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Costa Coffee is a British coffeehouse chain which is a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company. It is headquartered in Dunstable, England.

On September 2017 an outraged customer wrote for Tripadvisor about how the Costa Coffee sucks: We were disappointed in the coffee at this place. First of all, all the cafes offer free filtered water for the customers and here you can only buy a bottle or you can have a glass of tap water, the barista cannot make a good latte. We asked for cake and we didn't even get a proper tissue. The tables are unstable making it easy to spill your drink. Overall it is a very poor quality place to have a coffee.


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Former Employee - Barista says

"We’re sorry that this was your experience whilst working at Costa Coffee. Its not what we want to hear. We will take your comments on board and let the relevant managers know so that we can change our ways where appropriate. Thanks for taking the time to tell us."

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"Over worked and understaffed due to ridiculously tight Labour Budgets. Expected to maintain Brand Standards but without the support and understanding from Senior Management that is required. Said Management has no understanding at all of the variance between different stores and how they operate and seem to think every Costa is the same and treat them as such."

Former Employee - Barista says

"Long hours, poor pay, bad treatment"

Current Employee - Manager says

"The company will treat you poorly"

Former Employee - Cashier/Barista says

"Bad management , lazy rude and unorganised"

Current Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Lack of hours, rude customers, low pay"

Former Employee - Barista says

"It is very hard job for minimum wage, managers seem to think serving cofee is the most important thing on Earth"

Former Employee - Barista says

"Unprofessional, complete lack of support between employees, no employee benefits, generally uncomfortable"

Former Employee - Barista says

"Bad franchise owner made my experience a regretful one"

Former Employee - Barista says

"Managers don’t let you grow and learn. They keep you on the floor to tidy up and clean tables all day so you don’t get confident making coffee and that means they don’t have to clean."

Animatore di contatto a bordo nave (Former Employee) says

"esperienza terribile; salari bassissimi, orari di lavoro massacranti e nessun minimo spirito di squadra"

fitness trainer (Former Employee) says

"non consiglierei mai esperienze del genere perché fa veramente schifo !!!!!"

Far East & Other Areas Bid Strategic Buyer (Current Employee) says

"Operational issues concerning the ships need will be the main focus in order to be able to meet Costa Group requirements always. Focus on bid analysis, negotiation, and definition of the best purchasing strategies to be applied to each single Area bidding Qualitative discrepancy report managing throughout fast and efficient way of communicating to suppliersMultiethnic environment, free lunches, free cruises, flexible working hours"

1 CUOCO PASTA E ZUPPE (Former Employee) says

"Non tornerei a lavorare sulla costa neanche per 10000 euro al mesesulla nave spendi pochissimonon vedi mai la luce del sole"

Addetto booking (Former Employee) says

"Vendere crociere e consigliare i futuri crocieristi è un lavoro molto bello in sè, ma l'ambiente in cui si lavora è malsano, si parla di teamwork ma in realtà tra colleghi c'è moltissima competizione che porta ad usare tecniche ed astuzie per "rubare" prenotazioni già effettuate da altri colleghi per aumentare il proprio venduto. Personale che il più delle volte non è completamente formato sulle dinamiche del prodotto che sta vendendo. Turnover super elevato con contratti di pochi mesi che non permette di essere pienamente ingrato nell'azienda e sentire di farne parte.buoni pasto"

Addetta Booking Inbound (Former Employee) says

"pessimo lavoro di squadra, competitività pompata ed esasperata dai team leaderbuoni pastonessuna pausa caffè"

Crew member (Former Employee) says

"was amaizing in early morning go to the beach that was my working place. A swim in a quit and calm beach with the first sunrays. I was sandwich maker and i liked do it. In PEAK TIMES all of us were busy running left to right, but always smiling because all of staff was composed by young people.working to the beachesto many steps (almost 250) to reach my working place"

Bar Waiter (Former Employee) says

"These guys really don't care about you and they're not shy when it comes to letting you be aware of that. Your comissions are shamelessly stolen by the managers and supervisors,and that's not nearly the worst thing that happens behind the curtains. Keep distance from these fascistic, medieval minded ultracapitalists. The only good things about working in this company are travelling to cool places and getting to know nice coworkers who are there only to be exploited, just as you.nice coworkers from every continent, travelling to cool placeseverything else"

Photographer (Former Employee) says

"too much hours of work, underpaid work, good to know places, but conditions are shameless, really never recommend anyone to work there"

Photographer (Former Employee) says

"Il lavoro come il salario cambia da posizione a posizione, esclusivamente per posizioni di base nel dipartimento hotel ( reception , tour, photo, casino, animatori ecc) vi è uno sfruttamento incredibile, lavori 70 ore a settimana ( se va bene) 7/7 per 1000 1200 euro al mese. Ovviamente nessuno ti costringe a firmare il contratto, ma questo non vuol dire che non sia sfruttamento guadagnare circa 3 euro 3 e 50 all'ora. L'unica cosa positiva è l'esperienza di lavorare in un ambiente multiculturale dove si impara tanto a livello umano e se sei fortunato conosci persone fantastiche. Consiglio solo a ragazzi di 20 anni alle prime armi per farsi le ossa e farsi un esperienza di vita. Ovviamente questo vale solo per il dipartimento Hotel. Nei ponti o in macchina e tutt'altra storia.viaggiosalario, sfruttamento"

