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Cruises Inc. host agency is a part of World Travel Holdings (WTH), the largest distributor of cruise vacations. Cruises Inc. offers its home-based travel agents Cruise Control, a reservation system that is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, booking engine, and financial management tool all-in-one.

A staff of nearly 100 employees offers support to the Cruise Inc. network of home-based agents. That team includes an Agent Support Team as well as a Business Development Team.

This is what a disgruntled client wrote" This is more of an FYI rather than an actual con of Cruises Inc. Keep in mind that as an Independent Travel Advisor, this is a commission-based job and you are responsible for finding your own clients. However, if you are motivated and take advantage of all the training and marketing help and programs that are available to you, the sky is the limit! So while it may seem daunting or overwhelming at first, if you stick with it you can and will succeed!."


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Autonomous Vehicle Trainer (AVT) says

"Absolutely terrible company to work at. Very ironic that they talk about valuing people with such a terrible job with toxic culture. The technology is not going anywhere either."

R&D Sr Test Specialist (Former Employee) says

"As a contractor, it was a great opportunity to start a career, but not within the company. It was clear that GM had infused Cruise with an elitist mentality that kept FTE and Contractors separate. I had more luck growing at another company with the skills I learned there."

Product Manager (Former Employee) says

"Awful, toxic culture with weak leadership. No work/life balance (e.g., people routinely answer emails at 3 AM, people are expected to answer to Slack messages at all hours). Extremely political environment. Extremely high turnover rate across all levels (including at the executive level)."

contractor (Former Employee) says

"There is nothing that could get me to go back to this job. It's taken me nearly 2 months for my central nervous system to settle down to normalcy again. This company provided a terrible work environment with terrible company culture and communication. It felt like being in the twilight zone. Subverted racism as classism is alive and well here. There is absolutely no way to break your way in or become a cruise employee if you are a contractor. People will literally not talk to you day in and day out depending on what your role in the building is. They will not look at you as if this is normal, expected behavior. This is evident among many contractors who have had interactions with Cruise employees. I've heard of multiple Cruise departments pulling bait and switches on their contractor applicants as they are coming in for interviews. Their company culture lives and stays on Slack, and if you're not part of it, then that's it. Very insular, they silo information like any other evil start up and keep information away from the employees. I feel bad for anyone I know that is still stuck there. It was a very mystifying, gaslighting experience and I will never allow any of my friends or family near one of their applications no matter how desperate they are for work. It's not worth it. This job really soured me and my opinion of start-ups and this industry that they are working in as well. They will step on the necks of the working class in the city of San Francisco in order to be the first company to have self-automated products and not let up. They say that they are creating the future, Cons: Read above. Please don't work here, you are worth more."

Autonomies driver (Former Employee) says

"Don’t waist your time just walk away, not worth quoting anything permanent. I worked their for 3 months, it’s a complete lack of guidance and managers are too young and too ill experienced Cons: Managers, lack of exuwith hire up positions"

Former Employee (Former Employee) says

"Company culture can be best summarized as hire fast, fire faster. Former CEO and founder, now sidelined to CTO, is in over his head and drives the company from a position of fear, making the culture unbearably intense, metrics-driven, and stressful. They'll lose the race to their competitors and wreck the lives of their employees along the way with no regret. STEER CLEAR."

AVT 1 (Former Employee) says

"This company is a joke! You have 20 to 28 yr olds working their. They do not abide by any of the road laws and they are constantly bending or braking the labor laws! The working conditions are hazardous to say the least. Even though I am under the NDA clause, it only applies to their technology and not that of the hazards of working for them or their useless AVs that cause more problems on the open road then any good. Cons: Everything!"

