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ConvaTec Group plc is an international medical products and technologies company, offering products and services in the areas of wound and skin care, ostomy care, continence and critical care and infusion devices. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

An employee had this to say about their work experinece at CaonvaTec, "Typical day at work began with a meeting without agenda or objective. Followed by chaos all over the place. Data is not analyzed before making any management decisions. After decision making is done, blame game starts and ends with firing/resignations. It is day time reality show.Senior leadership doesn’t recognize, value, or see the need for cross-functional connection. Very silo-oriented. No formal business processes. Constant change in business leadership. Management and sales direction changes to often. No consistency, loss of momentum, can’t make commitments."


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Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"Leadership is sucks! There is not leadership!"

Former Employee - Complaint Analyst says

"People are fake and stab you in the back"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Limited call points, Management has no idea where they are going. Zero vision. Contracts group does nothing."

Former Employee - Production says

"Every other single aspect of the job was a con. Management no longer looks at their employees as people, and their customers are viewed in the same way. I would not want my family members or anyone that I love in their product."

Current Employee - Executive Sales Representative says

"Horrible management with poor management skills. Constant change being thrust on sales team in hopes of turning things around. Maybe look internally and at manufacturing. Customers have lost faith In the company and products. The sales team is miserable. There’s very little money to be made with a work load expectation that is unrealistic."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"High turnover company-wide each year. Annual firings have dumbed-down and paralyzed the organization to a yes-men mentality. Company is now led by people who lack true experience and pedigree in medical device with a J&J, 3M, BD, or other world class companies and frankly don’t know what great looks like. Community-college level business skills remain heading up businesses. ConvaTec’s stock price graph since IPO is a downward sloping curve with over 50% decline, and a great visual of both how this ‘also-ran’ company is performing and employee morale. Many self inflicted wounds due to simple business operational and commercial mistakes (ongoing back orders, failed product launches, etc...). It’s actually hard to perform this poorly in the growth markets ConvaTec serves with such respected brands. New product innovation is not happening and the company’s vitality index continues to fall behind competition... For most people ConvaTec is a move backwards in their career, unless they are coming from a distributor, just starting out or leaving a C-player."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Revolving door of management at all levels, but that does create opportunities. Management is generally indecisive, disorganized and doesn't have a plan."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Revolving door. No one stays with this company."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Horrible management. Upper management completely disconnected from what actually went on. Unrealistic expectations."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The is no cooperation between individuals or teams, everyone is miserable all the time. While there are politics everywhere, at this place you spend 1/3 if your day doing work and 2/3 watching over your shoulder. Systems are antiquated and nobody can answer a simple question"

Job Candidate (Former Employee) says

"Without writing war and peace the recruitment process and individuals who work within it are appalling. Constantly chasing for updates, promised timescales for them getting in touch which failed to happen. They only woke up when I made a formal complaint but response from the director of the function was shocking so you can see how this attitude must filter down."

European Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Never trust these people. They will lie about you and make you feel awful. Do not work for convatec. My manager was awful and disrespectful to me and bullied me until I left."

Quality Professional (Former Employee) says

""We are culturally rooted in our core values of caring for people, continually driving innovation and excellence, and earning trust, every day and in everything we do" Poor recruitment and talent acquisition processes. Failure to communicate with candidates after interviews indicates that there is a disconnect between published core values and the reality as a potential employee. Reputational damage is a difficult one to dispel. Unfortunately ConvaTec have a poor reputation for recruitment and retention. Best to avoid."

Technicien Support de proximité bilingue niveau 2 (Former Employee) says

"Très peut de possibilités d'évolution de salaire ou de carrière"

Associate Dir. Business Planning and Analysis (Former Employee) says

"Typical day at work began with a meeting without agenda or objective. Followed by chaos all over the place. Data is not analyzed before making any management decisions. After decision making is done, blame game starts and ends with firing/resignations. It is day time reality show."

Regional Sales Manager, North East (Former Employee) says

"poor management no advancement. confused company with no culture and poor compensation. High turnover and a boring portfolio. Leading in trouble. Would not recommend anyone working for this company"

factory floor (Former Employee) says

"Was a fantastic place to work then things changed and management more stress and less benefits. After 20 + years was forced into redundancy do not value years of experience or commitment.pensionno union"

research associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked for ConvaTec for approximately 2 years during which time I received little training and was subjected to a high stress, high workload, confrontational environment. The wages were poor which prevented me from developing any quality of life outside of work. I was forced to leave after suffering anxiety and stress, and to find employment that enabled me to afford somewhere to live and an evening meal.nonehigh stress, high workload, aggressive management style, blame culture"

Associate Director (Current Employee) says

"Our patients should always remain the focus of our work day."