Personal cruise consultant (Former Employee) says

"Tutti si lamentano, tutti soffrono; il motto in nave è "Questo sarà il mio ultimo contratto". Ma come si fa a lavorare così? Manager incapaci di trasmettere entusiasmo, ma capacissimi nel sminuire e odiare gli ospiti. Navi sempre più grandi, poca selezione della clientela: quantità alle stelle, qualità alle stalle. Peccato.Buon stipendio, e se sei fortunato qualcosa del mondo lo vediNon è vita."

Atendimento (Former Employee) says

"Pior empresa da vida. Assedio moral e sexual contra funcionarios."

laundryman (Current Employee) says

"i'm very enjoyed about my job in the laundryman my management is CTI jakarta i learned more about i practise my skill in the laundryfree lunches, dinner and breakfasthealth care"

Camareiro (Former Employee) says

"A empresa abre as portas do mercado de navios de cruzeiro para novos tripulantes, o que é bom pela oportunidade; no entanto, o desprezo por uma boa política de bem-estar dos funcionários aliada a cultura organizacional da mesma - ainda presa à crenças e métodos do século passado - fazem com que essa empresa fique muito atrás das suas concorrentes no quesito tratamento de seus tripulantes.Oportunidade aos iniciantes; viajar e conhecer o mundo.Política organizacional e de bem-estar dos funcionários; salários não-comprtitivos."

Hostess (Former Employee) says

"De ansatte arbejder næsten 16 timer om dagen. Sovehytterne er cirka en kvadratmeter store, og to personer skal bo der for at sove og vaske. Min oplevelse var negativ og går tilbage til 2012, da jeg blev såret og jeg måtte stige af skibet en uge før Costa Concordia på Isola del Giglio blev ødelagt.Møde mennesker fra hele verdenIngen privat liv, sjældne telefonopkalde til nære slægtninge, osv."

Assistente de garçom (Former Employee) says

"Aprender a lidar com a pressão de morar fora e lidar com as mais diversas culturas.cada dia conhecer um novo lugar do mundorefeição e horas exacerbadas de trabalho"

Human Resource Director & Business Partner (Current Employee) says

"Not a lot room for growth but overall a good place to work for. It's a very small office, and everyone has been there for a long time, but so far all employees have been nice and welcoming."

F&B Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Empresa muito desorganizada. Não compensa o custo/benefício entre trabalho e salário. Os profissionais em sua maioria são despreparados."

Snack stweardess ( cumin) says

"A cia não fornece muitos benefícios, a remuneração não é muito boa, é uma experiência apenas, o tratamento com os funcionários não é muito bom."

Dancer (Former Employee) says

"Contracts are completely in favour of the company and not the employee. In the performance department there is huge double standards. Artists work once every cruise with no extra duties while dancers are made to do extra work, library, tender and anything the cruise director would like. Singers sit on their backsides and are seen as "artists". Dancers train for years to be able to do what we do and we are treated with no respect whatsoever with no growth or salary raise. Dancers are not animators but are slowly becoming them. Many people have no idea how hard it is physically and mentally to do our jobs. If it was so easy then anyone could do it. This company is terrible and only since being employed with a different company do I see how badly they treat the dancers. We are dancers and should do just and only that.!! Dancers go elsewhere as Costa is not the place for you. The standard is has gone down so much."

wjh says

"used to be good - now with only a few exceptions very rude staff both online and in store and mediocre coffee. "

Canton Lewis says

"I ordered a pair of sunglasses described as XL on their website. They were quite small when they arrived a month later. I immediately initiated the return process at that time on June 23rd. It is now September 10th and I still have seen no evidence of a refund being processed. I have called the company a dozen times now, waiting on hold for an hour or so each time. I got confirmation over the phone that they had the returned package in their possession on August 7th. Over a month later, and they have done nothing! A bunch of crooks"

Darlene Smith says

"Customer Service is the WORST!!! I sent defective glasses back and they exchanged them for a completely different color and way less expensive pair! And forgot getting them to answer phone or email!!"

Amanda Conner says

"’m not sure when and why the customer service of costa Del Mar has gone down the tubes but it’s so sad. Ur website sucks and has locked me out where conveniently all my prof of purchases are to submit a claim, how convenient. The old costa would charge you $75 dollars if your sunglasses weren’t under warranty to be repaired. Now.... just a email and encouragement to purchase another pair. No way! What happened??? I call I stay on hold for over an hour, I chat with your service people and they have NO idea what they are doing or remedies on how to fix any issues. I know your company better than they do, sad! I am highly disappointed and letting the world know too!"

Barry Deshamp says

"Costa does not stand up to their warranty, customer service is nonexistent, quality has gotten very poor over the years. Time to find a new sunglass company."