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Converse is an American shoe company that designs, distributes, and licenses sneakers, skating shoes, lifestyle brand footwear, apparel, and accessories. Founded in 1908, it has been a subsidiary of Nike, Inc. since 2003. During World War II, Converse shifted its manufacturing to make footwear for the military.

Skylar shares her disappointing experience on Influenster, "I never really liked Coverse, I find they give me no support and end up making my feet really hurt and I normally get blisters even if I wear socks, I also don't really love the style of running shoe they put out."


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promotor de ventas (Former Employee) says

"te dejan sin bonos por cualquier cosa, no reconocen tu trabajo y cambian de jefes todo el tiempo. ademas de nada te sirve hacer bien tu trabajo solo eres numeros para ellos y no sales remunerado. Ademas que si llegas tarde tambien te bajaban el salario base.promesas de bonosexigencia para dartelos"

subgerente de tienda (Former Employee) says

"Una empresa muy mala tanto en cultura laboral como en lo interno y aparte no te dan utilidades"

HR executive (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to self life, no incentives and negative environment to work. Would recommend ppl to think for this option before joining.NaNa"

Back Of House Manager (Former Employee) says

"Was a company that was kind of all over the place. Management direction and corporate direction were poor. I had to deal with high stress situations on a regular basis."

Co-Department Lead (Former Employee) says

"its a great place to work if you want to be locked in a room and interrogated by the store manager and assistant manager and call 911 because they wont let you leave.discountbad pay, favoritism"

Senior Accountant (Former Employee) says

"converse searches for candidates with the highest of qualifications. willing to pay premium dollars for contractors, but wants to pay Senior Accountants at a Staff rate on a permanent basis."

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"I love when its a busy day because we have no time to talk just work work work. Management team is horrible so I will like to get another job as soon as possible.busy and working togetherlazy people never get things done"

Counter Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Not a place I am proud to say i have worked. Owner has the temper of a 5 year old and is very negative towards unfamiliar faces.a fountain drink for your shiftRacism in the work place"

Lead (Current Employee) says

"This company likes young and pretty people, If you don't meet those two requirements then don't apply. Corporate does not care or want to hear what the actual field employees have to say. Yearly reviews are a joke and a cover to penny pinch your "raise" to help save the company some $$. If you plan on going no where, this is the perfect place for, clothes.poor managment, long hours, loud abnoxious customer's, poor yearly reviews."

Subgerente (Former Employee) says

"Falta de capacitación, ni los supervisores saben como sacar un indicador y es lo que te obligan a hacer, tus horarios muy pocas veces se respetan por falta de personal y tienes que cubrir turnos ya que rotan mucho y no saben contratar, pero eso sí 3 retardos aunque sea de 1 minuto y adios comisiones. Favoritismos desde dirección, coordinación y supervisión que hasta cierto punto te estancan y np te permiten avanzar mas. Sueldo competitivo dependiendo de la boutique, no dan utilidades y te descuentan inventario a precio publico.Te contratan aun que hallas sido encargado de una recauderiaCoordinacion mala, prestaciones pobres, horarios, favoritismos y rotación seguida de personal"

Equipment Operator (Former Employee) says

"Is see all the reviews come from people who either work in the office or at the retail stores so its misleading . The distibution center was good working atmosphere at one time but with all the leadership changes at the top and a management team that has no direction or clue of what they are doing the company is going in a downward direction . As an employee you are under appreciated and under paid. You are not properly trainned and advancement is not likely . The only thing i could say good about the company is the discount. With being said it is a company that shows no acknowledgment or appreciation for hard work under pays there employees and treats them unfairly. Over works you without rewarding you for your contributions and hard work.Discounts"

Retail Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Having management problem with retail manager , the manager only treats malaysian staff better than singaporeans and i have a friend worked for 3years in this company but the manager only let malaysian new staff to be become outlet supervisor , there is once happen to my mother that she is at hospital A&E and i am not allowed to take urgent leave.Rotating shift with fixed schedules and off daysNot allowed to take weekend off, event only just once."

vendedor de piso (Former Employee) says

"Es una pena que una empresa como converse nonga tiempo ni modo de tratar a la gente tambien hay muy pocas oportunidades de crecer depende mas si le caes bien al supervisor o no y ellos te miran hacia abajo."

