job I had been doing all along. I just feel like I kept getting slapped in the face over and over again. I will always love C. Wonder, no matter how wrong I felt some things went. I do have to say it was a great learning experience, I learned more there than I had anywhere else. I just wish someone would realize the great employees they have in the store level (under the store manager) who basically keep the store running."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at C. Wonder part-time for less than a year Cons: AT TIME WARNER CENTER IN MANHATTAN; Lets start with the management team. The general manager is not focused on team work, positive reinforcement or development. A successful business works because of the people not solely the product. As a general manager she has no leadership or team building skills. She will ask you to do things she wouldnt do herself. The visual manager is a racist. The only managers with any sense are the operations managers, otherwise the customer service managers are complete morons. This company does not believe in a collaborative work ethic when it comes to the whole operation of the stock room and the sales floor. When numbers are not met, its as if its the sales associates fault. Their product is overpriced, and horrible quality. I WOULDNT WANT my WORST ENEMY TO WORK HERE. IF YOURE DESPERATE FOR A JOB KNOCK YOURSELF OUT. IF NOT KEEP WALKING, WELL....RUN FOR YOUR LIFE."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at C. Wonder full-time for more than a year Cons: - Executive Team has zero understanding of the effect their flippant decisions have on every employee. They change sales and flip flop decisions last minute in turn derailing entire days, annihilating budgets, and causing an utter 911 emergency change of plan for every person down the line. Not only that, but they will laugh in your face about it, "Sorry! Aren't we so silly?" This was a weekly occurrence. - Turnover rate is extremely high. They do not replace those employees that quit or are let go in a timely manner, therefore forcing that person's workload onto the other members of their team who are already doing the job of 2-6 people. I am not exaggerating here. Extremely understaffed. - Team members are not valued. Corporate employees are treated like workhorses by the executive teams. Their work ethics are not respected. You will be expected to churn out as much work as you can, day after day, at an impossible speed. -Hours are unacceptable. You will be working 9am - 7pm everyday. If you're lucky. I was once reprimanded for coming in at 9:30am when I was working 12 hour days. Apparently the President of the company noticed I wasn't at my desk at 9am and told my manager and I quote, "You say you're understaffed, but I never see your team in here before 9:30AM." That's because we were there until 10/11pm. For the past 2 weeks. (I won't even get into the now ex-president's weird and uncomfortable fixation on my department.) - You will be frustrated. You will be worked to exhaustion. You will not have a life outside of this job."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"I worked at C. Wonder part-time for more than a year Cons: Every other manager there is condescending and obnoxious. The managers try to treat the employees like high school students by constantly handing out write-ups and making you take trips to the "principal's" office. The training, if you can even call it that, is less than four hours long and is basically a speed through of some policies and uniform requirements. The management is extremely inconsistent, the managers either leave or change management styles, completely throwing off all of the employees. Moreover, the management does not communicate efficiently with their employees, often being dismissive or negative when concerning employees' comments or suggestions. Employee morale is further weakened by obvious favoritism, managers have their "golden" employees that are never reprimanded or questioned, while others are constantly challenged in terms of their work ethic."

Former Employee - says

"I worked at C. Wonder full-time for less than a year Cons: Too similar to competitors. We're constantly hearing customers comparing the brand to it's competitors despite how hard the staff tries to share the C. Wonder aesthetic. Unfortunately, Tory Burch casts a very large shadow over C. Wonder. The price is difficult to justify. The materials used are supposed to be luxurious and affordable, but they feel cheap and fall apart quickly even after being washed properly. There is lots of evident carelessness throughout the company. The people in corporate do not answer important emails. If you try to reach them directly, they are very rude. The customer care department consists of people who lack knowledge of the brand and are also very rude. The IT department can never give you an answer on how to resolve your problems and will open tickets that go unanswered. There is a lot of obvious favoritism. In what world is it okay for the store manager to have every weekend off? This store manager treats her job more as a chore than a priority. There are only a few genuinely good people on the team, the rest are lazy and unmotivated and are difficult to work with. Other managers have tried to use coaching, but nothing has improved and nothing is being done about them. Everyone's hours are always being cut. There is no motivation from upper management. I acknowledge the company's desire to be progressive and efficient, but they lack the resources to do so. The store itself only has mobile POS systems. IT IS A JOKE. The network does not support a system like it. Manual transactions have to be done when it fails. Customers have laughed at the lack of efficiency. The company's priorities are all off. There is no established system on training managers and associates. How are you supposed to hold people accountable for anything when they haven't received proper training? There are a few times where I've contacted other stores and the people on the other line have been clueless and unprofessional. I came into this company completely optimistic with high hopes of growth while helping the company grow, but my opinion has done a complete 180. I have never dreaded going into work at any job until now."

Ellen says

"Had the worst experience with I ordered monogrammed pocketbook and cosmetic case for my daughter for Christmas. Order was placed during thanksgiving in plenty of time. Unfortunately I was incorrect. First package received but no zipper pull on cosmetic case. After multiple emails I returned it to company. I received another cosmetic case with no monogramming. This was three days before Christmas Eve. Called company and they could not help me since monogramming could not be completed prior to Christmas. They did offer me a "special offer" for my inconvenience. Funny since the offer was on their website for all. 20+ emails and I finally received a refund but it was sad on Christmas morning as I had to tell my daughter that i didn't have the gift she asked for. No attention to detail...customer is not a priority...lousy customer service. Do not do business with this company."

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