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Costco Wholesale Corporation, doing business as Costco, is an American multinational corporation which operates a chain of membership-only warehouse clubs. As of 2015, Costco was the second largest retailer in the world after Walmart, and as of 2016, Costco was the world's largest retailer of choice and prime beef, organic foods, rotisserie chicken, and wine.

Herr Kutz, a platinum Costco member, wrote the following in a review: Just signed up for Costco since I could split the cost with someone and I was very underwhelmed with the prices. Most items were around the same price or more expensive than the grocery I frequent, except you have to purchase a larger quantity at Costco. I'm pretty sure this overhyped reputation Costco enjoys is just another part of the fake news liberal media.


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Su says

"Costco is very sneaky when I went to the tire center to have my tire that’s under warranty. keeps leaking air. They told me they can’t fix it. That it had too many holes. And I would have to buy a new set.I looked at the tire it has one nail. I went to Walmart bought a 5$ plug kit to repair the tire and never had an issue. It seems like Costco is pushing their tire center employees they have a sales quota they have to meet. What a dirty sneaky tac tic . Run away as far as you can and go to sams Clubt tire center or walmart tire center. These guys are crooks. I will be looking at Sam’s club after this experience ."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The only way to move to up into a good position is if you are married to a manager, dating one, or just straight forward agreeing with everything the higher-level manager says (even if they are wrong)! Management has their favorites who they make unique accommodations for. They also give positions to recent graduates (that's what they will tell people when denying them) over a person who has been dedicated to the company for years, even though Costco says no degree is required to move up. Another thing, because "employees get paid well, they should be able to do the work of 2 or 3 people" (those were the actual words of a manager). The employees are overworked and stressed out. Many people think employees stay there because they are very content with how they are treated and compensated. Although the pay and benefits are great, most remain there because they have a family to support, no education or have been there too long to start again; therefore, they tolerate the job and try and make it through their shifts. Most employees have been working there for years; it becomes like a family environment, which is good. However, management is very unprofessional, do not respect people, tell other people's business and they let their "buddies" get away with everything. Too many hard working employees (long-time employees) have left because of the managers' inability to follow the guidelines and procedures and their unprofessionalism."

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"if your face fits your in but if it doesn't prepare your self for rude and unhelpful management. A pregnant member of staff was pushed by a supervisor because she needed the toilet and the manager reason for not taking it further "she's northern she probably didn't mean it"You get a free cardyou have to work there"

LG says

"Same issue as Cathy below. Waited weeks for a fridge to arrive toppled over and dented in truck. Item is out of stock and customer service could not help or expedite a replacement, unless I want to risk another more expensive fridge with delivery 5 weeks out. Polite, but basically I was told I'm SOL."

Current Employee - Produce Associate says

"There are alot of cons at Costco at least at the Duluth location. The co-workers in the afternoon and evening shift are filled with despicable, condescending, and immature workers. You're practically in a high school with how much judgement you get and they aren't very high on character either. As for the produce department the training is absolutely horrible at least at the Duluth location. Their training is a sink or swim environment which is why they're are short staffed. It also doesn't help that being short staffed that when you do get a hard working employee that being short staffed you can't train to teach that employee because nobody can teach them. Costco is not a good place to work and their turnover rate at least in the Duluth location is high and why they struggle to have employee stay at the hardest department like produce or any other very rigorous department. None of the co-workers shed any explanation or pragmatic way on working the morning shift at Costco and is why everyone literally everyone in the produce department is over 28+ years old (the youngest being maybe 27). Don't believe in the hype at Costco unless you work a easy department like front end, customer service, HR, or any other easy department. Working at the hardest department you still get paid the base pay as anyone. If you think working produce is the same as working the front end doing no labor work but getting the same pay the produce department will always have a terrible culture, short staffed, and high turnover. Costco might be pay alot but eventually these types of work environments, culture, and pay will get their back turned on by their employees and will kill long-term success and vision. I wouldn't be surprised if Costco ends up getting beat by another competitor in the next 50 years. Also, good luck working at produce when there is so much dead weight and everyone is 50+ years old. Costco is a terrible place to work. It takes you 1-2+ years to get full time and that only if it is available and everything falls in place from your training, hours, and availability. There are so many variables at Costco that benefits are not fully given either. You get part time benefits which is no equivocal to full time."

Tire Installer/ Sales Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Between the multiple numbers of managers things never seemed to get done efficiently without leading to some sort of panic or disappointment of management. with little to no concern for any employee whom was not a full time member treated like basic garbage paid nicely to start"

Cathy Newton Baker says

"Worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Ordered a refrigerator in July as ours went out. Received 3 different ship dates. It finally arrived on September 12 and was damaged. We were told there would be an exchange. September 14th I received an email saying they don't have this refrigerator and are refunding the our money and we can re order it again and wait another 3 mos and pay the full retail price as it was $1000.00 off when we bought it. Nothing they can do. Horrible!"

Current Employee - A Little Bit of Everything says

"No room for advancement unless you are a family member of someone higher up or you are doing someone who is higher up. That's just the start of everything else going on there."

Merchandising and Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"They couldn't even keep their promises from the interview to me regarding the type of hours I would be working, start out at minimum wage to do slave labor in the mornings for high strung, stressed out, passive-aggressive managers. In my 30s...frankly don't need that attitude for min wage at this point in my life, thanks but no thanks guys.discounts with insurance companies, get to be a member of Costcoearly hours, high strung management, lie in interview process"

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