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CONSPIR4CY (releasing mostly as CPY) is a warez group founded in 1999 in Italy. They rose in notoriety after releasing Rise of the Tomb Raider and Inside in August 2016 under the name of CONSPIR4CY, though they resumed using the 'CPY' tag shortly thereafter with the release of their cracked copy of Doom in September 2016. They became the first group to create proper cracks for games protected by the third iteration of Denuvo DRM software.

A customer shares his thoughts on Reddit, "CPY sounds a bit like pirating movies to me. Like how, unless you're fine with videos captured in the cinema, you will have to wait for the DVD to be released a month or two after it came out in the theaters before being able to watch it. Either that or you actually pay for the product at release."


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Studio Manager (SM) says

"Stay a teacher at CPY, you are valued so much more. CPY doesn't value managers. Need better financial structure, Growth Plan for senior managers, stock options. Cons: Financial Instability as a Manager of Multi Million dollar company"

Intern (Former Employee) says

"Rough place to work and advance yourself. Massive turnover rate among teachers and managers and there is no loyalty to employees or costumers. Overall a depressing experience within a yoga community. Cons: poor pay, management, overall a joke"

Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"I thought working at a yoga studio would be amazing. Unfortunately, this studio is so corporate that they refuse to provide healthcare (even though their policy claims they will provide it to you), and they forget the basic needs of each employee. I hate to say but they are truly awful and I sadly would not recommend any one work here. Fortunately, there are other studios which function like yoga studios in the way they care so much about each employee and truly try and make sure you are cared for. Find these places rather than Corepower. Cons: refused to provide healthcare although their policy claims they will"

Human Resources Benefits Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Management was not willing to set aside enough time to properly train for all tasks and duties. Management loved to delegate tasks that were past deadlines to get done. Misleading during the interview process. Cons: "Do as I say, not as I do"- Style management"

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"Driven by the bottom line and the CPY corporate cool-aid. Teachers are paid min wage. Corporate doesn’t care about student or teacher concerns. Pressure to sell teacher trainings during shifts."

Hot Power Fusion Instructor, City Center/Dupont (Current Employee) says

"The culture is like a highschool. If the manager doesnt like you, they will find any reason to fire you. Most managers are in their 20's and its their first adult job. They do not follow rules - because the rules are different for every studio. Dont waste your time Cons: Favoritism"

Yoga Instructor (Former Employee) says

"CPY management is not great but the students really want to learn and are very committed to the classes. Overall fine place to work, if you have a very flexible schedule."

Studio Assistant/Instructor (Current Employee) says

"People work at CorePower because they love yoga."

Yoga Teacher (Current Employee) says

"I have been very loyal to this company and have put in a whole lot of work here. They do not show me the same respect. I am extremely underpaid and underappreciated."

Yoga Sculpt Instructor (Former Employee) says

"Loved the community, other teachers and students. Management was unprofessional, rude and played favorites. The pay is the lowest around, but again the other teachers are wonderful!"

Instructor (Current Employee) says

"Instructors set up their studio space and work the desk for 30 minutes before and after each class. I have been teaching yoga full time (average of 12 classes per week) for the past 8 years. I have learned invaluable lessons on interpersonal communication, living a balanced life, and setting boundaries. The workplace culture is relaxed and positive. The hardest parts of the job include dealing with management who do not have your best interest at heart, being underpaid and not receiving benefits (paid time off, paid sick, 401K, insurance, etc). Cons: Low wage"

Studio Manager (Current Employee) says

"Great place to work with people who care and want to make a difference. Hardest part of the day is finding help to cover classes in emergency situations. Best part of the job is it is very flexible"

Yoga Instructor (Current Employee) says

"If you don't need to make money at your job it's fine to work at Corepower Yoga. Corporate doesn't give raises to anyone but themselves, they changed our insurance to a terrible company and are careless with keeping teachers safe by not even having working security cameras"

SSC employee (Former Employee) says

"Unprofessional environment where your work space is transformed into doggie daycare. Some of the managers are very catty and the turn over in some departments is high due to these managers who force good workers out. Millennial who lack respect for shared work spaces, leaving dirty dishes and a dirty work environment for guests to see. Also, some managers socialize with their subs and spend more time playing with their dogs than they do actually displaying actual leadership skills. Cons: Dogs at work, the benefits aren't that great, managers lack leadership"

Customer Experience Specialist (Former Employee) says

"As much I I love Core Power classes and old philosophy too much has changed turning this company into a fake gold digging boutique fitness clique."

Studio Assistant / Yoga Instructor (Current Employee) says

"CorePower Yoga is an excellent community and place to take an amazing yoga class, but the pay rate is absolutely horrendous. As a manager I didn't make livable means. They offered me a .47 cent annual raise after leading and coaching the previous 6 rounds of teacher training and extension programs, which they offer you your teaching rate for. Facilitating a group of sometimes 30+ people and training their future staff would be something you'd expect to get paid more for, and in most other trainings roles i've had has been the case. On top of that, all preparation and and planning for lectures is expected to be done on your own time, which you make roughly $11/hr for. Much of this jobs is sales oriented and new hires get very little training on how to do this, but are expected to perform. They also expect that you do all of your sequencing, playlists and any other class prep as a teacher in the time 30 mins before and after your class which is completely unrealistic. For a multimillion dollar corporation I expected far more from this company. Cons: Pay, benefits, under appreciated"

Instructor (Current Employee) says

"CorePower Yoga is a company geared towards the Millennial mindset with very little opportunities for growth. Overall company culture is great, however the very low compensation does not match the amount of work load given along with the work life balance the company tries to implement."

Studio Manager (Former Employee) says

"I made some of my best friends here. It was a fun and productive place where I learned a lot. I learned a lot of skills that I can take into a new job when I move on"

Yoga Instructor (Former Employee) says

"I had worked for this company for almost 4 years pre covid. There were some really wonderful aspects, and I felt very supported in my growth and advancement. We were not paid well however, and the work life balance was incredibly challenging."

Yoga Teacher (Former Employee) says

"High competition for classes. The company doesn't have much loyalty to the teachers, but the teachers serve selflessly the company. It was low pay high stress and didn't leave a lot of room to be a peaceful yogi to have to juggle the stress of the companies policies."

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