Map Tech (Former Employee) says

"Very poor management and culture at Cruise. Managers do not have any management skills or skills otherwise necessary for the job. Most of management lacks basic computer and technical skills. The people I worked with were okay. Promotions are based on how much they like you not how skilled one is. Cons: bad pay, poor bathroom conditions, poor ventilation"

Research and Development Technician (Current Employee) says

"Company has no direction when it comes to management. Cons: Poor management, lies from management, lack of leadership"

AVT (Former Employee) says

"Avoid this place. Yes, it pays pretty well for a simple job. STILL NOT WORTH IT. Toxic work environment and terrible management. Pretty cool go drive around the city though. NOT"

Autonomous Vehicle Trainer II (Former Employee) says

"If you intend on becoming an autonomous vehicle trainer think again. The turnover rate is so high at least 300 people literally have been fired or quit due to poor management and a lack of people skills. Yet they intensify the recruiting efforts as you are now thinking about applying here. There are other autonomous vehicle companies. Legal seems to ignore legal issues such as different facilities doing the same job roles to get paid substantially less for them. And management seems to have little supervision on how they treat contractors. Definitely inappropriate comments and hostile conduct towards contractors are prevalent and have created a hostile work environment. No one likes it unless their new and don’t know any better. Potentially you in a few weeks. You will not be allowed in the kitchen, you will have contractor attached to your name everywhere possible including on the company messenger, there will be a attendance policy that won’t allow you to call off 24 hours in advance so if you wake up sick you will be targeted and run into the potential of termination, your phone will remain in a locked box the entire shift that gives management a notification when you open it, you will be asked to sign on camera waivers that wasn’t in the job description your applying to, you will not receive positive reinforcement but constant protocol to crack down on you as negative reinforcement is the go to resolve problems here. This is not an emotional review but factual. The companies focus is all metrics not people and your breaks can be change around to meet metrics. You will be Cons: Management will make this easy job stressful for no reason"

Autonomous Vehicle Trainer (Current Employee) says

"The Managers treat Contractors like dirt and have openly stated they are all replaceable. Managers are very dismissive and arrogant. The Recruiters are deceitful and only care about numbers."

Senior Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was on TA and People. It was easily the worst job and culture I've ever been in. I knew at the interview that it was going to be bad bit someone I trusted that worked there said it wasn't bad. We both left within 4 months of working there."

Autonomous Vehicle Operator (Former Employee) says

"A huge waist of time--its literally a game! Interview, background/ Drug test, physical, orientaition, and start... Then Silly driving obstacle course."

Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"By putting inexperienced people with no management skills in leadership positions you do a great disservice to employees. Perhaps you should attempt to train managers in how to manage people. Cruise was the worst place I have worked in high tech. Back biting, snarky, unsupportive. Cons: Poor people in leadership roles. Bad culture."

Automated Vehicle Trainer (Current Employee) says

"great company management lacked direction in areas that needed improvement. overall good experience with the company but room for advancement genuinely lacked. Cons: advancement"

Ground Truth & Mapping Operations Contractor (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a contractor there for over a year as part of the Ground Truth & Mapping Operations organization. The day-to-day was relatively easy if all you're there for is a mindless hourly position, but if you're hoping to use the contract position to move into and up in the Cruise ranks, then I'd suggest not starting as a contractor and trying to get a full-time position directly with Cruise. Cons: Office politics, poor culture, mishandled contracts"

Autonomous Vehicle Trainer (Current Employee) says

"There are many thing I could say about cruise, but in actually you don't even work for "Cruise". Aerotek is the staffing agency that hires the personal and because you don't work for "Cruise" you get treated like a second class citizen. As AVT's we are not allowed to eat food until the bosses have eaten and picked over what they want. As the AVT's have to eat trail mix and drink coffee, while the Aerotek and Cruise managers get to have catered lunches. Overall not a very inclusive place to work. Cons: short lunch, childish workers, no room to grow"

Autonomous Vehicle Trainer (Former Employee) says

"If you are applying to Cruise Automation as an "Autonomous Vehicle Trainer" beware. You are signing on as a "CONTRACTOR/FREELANCER/ETC". You are NOT part of "Cruise", you will be an employee of "Aerotek". They will stress this fact over and over again as you begin your "assignment" at Cruise. Other than that, job has no stress. Show up and drive the autonomous cars. Hopefully you are in a car with some relaxing people. As for promotions, little to none. Every couple months you get become a different AVT#, which constitutes a couple dollar raises. As for chances of being promoted to a full-time Cruise employee, ZERO. Good luck with that... Cons: Monotonous at times, Being a contractor, Aerotek, No job growth"

Mapping Technician (Current Employee) says

"Managers are terrible. Job security is not a thing. The people working with you are great people and are very nice. No personal autonomy or self control."

