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CoStar Group is a provider of information, analytics and marketing services to the commercial property industry in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Spain. Founded in 1987 by Andrew Florance, the company has grown to include online database CoStar and many online marketplaces, including, LoopNet, Lands of America, and BizBuySell.

On this year a customer wrote a complain for bbb about Costar Group services: I was told when I purchase the advertising for a listing that there was a 3-month initial requirement and then after that I would be on a month-to-month agreement and I could cancel before the 12th of any month. Each month they call to get any updates of the listing. And I have been telling them since December of 2019 that I wished to cancel this listing. They have continued to bill me. Each month I have told them please cancel this listing; and they would tell me that they would make a note of it and instruct their supervisor and/or my account manager that I wished to cancel my service on this listing. They are continuing to bill me monthly. And this month the person calling me for my update actually got a response from customer service and they said I was in a three month contract. Not true! This has been going on for over seven months now.


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Current Employee - Research Associate says

"Thanks for your review. While we're thrilled you enjoy your colleagues and our competitive salaries while working for the company, we do want to address some of the other concerns you mentioned. Our leadership is committed to seeing our employees grow and thrive at the company and they provide appropriate information, tools and resources needed to succeed at CoStar Group. There are a number of opportunities to provide feedback to senior leadership, including pulse surveys, the performance review process with multiple check-ins throughout the year, town halls, All Hands meetings, etc. If there are specific issues you can speak to in more detail regarding your management team being dismissive of concerns, please email us at so we can learn more. Additionally, we take our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program very seriously. Some of your comments are factually inaccurate. While employees are experiencing increased opportunities and programming around DE&I issues this year, the groundwork and planning for those programs started well over a year ago. One of the investments we made toward this effort was in 2017 when we made a substantial financial commitment of $1 million to Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT), an organization dedicated to equipping high-achieving women and men from underrepresented communities to realize their full potential and help transform their career and life trajectories through business leadership. Our partnership with this organization has helped inform other activities, priorities and opportunities in the DE&I space, the results of which employees are starting to see more and more this year – like celebrating Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Pride, Juneteenth, as well as creating Employee Resource Groups like the Black Excellence Network and others to come. Internally, our CEO has been very passionate and outspoken about his support for the Black Lives Matter movement and employee participation in voting and making their voices heard. Progress takes time and it is a mischaracterization of the company and the CEO to imply that progress isn’t being made or that there is a lack of effort to try and affect real change. Finally, one last mischaracterization of the company is that it’s just a call center. While there are a number of roles that require calling as a key job function, with over 4,300 employees globally, there are hundreds of other roles within the company – from product development, sales, architectural photography, design, accounting, human resources, marketing and communications, technology and systems infrastructure, facilities management and more. There are plenty of opportunities for employees to grow with the company and experience many facets of the commercial real estate industry."

Former Employee - Research Associate says

"Thanks for your review. It's great to hear you enjoyed working with your colleagues while at CoStar Group. Our goal is to build our teams with high-achieving, smart and fun people you enjoy working with every day. Establishing a sense of camaraderie at the company is very important to our success. However, we do want to address your comments about management and the environment. We're committed to creating an inclusive and collaborative environment for our employees. If there are specific issues of hostility or incompetence that you can speak to regarding your management team and the company culture, please email us at so we can learn more. The more we know from our employees, the better equipped we will be at resolving issues that arise and ensuring we maintain a work environment where both our employees and our business can excel. We wish you the best in your next career steps."

