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Clínica Corachan was founded on 19 May 1921 in its current location by Dr. Manuel Corachan García, an eminent surgeon and prolific teacher. The original building was a tower in the neighbourhood of Sarrià that is still preserved today and is part of the current clinic, in the west wing of the Corachan 1 building.

Esther angrily mentioned, "I had several visits to Corachan clinic, specifically in neuroscience and I have to say that all of them left much to be desired, even one of them did not even make the visit since after an hour and a half of waiting we had to leave without that visit which by the way was paid 150 eu, Dr. Aledo called us by phone and made the consultation by phone, a call that did not last even 5 minutes of attention, of course we demanded our money since we lost our time and the diagnosis. On the other hand, we took the little one to neurodevelopment for 2 days to assess some aspects of growth and the surprise was that the results were not given to us for another month because the person in charge went on vacation the day before, which was the day we had to collect results and evaluations, and that we had to wait for her to come from her rest ... they offered us a phone call to give us the diagnosis, logically we refused and we are also going to claim our money because half a month later we still do not have the assessment and we are talking about a 2-year-old boy who is in full neuronal development but we have already seen that the holidays are more important to them. The person in charge of Neurosciences area of ​​psychology who left us without the results is Neus Marí Cardona, num. Collegiate 356.10 IB I definitely do not recommend Corachan clinic at all."


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