Current Employee - AI/ML Engineer says

"I have been working at Cruise full-time for more than a year Cons: Junior engineers were gave important projects because they push code but were not held accountable for quality, engineers often have to take on additional work hours, and if they say no they were threatened with being terminated, ineffective and immature managers and aggressive personalities engage in backstabbing and blaming games. Success depending on how much blame they can shift to other team members or their reports, and if they are successful then they get promoted. Bad work life balance that the management does not acknowledge or compensate, management says they value "cruise values" but new hires see it as a joke. Some teams are 20+ men and no women, and some have revolving doors for female hires."

Current Employee - Senior Research Scientist says

"I have been working at Cruise full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Non-technical engineering managers who don’t understand the work and appreciate the efforts. Almost no work life balance and team changing is almost end of your career at Cruise unless you’re assigned to a new team. The annual bonus is considered as a force to ask you for more work and you may not receive it completely. I saw many colleagues who were asked to resign as well."

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"I have been working at Cruise full-time Cons: Do not work here. It literally is the worse place in Silicon Valley to work. Everybody here hates their life, regardless of function (engineer, PM, design, etc.). This company is a disgarace, trust me don’t work here."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"I worked at Cruise full-time for less than a year Cons: If you have read at least ten reviews already that state how Cruise is a super toxic workplace, and you're convinced, you can skip this section. Otherwise, stay tuned. Cruise has literally left a scar on my soul. I joined it during its hyper-growth stage. I can't express in words how excited I was to join that company. Working on AV seemed like a dream come true. I literally couldn't wait to start my first day. I joined a team that upfront I noticed suffered from a severe lack of diversity. The more I worked there the more I realized how awful the experience was. The company itself is driven by fear. You are constantly worried or afraid that you'll be sacked. At Cruise, there is no concept of PIP. You simply get notified one day that you are out. As a result, almost everyone in the company feels severe stress and pressure. The term WLB does not exist. You either work 200% to deliver or you know there will be consequences. The lack of diversity which is horrible throughout the entire company started showing its true ugly face when my manager hired more and more of the same type. At some point, he hired a tech lead which did not like me to say the least. He treated me so poorly that I could have actually sued the company for bullying and harassment. Instead of helping me with the situation, my manager sided with that person which led to me leaving the company after less than 6 months. My story is not an outlier at Cruise. The exceptions are the stories of people feeling secure and comfortable in the company. I highly recommend avoiding Cruise at all costs. Don't be tempted by the hype of AV. There are other companies doing AV which have a much better reputation, and which will leave your soul intact."

Former Employee - Real Estate says

"I worked at Cruise full-time for more than a year Cons: Management does not care about your success and will threaten your job if they personally do not like you. This goes for senior leadership and executive leadership."

Former Employee - People Team says

"I worked at Cruise full-time for more than a year Cons: -There's a culture of deceit and dishonesty. As a recent departure I know some of the reviews here are written by the People/HR teams to purposefully counter bad reviews. Similarly, an email was sent to the company to encourage employees to write positive reviews so the company could be on a "Best Place to Work" list. -There needs to be an overhaul of company culture, specifically around hiring and working in diverse environments. I've overhead a manager call her their team "simple." -HR does not operate with discretion. There were multiple instances where people were disciplined or terminated for reporting things in confidence. People found out they were being laid off on Blind before it happened. -Extreme nepotism- if you're friends with the right people, you will go far (as exemplified by the people/recruiting team leadership almost all coming from one company). On the flip side, if you upset off the wrong person, you will be terminated. -The previous two points lead to a culture of fear. -Senior management does not listen to employees and make decision without consulting employees, lots of top down decisions -Expectation to work unreasonable hours"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Cruise full-time Cons: Not a good work environment. Very political. Mid-level managers are short sighted. The product roadmap is unclear and work environment is pretty toxic with a lot of blame game going around."