Current Employee - Inside Sales Representative says

"Where do I begin and how do I give you the most brutally honest review I can? I guess recruitment is a good place to start. Don’t get it twisted, there is no “base”, you are an hourly employee and treated as such. Your “base” is trash and heaven help you if there is a slow month because living in DC/VA/MD isn’t cheap! Even the “perks” posted like being invited to President’s Club is a bold face lie (HR, I hope you fix your ads!). Admittedly, the original commission structure was very good about 4 years ago (more on that later)… On the surface, they will try to find people fresh out of college to give them an “opportunity”, in reality, it’s because they know anyone who has worked in sales would never take this job. As most too good to be true opportunities start, they will try and lure you in by wowing/flashing you with commission checks from previous sales reps so it all seems real, but what they don’t want you to know is that those successful people had either cheated the system or the structure that was in place was okay because management/shareholders hadn’t dug into your paycheck yet (check out the stock price if you are wondering—pay goes down, price goes up). The other part to it is that they know you have no frame of reference because you just graduated, so these numbers seem amazing for someone who was probably eating ramen and bottom shelf beer a few months ago.. **REMEMBER THAT YOUR COMMISSIONS ARE TAXED AT HIGHER RATES THAN ANY OTHER MONEY STREAMS*** just cut 40% off the top to make the math easy for yourself. There continues to be so much disconnect between HR, Finance, and Management that they find a way to increase the prices to clients while SOMEHOW still figuring out a way to lower your paycheck. A fun ritual that they play is that they bring us all together for a team building exercise, drop a “new and improved” payout plan and then barricade themselves from talking to anyone so you can’t ask them questions. Ex: Newest plan benefited some +1%, but punished most others commissions -9%.... How you will be treated: You are a joke at best and a metric at worst. The fact they call you by your name and not an employee number is a shocker as most managers do not give one flip about clients or their subordinates. After being micromanaged with times (remember, this is an hourly job!), you are given a lousy script to read and if you do not read it verbatim, they will threaten you with write ups and firing you. This is not a sales job. This is showing your ability to pick up the phone and how well you can read. The script isn't awful the first time a client hears it, but, they want you to the say the same words to the same client every 60 days as if it was the last sales rep that was the issue instead of realizing there might be different situations for different people. You get to look at notes seeing that 10 different reps had tried calling within the past two months (I hope you didn't forget about those metrics!) and hoping that they don't pick up only to yell why the company calls so much.. This is partly due to our research team also having insane metrics, the result is the client being bombarded every few days by different people calling. The fun part is getting the sale, but, hold your horses if you think getting paid is easy. You can get a client to sign up, but the policy is that you have to get payment over the phone or you WILL NOT GET PAID. If the client doesn't feel comfortable giving you their payment information via the phone, tough luck, the company will keep the revenue and tell you to kick bricks (and if you think this happens every once in a while, have fun learning the hard way).-- Clients have options to sign up without you and that commission check that you count on so much is a lot lighter when you lose your deal but the company still keeps it all. -- The inside managers have 0 backbone when it comes to defending reps keeping their deals when outside managers/execs come and swoop deals. You will be forced to remember a ton of rules that change every few months in order for more of your deals to be pulled. Leadership made a rule change that required reps wait a few days before helping a hot lead. This was thinly masked as a better client experience (which doesn't even make sense because now the client went on their merry way without realizing the bait and switch for a few days resulting in lost more time), when the obvious truth was that they just wanted more people to sign up online and cut expenses. Did I mention clawbacks are a real thing? If a client doesn't fulfill their full term length or even decides they like the service but they don’t want it to auto renew, you will have that deal pulled from you on your next commission check... EVEN THOUGH you won't see a penny if the client renews their subscriptions. Let's finish with company culture. We had a company meeting where senior leadership finally stopped counting all the money and realized that our name/brand has been dragged through the mud. Was it client services defending policies? No. It was sales reps willing to say anything to get a sale by over promising and under delivering. Everything is transactional selling and the more you can oversell glitchy features and tell them that this will fix all life's problems, the better. How many companies show loyalty to their oldest clients by increasing pricing on clients that have been with us for decades 500%+? Management isn't afraid of saying, "live with the price increase or we will find someone else who will"... and by not afraid, I mean the finance department thinks it is a good idea and leaves it to the sales reps to deliver the news/take the brunt of the anger... And when the client pulls their business, the rep delivering the bad news will take the reversal on their next commission check. The only time that you will ever interact with finance is when they raise the prices on the services with no notice or when they accidentally give the sales floor a couple extra bucks before Christmas and then take it back on the next paycheck. Happy Holidays! I was going to list career advancement in the pro section, but I have found more people coming back to Loopnet after moving on "up" to sell CoStar or flat out quitting. Management wants turnover so they continue to exploit naive, young professionals who have no frame of reference, don't have to support a family, and will leave for better jobs so they can collect on the renewals. The longer you stay, the more you will work for the same to less pay. Feel free to ignore the warnings, but don't say that no one warned you."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"CoStar Group is a fast-paced company, but we’re committed to making sure you have the tools to manage the pace. The chain of command is always available for you to view in Workday or in our intranet. We all benefit when our employees take advantage of professional development opportunities. CoStar Group offers a number of benefits to support employees in their professional growth. Perhaps there is a conference you'd like to attend or a training course you'd like to take to improve your skills and get you to a new role or level in your career. Feel empowered to ask your direct supervisor how you can attend. We also encourage employees to further their formal training with a tuition reimbursement benefit of up to $5,250 each calendar year. Are you taking advantage of these benefits? They're here to help you gain new skills and move your career forward. If you have questions about the benefits available to you, please email us at with any questions. We're always looking for ways to improve the work experience for our employees. If you are open to sharing specific details about your experience with our leadership team, we welcome the opportunity to learn how we can improve. Please email us at Empower yourself to keep growing with us. Thanks for being part of our team."