Seasonal Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"If you have any experience in a job the way it supposed to work, this is a terrible place to work, sensitive managers and fake coworkers. They schedule you knowing your sick and act surprised when you have to call out . Manager doesn't know what she's doing and isn't qualified in the slightest and throws everything to HR and will sit you in her office if she's upset and talk to you like you're a child in school and she's the principal. Only benefit is the Nike discount. It no hours"

Lead Manager (Former Employee) says

"Converse is own by Nike... Even though discount is great for the employee but it is not worth it. The management team and HR are very corrupted to the point they are being sue by one of their employee. (The last time I heard from them) Also Sale assiocate receive less hours and Converse over hired them to the point some of the assiocate only work one or two days a week.Discount and free stuffsPoor management team and HR, and hours are not promised"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"There were times I would receive 0 hour work weeks. The management filled their schedules to 40 hours and gave no hours to the sales associates."

Full Time Warehouse worker (Former Employee) says

"great people, great place, love working for this company, learned a lot of stuff such as scanning, making boxes, hardest part of the job when the system is down. enjoyable part of the job is were like foodalot of overtime"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"if you loved highschool from the everybody wanting to be the boss then this is for you."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"You are expected to work overtime all the time and you are not compensated for it. Unhealthy environment to work at. You always have to watch your back, employees are always dismissed unfairly."

Subgerente de boutique (Former Employee) says

"Esta empresa tiene demasiadas áreas de oportunidad comenzando con las personas que ponen al mando (supervisores), no tienen respeto por sus colaboradores, afirman que es un privilegio trabajar en la empresa y que los colaboradores son fácilmente reemplazables. No hay nada de calidad humana."

Current Employee - Associate says

"If you white it’s all great! If you’re of an ethnic background, mainly black, not so much. No equal pay. No performance based promotions. European boys club"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Not a safe place to addresss concerns and ideas - My way or high way mindset - No investment in designers"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Converse has lost it's brand appeal & identity Nike thinks they know what's best for Converse Poor management with NO developmental opportunities unless you come from Nike Sad but true"

Training says

"time wasting managers , heavily dependent upon Accenture"

Former Employee - Lead Programmer Analyst says

"Poor working environment and employee culture"

Director - Wholesale says

"Converse is self destructing...and nike is helping. Nike taking over almost everyhing. Nike selling Converse shoes in Nike outlets. Nike did the same to Hurley. Converse' idea of innovation is a new color of the chuck taylor. Everything goes so slow. Too many old farts work at Converse...they need to go."


"No career advancement. Upper management doesn't care about the stores, rather their titles (district and regional managers)"

Former Employee - Customization says

"Store Gossip No room for growth Incompetent Management (at times) Low Team Morale Inconsistent rules and regulations"


"Disrupting employees' lives by moving company to Boston; Outsourcing jobs outside the country"

Current Employee - Manager says

"Employees are discouraged with senior leadership. Consistent talk about the brand but the brand positioning is weak and confusing. Entire marketing team is off track. Senior management is invisible at best, backwards. No one seems to want/care to make an effort to make things better before the big move."

Gus Lennox says

"they claimed a 3-4 day delivery its been 11 days and they still haven't arrived"

customer says

"Ordered a pair of hi tops as a Christmas present on the 1st December, my money was taken straight away, it’s now the 3rd January still not received them. Can maybe give the gift for Christmas 21. The online tracking system is a joke, told me they would be here on the 30th December, nothing. Now the tracker keeps telling me to check back tomorrow, absolute joke, seems no one wants to reply to emails either!"

Manny says

"I agree with many of the other reviews, after sales customer service is appalling. I spent £70 on shoes as a gift for someone, waited 5 weeks and received trainers in nothing but a shipping box, no actual shoebox. There were postage labels stuck over it and some damage from shipping. I called customer services and explained that there was no shoebox to which I got told they don't ship with one and they couldn't provide me with one. no where on their website does it say that the shoes do not come with a shoebox, and the assistant couldn't direct me to the where this information was set out either. So I asked to speak to a manager for a resolution and the assistant would not put me through and was reluctant to take my telephone number to pass on for a call back. The only thing she could offer was 10% off voucher for a future purchase...ridiculous as it doesn't resolve the issue I have at the moment. Waiting for a call back, but was told I should email them for a written reply rather than try to speak to someone."