Former Employee - Staff Software Engineer says

"I worked at Cruise full-time for more than 3 years Cons: - Kyle has a very weird genghis-khan like approach to the company. "Because Kyle said so" is a common refrain, even if we have data that shows the contrary. No way to "appeal" these rulings, either, despite how "open" leadership tells the company they are. - No career progression. If you get lucky, are in the exact specific specialty they shine their light on in the right quarter, you might get promoted once. At that point, it's safe to start looking for a new job. - Constant fighting and competition between directors, to the point where I've seen many decisions be made to spite other teams, or to increase one's role/responsibility at the cost of forward progress. - The leadership team seems to think they know what they are doing because of their success with twitch, but I am scared to see what the engineering culture was like there with them in charge. - HR is run by a bunch of snakes, who have eroded all trust they ever had (as evidenced by employee satisfaction surveys). - Most recent employee satisfaction survey results are really, really bad- and since joining, they've only been getting worse. Not just "bad", but actually atrocious. F--- level atrocious. 2/10 across the board level atrocious. - Management actively shoots itself in the foot, frequently. And has also eroded company-wide trust (employee satisfaction surveys). - HR likes to tell everyone that their comp is matched to top tier companies... except that it's not. - "How much can they say without saying anything" has been a running joke while watching all-hands meetings for over a year now. - A top-down company culture of dishonesty: both internal and external."

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"I worked at Cruise full-time for more than a year Cons: YMMV at Cruise. While there are some teams that are good, mine was decidedly not. Management would only promote their friends. Any attempt to further career development was shot down. The politicking was out of control. Management loves to say they have a culture of feedback but any attempt was met with disdain."

Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"I have been working at Cruise full-time for more than 3 years Cons: A senior HR BP told employees to take MDMA's if "it will turn that frown upside down" in regards to low morale. If our HR is this rotten, imagine how the rest of the company is!"

Lindsay Jones says

"Our family booked two rooms on a MSC cruise in 2018 for March 2020 through It was cancelled due to covid. 6 months later, and we have only received a partial refund. We are still owed over $2000.00. When I call, they tell me that there is nothing they can do for us. Please keep this in mind if you make the horrible decision to book through I have called MSC numerous times, and they keep telling me they are escalating the refund. Nothing has happened and I have received zero communication from them. I will never cruise on MSC nor will I ever use again."

Diane Feil says

"We booked a cruise to Alaska for the end of July. We had to cancel due to Covid-19. said they would give us 100% refund, but only sent back $600.00. Our trip cost was $2500. We have tried to call them many times, we have emailed them many times, but they will not answer. They still owe us $1700. We even bought the insurance. This was going to be our first cruise and we trusted this company. We were wrong! Now we will be calling Better Business Bureau! And the Wa State Attorney General. There needs to be a class action law suit started. This Co. took our money and booked our cruise through Royal Caribbean."

Kanoe Lani says

"Would give zero stars if I could. My experience with this company was more than disappointing. First, when booking my family's cruise, we found out later made a mistake on the booking with the cruise line, omitting the Jr. from one of the names. Most importantly, when large volumes of customers started canceling cruises due to the Coronavirus pandemic, stopped answering their phone, making it impossible for many people to cancel their cruises timely and obtain refunds or credits from the cruise lines. I waited on hold for hours at a time and sent emails, because a couple members of my family were elderly and high risk. I was only able to finally get thru to a live person after several days of trying, by entering the prompt that asked if I wanted to book a NEW cruise. I had to leave a message and when the supervisor finally responded to me the next day, she was rude and unprofessional. I was told by then it was too late. So my family spent thousands on our dream vacation and received no credit or refund, except for the prepaid excursions we had purchased directly with the cruise line. I will never use again!"

Ted Zebrowsky says

"I had a cruise cancelled because of the Pandemic and have nothing but headaches getting my refund from Royal Carribean was great and refunded everything in a timely manner. has been awful. The person we are dealing with (Emily) has been great so I assume it's the policies from the corporation. I keep getting told wait another 10 days, I'm tired of waiting. I'll never use again nor will I recommend the company to anyone I know."


"this company and are not nice people to do business with. they will take advantage of you every chance they get. do not use them. use anybody else, you will be better off."