Current Employee - Photographer says

"Thanks for the 7 years you've been part of our team at CoStar Group. We value the contributions you've made during your time with us, and we’re sorry to hear your experience is falling short of ideal. While it's never easy to hear negative feedback, we do read every review to see where we're getting things right and where we can improve. Our leadership is committed to providing the appropriate information, tools, and resources needed to succeed at CoStar Group. If there are specific issues you can speak to with regard to your management team, please email us at so we can learn more. We would appreciate any further details you can provide so we can use this as an opportunity to improve your experience as part of our team."

Tenant Research Technician (Former Employee) says

"This is the somewhat a brief run down. Their goal is to be appealing to applicants and candidates on the outside from the people in leadership bragging about nothing just to get onlookers excited but this is the most toxic company I have ever worked for and my first job was Mcdonalds and it wasn't this toxic. Their reviews on Google are all forced by people who are afraid of losing their jobs and fake. Why would a company feel the need to have to force their ratings like that is sad. If the reviews were real look at the difference of the poor reviews vs the five star reviews. I mean, were people treated different from other people? Absolutely!!!! They use strategy to get the people they don't like out the door. And this doesn't only go for the people they dislike who meet their numbers but people who don't meet metrics. The leadership stalk emails that are communicated on the floor among each other. They can get into your computer and see everything you are doing. What they will do is start moving seats like musical chairs and keep moving you around people who is are problem and filled with drama. They will have all the people that dislike certain people sitting around that individual just to get a kick out of the bullying and for altercations to either have that person quite or if a fight everyone get fired. The department manager who is above your manager do what the manager above him want him to do. He is the sneaky one. They all work together and are very sneaky and manipulative with trying to force people out the door. It was a lot of indirect bullying but at the same"

worker (Former Employee) says

"Bad location. hard to commute. You pay the overpriced parking. Long hours at work . People always looked over your shoulders. A lot of stress at work."

Research Associate (Current Employee) says

"run as fast as you can. no respect for anyone. unproductive, no growth. favoritism, racist environment and management thrives in it. a big no no, run."

Customer service rep (Former Employee) says

"Please do not waste your time working here. This place is filled with thieves and people who will still from you. Look for a job elsewhere. It is a call center cold calling businesses with survey questions.Nothing was positive here. Look at the real 1/2 star reviews and the 5 star fake reviews.Everything. A nightmare."

