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CoreLogic, Inc. is an Irvine, CA-based corporation providing financial, property, and consumer information, analytics, and business intelligence. The company analyzes information assets and data to provide clients with analytics and customized data services. The company also develops proprietary research, and tracks current and historical trends in a number of categories, including consumer credit.

A former employee mentioned, "CoreLogic has lots of politics, poor communication, extremely lean teams, no opportunities to grow beyond current roles partially due to very vague job titles, the majority of resources added are overseas with consulting companies rather than as employees onshore, "unlimited" EPTO that is capped at a relatively low number (but they won't tell you what that is), complete lack of trust in employees as the company monitors and records your screens continuously as well as audio and keystrokes"


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Current Employee - Account Manager says

"This company, in an unprecedented pandemic, decides that it needs its employees to go into office. An employee proceeds to contract Covid and successfully spread it amongst his entire household. Where is the logic in that?"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Leadership treats employees like they can’t be trusted. More worried about people being in office than the work they are putting out. Benefits aren’t that great. Health insurance is expensive and 401K is average. No formal bonus structure for most employees. Even in a pandemic, the focus is on getting people back to the office for no real reason than company policy. Way too many meetings. Meetings about having meetings."

Current Employee - Technical Support Professional says

"First, any reviews for this job from more than 2 years ago can be ignored. The tech support for Alamode was purchased by CoreLogic and the culture is NOT the same. Also this is NOT just a Tech Support job. You will be expected to Sale products and push products, up-sell, and act as a business consultant for customers. In addition to to acting as a salesperson and troubleshooting the CoreLogic (alamode) software, you will be required to troubleshoot Windows, Outlook, 3rd party Antivirus, network connections, use 3rd party tools (Fiddler, Charles, etc...), and you will have to learns some SQL commands. The pay is not commensurate for what they expect you to do. And the more you do, the more they will expect, the appetite of management to heap more responsibilities onto you is insatiable. The benefits are average to below average. Pretty common among corporate conglomerates in today's job market. The benefits alone are no reason to take a job with this company. High premiums and high deductibles for average coverage. I mentioned 'Potential' for bonus in the Pros, because it technically is available. However, the Customer Support Management will do anything they can to ensure you do not receive this bonus. They will argue semantics over your phone calls, they will allow negative surveys to affect your bonus potential when the customer survey explicitly says that the tech support was good, but the products are terrible. Your bonus potential is tied to those customer surveys, and when the customer doesn't like what developers are doing, Management will hold you(tech support) accountable for the customers feelings about development. As a tech support person you will not be able to participate in any of the special event weeks that the company uses as a show of caring about 'Work life Balance'. If your a phone employee they do not care about work life balance for you. Most recently CoreLogic emailed all employees advising we would get 3 hours paid off on a Friday as part of the Summer of Fun...NOT tech support. We did not get the 3 hours off, though management and development did. And management was not interested in doing anything else for us. No extra 3 hours added to our check, no extra PTO time for us on some other day...nothing. Also you will get emails constantly from Marketing and Management showing them participating in all fun events, they want to be sure that as a tech you know how much fun they are having during work hours while you are given nothing. Unless you need a job very badly, keep looking. Or use this as a temporary thing while you keep looking for something else. The attrition rate in this position is pretty high for good reason. You will not earn pay commensurate with your job duties until you have been there for 5 years or more...and maybe not then either. This year there was a freeze on raises ostensibly because of Covid, though the company is still making a billion dollar profit this year. Too many Cons, and not enough Pros"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lots of politics, poor communication, extremely lean teams, no opportunities to grow beyond current roles partially due to very vague job titles, the majority of resources added are overseas with consulting companies rather than as employees onshore, "unlimited" EPTO that is capped at a relatively low number (but they won't tell you what that is), complete lack of trust in employees as the company monitors and records your screens continuously as well as audio and keystrokes"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"CoreLogic is a terrible company with a very toxic environment. Management is incompetent and treat employees terribly. My former direct reports constantly made racist remarks and obvious microaggressions towards certain people on the team, along with playing favorites. This behavior has been reported to HR and executive leadership numerous times, but nothing was never done. Over the past three years, there has been constant turnover on the team. Again, this is a red flag that there is a serious problem. It is obvious because this specific job role is placed out on job boards every month. This manager also made our team work in shifts, although everyone was salaried. Team members were also required to submit an email stating why it was a need to work from home when the pandemic started. The antics and behavior that I have witnessed at this company is illegal and unethical."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Difficult working conditions due to cumbersome internal processes and continuous layoffs. Employees are stressed, overworked, disrespected, and undervalued."