Manager Quality Audits (Former Employee) says

"Senior management is in the process of selling this company. Senior management hired over 30 qualified senior personnel to help them work through an FDA warning letter. A decision was made to terminate over 120 jobs since they decided not to address the warning letter actionsNoneExecutive management is not interested in maintaining a quality system, only increasing the bottom line to make a quick sale"

Line leader (Former Employee) says

"If you want to go to a higher level you only have to do what management want and I mean what management want, it doesn't matter how good you are at your job it makes no difference unless you are willing to bend the rules and don't mean work related rules"

CAPA Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Ich war nicht zufrieden. Keine kariere Möglichkeiten, hässlich Chef...gute Schulungenbald alles"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"The only word to describe this company is disastrous, absoloute no respect for Technicians, even the Senior Engineers treat the Techs like idiots, only way you progress is by being buddies outside of work regardless of ability to do a job. Technology is still in the 1980's machines always breaking down and Senior Engineers management having an issue with putting something right to prevent future failures due to there job security, everything is kept a secret within a clique and your only requested to do a job when someone cannot do it or doesnt have a clue how to do it!!! Engineers like to mock the Technicians, even though they are the ones who have created the current persona in relation to Engineering. Motivation is at an all time low with the management seemingly thinking that the current situation should be the norm for the future!! Avoid the place as it will be closed soon, negative, poor leadership, embarrassing, poor culture!! Only way to progress is to have no principles, standards or ethos, the ConvaTec lifers sell there principles and standards for a wink or a smile from the directors......Nice people to work with.No respect, no future!!"

Line leaded (Former Employee) says

"Was there for 27yrs then got laid off and they took on all the agency workers... Used to be a great place to work when I first started, quality was the main priority... when they got sold to a bank it all went down hill... Machinery was breaking down everyday. Line Managers who were made up only because they were cozy with the unit managers had no idea what was going on... the more you complained about quality issues the less they cared... it turned into a bad joke.. I'm amazed it's still open... avoid this place for the sake of ya sanity... Also the way some people speak to the operators was unprofessional no man management skills at all..NoneClicks and bullying"

Supervisor/Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"Took a job as a supervisor spent most of my time tolerating a clueless hypocritical woman "I've been here 23 years" to a jumped up little l man with small man syndrome who thought he had management skills which I didn't.think it's sinking fast I was glad to get off.moneyeverything else"

Job Instruction Trainer/ Mix Technician (Former Employee) says

"This company needs help on all level of operations. From top management to middle need to take up to date classes on how to perform an efficient workforce.Good prodcut that save livesBad management"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"There's no work/life balance here and zero guidance as to what you're to do to accomplish goals. Management changes their directives on a whim. They have thrown away many tenured employees who had a successful career at ConvaTec over a single bad year so this is not a place where any measure of job security should be perceived. Honestly the most enjoyable part of the job will be the day you start because you don't know what you're getting into, and the day you leave because you finally get out.Decent products but many nimble competitorsVery expensive insurance, Incompetent Management Team"

Process operator (Current Employee) says

"Only way to progress is if your face fits. I learned never to trust the managers who pretend to be your 'friend'! The hardest part of the job is to put up with certain people. And the most enjoyable part of the day is home time!!!!!!!!!!!Time off sick is a mustGot to be in the click"

Internal Sales Team Product Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Monday to Friday 9-5 . customer service/sales. office based."

Global Supply Chain Operations Director (Former Employee) says

"Senior leadership doesn’t recognize, value, or see the need for cross-functional connection. Very silo-oriented. No formal business processes. Constant change in business leadership."

Graham Dickenson says

"I have had product from this company since 1991 then for no reason they decided to replace a item I have had since 1991 and the new replacement is absolutely not fit for purpose !!! I made contact with convatec to complain but got nowhere !!! Absolutely disgusting to say the least."

Jim Lynchehaun says

"Nearly 20 years on from working at ConvaTec I can see they still have their problems, judging by their share price collapse. When I was there, dodgy dealings with suppliers was the name of the game; it was a company run by freemasons for freemasons. That situation may be different today, I can't say, I don't work there anymore, but the way they treated me as an employee means I feel a 1 star review is still appropriate, even after all this time."

James Procter says

"Useless Stoma care company, inundated with e-mails offering free samples but NEVER delivery and NEVER reply to e-mails. Please be aware these appear to be a 'con' company."

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