Maleta Snell says

"You have a inside cabin and it doesn't have the gratuities on them. The other have outside cabin and paying alot more money than you are for the inside cabin, so you don't have the pre paid gratuities on the booking.- This is their email to me after we booked and paid 5 different rooms... We were all promised it was included!!!

FYI Friends DO NOT USE ... DO NOT BOOK - will offer you a promotion and then take it away if you do not book an expensive unit. Go directly with the Cruise line for a better deal!!! They have messed up our group more than once and refuse to make it right! The last email telling me, we did not spend enough money??? They say this but take it away... Balcony Blowout: Free Pre-Paid Gratuities + Up To $2,000 Cash Back"

Joy Wang says

"Can’t agree more with the others. There is a and I got confused with the two and mistakenly booked with The agent was rude and the price was different from the one listed on the website and there is no bonus offer Like they advertised. Big mistake!"

Tee May says

"I don't like this cruise company I will always book directly with the cruise line. They have over 20 min or longer wait time to answer you calls, They give false quotes. WILL NOT USE AGAIN"

Debbie says

"So far very disappointed.
I have never booked by a cruise company only through specific ships. This was first time. Burt Turlington was our rep. First I specified that we wanted a queen room and quiet. We paid a medallion price and when I went to register the Princess line customer service told me I paid high and got an average room. We had a twin room confirmed and were right by the elevator. Thanks a lot for NOT taking care of us.Then I called you back had to wait and there was nothing you could do. Wow why did I bother"

Crypto G says

"This outfit booked me on a cruise with 5 adults in one interior stateroom! When I received the email confirmation and realized what they had done I went directly to the cruise line website and booked 3 rooms for almost the same price. Now, when I call to get a refund of my deposit, they hang up on me."

Anita says


Good afternoon, I am writing you today with several concerns about the consultant that sold us our 4 cruise tickets and the perks that we did not get. Our salesperson was Starr Jones and she was very insistent and once we were not going to buy our tickets from her she made promises that she did not keep. She begged us to buy the tickets from her so she could eat her next meal. I understand that we all work for money, but she tricked us and I am very upset about that. I called after t he ticket was bought and she never returned my calls and once I found her she yelled at me many times and then she hung up the phone on me. She is not professional at all and I would fire her in a heart beat. When I called there was a promotion for free wifi, drinks and cirque de soleil tickets, and I got none. We also needed a handicapped cabin and did not receive it either. I have called many times, and calling your company is not a fun or easy task. I assure you that I will never buy from you again and will report you to consumer services and google and yelp, and anyone I can. Every time I call your company I have to wait about an hour to get a human being on the phone, and eventually get nowhere. I called MSC to complain and they said that you buy a block of cabins and it is up to you to give cirque tickets , WiFi and drinks. I keep getting the runaround, and you have already ruined my vacation.

I would like to get what I was promised, everyone that I have told about this deal, has gotten all the deals but me, and I have spend triple due to going on a holiday cruise. What a Holiday it will be. I am traveling with a very sick person that may never again get the chance to see the cirque, and you are taking it away from us. I have no more money to give you, and after spending about $4000, it is the least you an do. Our cabins have not even been assigned, nothing is going right. I would appreciate a phone call to discuss these issues or resolve them better.

Patricia Yee says

"Will not ever use after this one time. Should have checked reviews first. Their pricing is deceptive and they claim it was my fault because I didn’t use one of their phone agents and did not notice at the payment screen that the promotional rate on their search page changed to the non refundable rate code. Rep said I should have noticed and went back, clicked the promotions and read the fine print on the promotions to search for and see that this non refundable rate code was not eligible for the exact promotions Listed through all the steps and posted directly next to prices. AND, were still highlighted in a banner on the payment page between the newly visible new rate code and my credit card info. When I didn’t notice any promos on my confirmation email I called and that’s when I was told it was my fault and couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything. Then the rep got snippy and rude because I let her know that it was deceptive."