Former Employee - Tax Associate says

"Information from upper management is never shared and opportunities are based on fsvortiem. It's who you know they get you ahead in this company"

Former Employee - Implementation Specialist says

"Lack of opportunity, low pay"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No growth opportunities, you will not advance no matter how hard you try. This company is not interested in employee development and they absolutely DO NOT promote from within no matter how qualified you are."


"Sexual bias from the old days of good ol boys club, lots of favoritism and no accountability"

Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"No encouragement or praise for a job well done. They say they are there to help you but their evaluation of you handed up the line when you do good work never improves.snacks.Highly demanding."

Tax Researcher (Former Employee) says

"This place is in disarray. Management has unrealistic expectations, but are never there for any assistance. There are these wanna be managers below your direct supervisor called "leads"...their job is to harass you to crank out as many cases as possible. if you don't hit the unrealistic daily goal they set...well then get ready to get harassing emails/messages sent. There are better options out there, do not work here.NoneUnrealistic goals/expectations. No Guidance on how to do your job, training is a joke. If you"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company in every aspect, Bad management, total disregard for employees, no advancement, very low pay, poor culture, lack of opportunity, no loyaltyNoneEverything"

Valuation Services Representative (Former Employee) says

"Manager of on boarding was not friendly or warm with her approach and motivation skills. She talked to staff like they were children.................."

Marketing Professional (Former Employee) says

"If you want an uncomfortable work environment, this is for you. The CEO is a huge joke, he should not be in that role. He does not care about his employees at all, and this trickles down to our direct senior leaders. There is no hope for improvement for this company. Greed and negativity will only get you so far. You go into work daily, not knowing if your boss will like you or hate you today. There is zero professionalism with management; they will tell you negative things about your coworkers, fire you for not liking you personally and constantly ask you to review your colleagues so they can keep making cuts to the departments(for their personal pleasure). This is by far the most unorganized, mess of a company. There is no trust in employee's, as working from home is NEVER allowed, the hours are far from flexible and management will fire you if you aren't devoting your life to the company, the same ones who won't devote a day to you. Personal life is not allowed, if you have a spouse, FORGET IT. They don't care about you, you are an extra paycheck they have to cut until they feel they don't need to anymore. Never have I ever been so disrespected by leaders and management like I have with this company."

Property Preservation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Company doesn't have employees' backs. I would call it a snakepit and cannot recommend this company to amyone. They load on the work and then criticize when you can't keep up and/or make mistakes. The work atmosphere is chilly at best."

Operations Specialist (Current Employee) says

"You are issued software that doesn't work on hardware that is so obsolete it is almost funny, then assigned workload requirements that are almost impossible to meet, and if you can't meet them because your software and hardware don't work like they should, and the network is down again, then it's your fault. Management is quick to absorb acknowledgement and even quicker to pass blame. What a terrible company."

Consumer Associate (Former Employee) says

"It is a job. Just show up and do your work. Making it through the day is all that matters in the end. The level of stress could fluctuate throughout the day."

Due Diligence Underwriter (Former Employee) says

"Too many scumbags work at corelogic. Its a hard place to work at. Very bad environment. Corelogic does not care about you at all."