Territory Representative (Former Employee) says

"Do NOT work for this company. You will not be working there for more than 10 months, I guarantee it. They treat employees as expendable tools who are there simply to boost the stock price. Again, employees are treated terribly."

Tenant Research Associate (Former Employee) says

"No guidelines to follow No management to rely on No advancement No encouragement for promotions Get talked down too Taught to pester clients on the phone"

Field Research Photographer II (Former Employee) says

"Unhealthy working environment and incredibly high stress levels as well consistently decreasing pay combined with increasing job responsibilities and high end skills.Free fruitEverything else"

Research Associate (Current Employee) says

"From the Researcher prospective, the metrics are completely out of line with reality. The Executives rule CoStar by intimidation and threats and lies. Btw, the Executives have not performed the role as a Researcher and have no idea what they are talking about which is why the research process and metric are insurancecompany being run by a "Little Napolian""

Collections Analyst (Former Employee) says

"This is a good place to start a career. Would not recommend if you are looking for career advancement. I've never worked in a more hostile environment, but this is a corporate setting so be prepared."

Research Associate (Current Employee) says

"CEO and investors give you a 4 week training boot camp. Metrics are ridiculous and they play favorites!!. They will move people to higher level portfolios without training. Management plays your calls in front of everyone and critiques the calls. They mislead you in the interview to think you are not on a dialer and will only be on phones 1 hr. a day but that is the minimum! Managers send out emails every 5 minutes on stats. The culture is negatively competitive, cold and overly formal. This job should be jeans and t-shirt. The head of research and management talks to employees any way they choose. You are strapped to your desk. This is not a great place to work and you are not learning any software or transferrable skills. You will not learn much about real estate. Its mostly customer service and people don't know CoStar so they hang up a lot. Run from this job it is stressful and a super call center with so many changes because nothing was planned ahead of time. The CEO walks around almost everyday changing things. Many chiefs with different goals and absolutely no consistency. Management needs to close the building and rethink what CoStar really is. Read the MANY negative ratings!! They are true! Poor company to work for!!! Run!!aramark voucherseverything is awful!! Telemarketin 100%If you want a career this is not the place to be! Look around...all college students looking for their first opportunity thinking that the pay is great! They are registered with every staffing agency pulling desperate 20 yr. olds that have never had a first real job!"

Don't work there! (Former Employee) says

"Disorganized company, asking for irrelevance as they don't know what they're doing. Put it this way. If the management was so successful, why would they quit Toronto's red hot real estate market to sell software? Results do not lie. That's why their job ad is permanently "sponsored ad' everywhere. Read the negative reviews everywhere online. Every now and then they clean up but all the negs come back & their ratings only drop.Visible as they need to keep advertisingIt's not real deal!!! That's they they're desparate."

Sales Analyst Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Didn't enjoy working with this company. Unfair compensation and not willing to hire anyone to help when workload increased.Free lunches and snacksbad pay and management"

Advertising Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Upon being hired I was painted this FABULOUS picture, told that it was this GREAT company to work soon as CoStar purchased, things started to became 110% corporate..nothing but #'s, reports, conference calls to the point you might as well have an ankle bracelet! Eventually we had to report to an office on Monday's....we were hired as HOME OFFICE reps, not OFFICE reps!!! My Regional lived over 2 hours away and didn't want to make the commute to assist me unless it benefit him (a party, visit someone HE knew etc.). He would only call when he was driving which would be hard to understand him on a speaker phone. TONS of favoritism as he would hire former employes that he managed from his previous job and he would hand them accounts stating they would "have a relationship with them".... Everyone knows it takes 6 months to build relationships and I was just starting to make my sales and poof...I got released b/c my manager said I didn't "meet HIS standards" yet I met the company's goals..which for the record..CHANGED constantly! Even during my exit interview they stated that didn't sound like a valid reason. Regardless I am happy to be gone from that job. I woke up everyday with a knot in my throat. I loved what I did. I enjoyed visiting my communities and absolutely LOVED meeting, talking and meeting with my clients. I still visit and go to lunch with several of them. They call and text me all the time. I have made so many good friends and will never forget them. Some of my co-workers and I have remained friends and others I do not careMicro Manage, TOO Corporate, Daily Conf Calls, Multiple Reports Daily, Reps Steal Accounts, No Comm w/ Corp Everything is Email'd, Have to account for EVERY MINUTE/EVERYDAY"

Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Costar is the worst company I ever work. Especially, with the Resolve team that was acquired by Costar a few years ago,just express interest in growing into higher positions and you will be marked for eviction. These people just dont keep their words and adhere to values. if you find yourself with Resolve, get yourself ready for nosy supervisors who will looking over your shoulders every minute and mark you for eviction when you get ambitous of growing"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"My territory was terrible. Most of my properties were 100% occupied with a 3-5 year waiting list, BUT you STILL have to go see them once a quarter. Management THINKS they know better than you do, when you ACTUALLY know your territory better than they do. If management does not know an answer to a question, they just don't reply to your email. You are so busy, that you end up forgetting your question. Your territory will be terrible and if you spend half your day driving, your expectations are the same as someone who walks out their front door and is able to see clients. They micro manage you, big time! They give you tools they say will help you, BUT IT IS JUST TO MICRO MANAGE WHAT YOU DO! Stay away fro this company!401k matchMost of everything"

Photographer (Former Employee) says

"Photographers are treated so badly. The management is so big brother that we are now forced to sit in our cars ALL DAY. That's like taking an 8 hour flight every day. What the? That's not healthy or showing any respect to the photographers who work harder than any department. Anyone who has ever edited anything knows how important an ergonomic work area is. We used to be able to edit for some of the day at home and as long as you turned in work, it was fine. I don't see why photographers should be cooped up in their car, ruining their body and mind. It's a disgusting policy that should be looked at immediately.Health insurance is very good, paid holidays, paid time off that increases over time, use of drones and changing technologyLow pay, hijacking commission, forcing us to edit in cars ALL day, giving us no trust and dignity"

Research (Former Employee) says

"This has been the worst job experience I had in my life... the management does not care about the quality of the work produced, extreme micro management Cons: Everything Pros: none I can think of"

Field Researcher (Former Employee) says

"The management was terrible about listening to employee issues. Made it harder and harder to earn the same amount of money - base pay was barely enough, to begin with."

Research Associate AKA Virtual Slave (Former Employee) says

"CoStar is a company with a great name, but it's NOT a great company. Paradox I know... Don't be fooled as you walk into the nice HQ building downtown with lots of fringe benefits. Such as a gym, free personal trainers and events. However, these are just fillers to cover up the horrible management style at virtually every level. If you have a good manager at CoStar Group it's like winning the freaking lottery and those are the only employee's happy. The worst and largest departments are research and sales. Sales managers openly admit they would not want to have to do the job of the people under them because it's ridiculously and needlessly hard. The leads the company gives you are utter trash so you have to constantly prospect. If you do find a diamond in the rough your sale can be stolen by a field sales person and you are given zero credit. In research they work you like a dog and pay you literally peanuts--after taxes, insurance and standard deductions you are luck to bring home 1,100 dollars every TWO weeks--that's right you can make more as a uber driver who puts in maybe 15 hours a week. Most of the researchers are either from well to do families, have 3-5 roommates, a second job in grad school or ALL of the above. Sounds great right?? Also, get this they are always change the goals of how you get a raise or promoted, while I was there they rolled out a scorecard that awards points for everything you do every second of the day. Only problem is it is constantly goes days without updating and when it does it clearly wrong. By the way it is up to you to reverseFree salads from CVS! Free coffee, Free juiceNo breaks, you have to take short lunches, terrible managers, poor pay"

Research Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Horrible, high turnover, micro management, retention rate is less than 40%"