Sam Blair says

"I have no no order confirmation at all although converse have taken the money from my account. When I emailed to ask if this was a mistake and if my shoes were coming I got no reply"

Victor says

"I just received an empty box! Return form, delivery note and even my daughter Christmas message card inside but NOT THE CANVAS!!!!!!!!!! I just Email the video from the parcel and contact customer service, they said will sort this out, but in my opinion is been VERY bad and at the moment is not more than a SCAM from converse."

DD says

"Appauling Lost the shoes and took 2 weeks to call me back regarding poor service. I managed to get a call back after over 100 calls in a day. Thats what you have to do!!!!!"

Kinga Mc Inerney says

"Customer service department unresponsive. Tried to contact them to follow up on my order. Tried email and Instagram, but no luck getting any kind of response so far."

Tanner Nestor says

"Update- just got my shoes and they came I'm orange instead of blue, and were a size to big. 6 days shipping more like 14"

Serpit IooLE says

"i got used shoes from black Friday deal. when i complained they asked pics. shouldn't they ask how do i want replace or return? I tried to put review on the websites never works. tried few times. now I have to wait few days to converse send me email and I send them pics. and wait few more days. haha what a service."

xuan nguyen says

"I really can't understand how has gotten so bad. I have been wearing chucks for at least 20 years and still do. I was buying when they were on sale on Nike website and then now their own site. I bought 4 pairs for me and my kids. 3 of mine came in perfect condition, while my son's came damaged and used. YOu can see some animal hair still stuck on the velcros, dirt and little pebbles stuck under the soles, black marks and more. I contacted them to ask for an exchange. They said the item was out of stock plus they do not do exchange, only return and refund. I asked to return for a refund to buy a new pair. I was told they will send an email and ask for pics. I sent in everything, descriptions, box, pictures and all. Then never heard back again. When everything is fine, no problem. Good prices and great shoes. However when something goes wrong and it's their fault, they make you jump through hoops and ignore you. They should have not sent out used shoes as new to buyers."

tabooexile says

"Converse customer service doesn’t serve customers - Placed an order and experienced some lag with PayPal. This was over their ‘cyberweek’ sale and due to the aforementioned issue with PayPal, I inadvertently finalized my order before entering my discount code. I immediately reached out to Converse’s customer service, explained my situation where they told me they couldn’t help and wouldn’t adjust my order on their end nor would they cancel my order. Instead, against my wishes, they will ship the order, and once I receive the order, I can contact them again to request to return the item and get my refund in a few weeks. Why do they have customer service if they can’t service customers?!"

Samantha Salter says

"There's a whole advertisement page for some pride shoes and nothing shows up after customizing and all Right at sales time. No one knows when it'll be in. Can't wait around all December on a damn text about stock that may not come so my daughter will pick from a different brand from now on. Vans are cool.."

James McAlpine says

"Don't order direct from Converse. There is no way of getting any type of customer support! The phone number as numerous have previously stated doesn't work (it's a dead number, doesn't even ring) and there is no chat system either. Safest thing to do if you want Converse products is go through a 3rd party website where if there's a problem you can go back to them."

Graeme says

"Terrible! Their customer services phone doesn't work. They do not reply to emails. My parcel has been lost!! It's been a month since I placed the order, and I still haven't managed to speak to anyone!! Do not order from this useless company!"

Helen Lee says

"Ordered numerous styles of high tops to try for style. They took around 11 days to come (I spent over £400!). As advertised as running big in size and recommending ordering a size down I could not get the shoe on! Decided to order again in my size (7). Paid £12 for express delivery. Delay meant it took 4 working days to arrive, still far too tight! Now on 3rd order, further £620 spent. Ordered half size larger and full size larger! Very frustrating and inconvenient."