John Tatum says

"The travel agent that I booked with will not return my messages or calls my trip is in 4 days she sold me an insurance package where I could cancel up to 72 hours I called the insurance because it's a third party I will not be refunded and it's not Insurance to ensure cancellation of the trip so I'll probably lose 90% that I paid out this is all because I had someone that was going with me and backed out and I was waiting to the last minute to maybe possibly find someone else that wanted to go no one told me that I would lose out and now I cannot get the trip back totally screwed"

XK Zhang says

"I booked Alaska cruise on 7/28/2019 with Big Mistake! I advise to stay far AWAY form this company! In July, listed bonus offers online, but they won’t honor. Based on their available offers, my Alaska Cruise (Holland America Line, Oosterdam, 8/18/2019 to 8/25/2019) was selected to “Receive free gratuities” (book a Balcony or higher). I booked a Balcony, but didn’t get the bonus. To deal with their customer support was very annoying, a bunch of hassle! Even after that I sent the agent a copy of the screen shot for the offers on their website in July, she still denied the offer. Unimaginable! Most unprofessional agent I have ever talked to! Finally her supervisor confirmed the offer but didn’t want to honor and said “You didn’t ask an agent to book.” I didn’t understand the difference between “I book online by myself” and “ask an agent to book” until I read one of the “One star reviews” for written by L of Englewood, posted on June 26, 2019 (Google). The author asked an agent to book and overpaid $300, compared with the price online. This is the trick that planned to cheat customers. They charge you $300 more and then may give you $200 to pay the gratuities. That is the “Bonus Offer” from Don’t trust their website. Do NOT use this company to book any Cruise!"

Steve Lyczak says

"Let me add to the course of complaints about this company. I was just disconnected after being on hold waiting for a supervisor to answer a question. The original agent I was talking to, Tony, told me that when there is an offer of an onboard credit based on the "total price of the cruise" it is only calculated based on ONE PASSENGER'S FARE and not the total for the cabin. NO WHERE does it say that even in the fine print of the promotion! That constitutes a SCAM in my opinion, a bait and switch that you don't find out about until AFTER you book the cruise! PLEASE - if you are going to book a cruise online....try another agency that is more transparent such as Expedia."

B.D. says


Michael Gold says

"I should’ve looked online and read the reviews before I book this cruise vacation . I always wanted to visit Cuba and I went online and I thought I was getting a great deal end of the day I am paying more money. I was not advised that I had to pay more money for visas to visit Cuba and if I didn’t buy a tour I would not be able to disembark the ship. I told the agent I was taking the cruise because it was my girlfriend’s birthday and they never put that in the system if I did not call the cruise line I would’ve had more problems. Terrible service , poor communication and wish I never booked with this company"

Tammy Craft says

"Do not book anything with this company. They want to cheat or steals your money.. cruise was cancelled but say I am not entitled to a full refund as previously stated. I will have to get a lawyer involved with this. Spent 5800.00 for cruise and I expect to get my full refund. Carnival cruise line should not associated with such poor representation. I paid in full with good faith only to be cheated."

Pat N. says

"I recently booked two cruises, back-to-back, for October of this year. We are experienced cruisers but had never used before. Choosing this company due to the OBC offered, I found the booking process to be easy enough, with our reservations showing up on the cruise line's website shortly after the transaction (a very good sign!). I had a question about the cruise line's own perks and spoke with a rep (after waiting 40 minutes on hold)...who hung up on me while she was supposedly contacting the cruise line for info. I then emailed the question to customer service and received a response the next day. I ended up calling this person, who turned out to be in the promotions dept, and found her to be very helpful and friendly. A few days later, I needed assistance with a flight issue and tried calling again, using their "we'll call you back when an agent becomes available" return call received. So I emailed again, with a detailed explanation of my return email this time (it's been over a week). I'm currently sitting here waiting for another call back, after waiting on the line for half an hour. Obviously, this is NOT the company to book through if you need customer service. The staff seem nice enough when you finally do connect, but it's not worth the aggravation. I won't use them again."

Michael.S says

"Sorry to write one more bad review.
I recommend to avoid this company!
We're selected and paid for cabin with good view. 3 month later /MSC replaced it for worst one in same category without notice. The company also not helped to buy shuttle from/to ship.
We've called from the ship and they said that all rooms are sold out and there is nothing to do with that."

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