VOE ASSOCIATE (Former Employee) says

"Pay is way to low for the amount of work you get. No raises and very unfriendly place to work. Management is horrible they don’t give you any type of feed back at all"

Sr Associate Tax Servicer (Former Employee) says

"I was in this company for 4 years and 7 months. I even move here to Irving TX from Utah and they laid me off do to automation took my job. They got rid of a lot of peopleNonThey dont care about you they only care about numbers."

Client Services Representative (Current Employee) says

"This place is horrible. Do NOT apply here. There is no growth or opportunity for advancement. Keep looking for something else and don't look back what ever you do. Its 10x worse than Office Space."

Associate Dispute (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company to work for. Do not apply. They hire you for one position and then transfer you to a different department/different position. Bait and Switch not sure if it's even legal what they do there. The Management is one BIG clique and do not treat their colleagues fairly. The better business bureau should do an under cover investigation into this company unfair practices act. They under pay and overwork each and every employee.NoneManagement"

AR Team Lead (Current Employee) says

"I learned a lot of new programs and created new opportunities. My boss was a good boss. The management in our department was not too understanding about the issues going on within the department. As employees some got along, others didn't. The enjoyable part of my job was the connection I had with co workers and contacts.Team Volunteer ProgramRaises, healthcare"

Accounting Assistant Senior of Receivables/Payable (Former Employee) says

"All management teams give employees work place harassment and because of it the work is a toxic environment No one wants to continue working at Corelogicnonen/a"

Data Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Lots of turn over Management appears clueless No work/life balance No chance for advancement least enjoyable job I ever had most enjoyable time was when I leftCo-workersEverything"

Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Work / Compensation dont balance. Work is non stop and duties are added on top of duties. Good work is not noticed but a mistake is never forgotten."

Senior Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"Management has zero respect for employees and no career advancement is available. Salaries are lower than the industry average, pay decreases the longer you stay there and the company is so heavily regulated that the stress levels are unbearable..No ProsZero advancement opportunity"

Senior Associate, Operations Services Lead (Current Employee) says

"This company overworks, underpays, and undervalues their employees. The benefits are expensive and abysmal. The 401K planning is not that great. While training classes are offered, it's difficult to have your leadership approve the classes; if it doesn't directly help your position at that moment, it's not pushed to attend. There is no work/life balance. If you excel at what you do, you aren't applauded or thanked. Mediocrity is always rewarded within this company. The morale is awful. Working remotely is not an option; flexible work hours are not an option. Leadership is awful. When you're leader's leader doesn't know your job, you're expected to defend your job. They send more work offshore on a monthly basis than necessary. This is a group of people that don't know what they're doing. Concerns are brushed off or even ignored.noneHealthcare, poor management, poor pay"

Data Analyst (Current Employee) says

"They do not care about work life balance. They do however have excellent benefits which is reflected in their provided health insurance. They are selective about who can work from home."

Current employee- not much longer says

"They decide everyone back to the offices while covid variant is out of control. Employee comes to work with covid right away. Many people will be quitting right before tax season. Good luck! It was your bad choice"

anonymous says

"corelogic cares more about money than the employees. Bringing people back into the office during the worst of the pandemic shows they don\'t care about us. Looking for a new job"

Joseph says

"Absolutely horrible experience with this company. I asked for a trial or some type of demo to even figure out if it was something that would suit my needs for my company or if I should simply go with there competitor Propstream, the sales-representative that was eager for the sale said that they do not offer any trials or demos until a written commitment is made. I decided to try the services out and figured if it didn't suit my needs what's the worst that can happen, I can just cancel in 2 days instead of wasting my time and their time and I did exactly that. 2 Months later I am informed that my cancellation request was denied by the sales rep. and I have an invoice for $400 and some change and I have no option but to pay for something I've only logged into 3 times within the first 3 days of service and I have to keep the service for 10 more months. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT USE CoreLogic For ANYTHING. Propstream offers a free trial for 7 days and does not charge a penny or lock you into ANYTHING for those 7 days. Don't make the mistake, this company is hungry to screw people over who have no use for their services."

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