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The United States Congress or U.S. Congress is the bicameral legislature of the federal government of the United States and consists of two chambers: the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Congress meets in the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. Both senators and representatives are chosen through direct election, though vacancies in the Senate may be filled by a governor's appoin


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Supervisory Contract Specialist (Former Employee) says

"If I could rate this organization with a negative number, I would. Stay far away from this place. 1102s are treated with no respect at all. Not only no respect but an out right dislike for 1102s and the belief that we lack knowledge, integrity, and good ethics."

Administrative Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I only learned one thing while working here, the management is horrible! No matter what you do, say or act on, it is wrong even if they told you before to do something this way."

Contract Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Start out by reviewing the latest GAO assessment of LOC."

Librarian (Cataloger) says

"I was alienated and bullied throughout much of my time there. I witnessed people twice my age behave half my age. Employees are old, cynical, and far too set in their ways. Repugnance to change is ubiquitous, and few employees care about the library’s future when it doesn’t pertain to their pensions. Complacency pervades the workforce. Few are trustworthy. Cons: Workforce is old, complacent, and vicious."

Library Technician (Current Employee) says

"Pay is below average. Supervisors are good but the division chief in my division acts like he is too good for the employees. The work can be alot compared to the pay Cons: Not a great place to work"

Administrative (Current Employee) says

"It is a cushiony job with normal government job perks but everything else is not good. There are overworked, and underpaid employees in every division. Not a place to be able to grow. People who have been here for so many years can't get a well deserved promotion. Cons: Bad Management and No growth"

Inspector/Printer (Former Employee) says

"My job was as an Inspector/Printer. This entailed the removal of Nitric base film (pre-1954) motion picture film, and preparing it for copying both image and audio tracks. This type of film had multiple issues with shrink, stretch, warping and scratches. Lots of defects to be overcome before it could be printed. It was shown by me early on I didnt have a lot of talent for this kind of detailed repair work, so I became by default the film processing technician and was responsible for the systems processing of both negative and positive image processing on safety acetate film. After 5 years of pushing about 100k ft of film per day I decided I had had enough and wandered of to the USAF in search of something productive to do with my life. I succeeded. Cons: mahnagement that was brutal and bullying"

Special Assistant to the Facilities Manager (Current Employee) says

"A typical work may consist of a variety of challenges, but my co-workers are always there to provide help when needed. The hardest part of the job for me is that it's not the level of work I expected to be performing within the federal government after 4 years, given my education and work experiences. I have no where to advance. Cons: no performance incentives"

Fire Safety Manager (Supervisory) says

"Your experience working here will be entirely based on how good your supervisor is and what division you work in. If you are in a support role here, you are basically dog meat. Major leadership change this past year has everything a little crazy. Gray wave leaving hundreds of positions unfilled, driving workloads up unbelievably."

Researcher (Current Employee) says

"The Library of Congress has very poor management throughout the organization, as many managers are promoted through time-in-service or loyalty. Poor management has a lot of poor consequences that vary by department, such as toxic work culture, unclear procedures, and unclear goals. In addition, institutional support for employees needs a lot of improvement, including bad IT support and HR that is so bad that a novel is waiting to be written about it. Cons: So many you would think I am making them up or are using you as a cheap psychologist"

Library Technician (Former Employee) says

"The Library answers to Congress, which means there is very little accountability overall and a wide variety of work situations depending on the service unit and division in which one works. The general rule of thumb is that the Library is a great place to end one's career, but a terrible place to start. The lower on the GS scale one comes in the more likely the first job will be the last job at the library. And there is a ceiling at the GS-9 at the Library that is as infamous as it is impenetrable."

Research Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I was an intern there. It's stressful. Everyone is fully dressed up and stuck up. If you have a project I wish you the best of luck. If you are looking for work, go elsewhere"

Senior Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Two words - trust no one. Independent or experienced thought is not welcomed and management is ridiculous. People have jumped ship on a continuous basis."

Audio Recorder / Editor (Former Employee) says

"The work itself was actually involving, useful, and with just enough of a challenge to get me through the week. In addition, I was fortunate enough to get free tickets to many theatrical performances, and mostly enjoyed working with actors. The workplace and the manager, however, made what might have been engaging work overly stressful. I would not want to repeat that experience, although it did get me work and led to a nicer job in downtown D.C. Cons: stressful"

Training Media Development Specialist (Former Employee) says

"run-down, depressing workplace, with harried managers. The job was nice, though, and I met a lot of professional actors. It was a contract job, and a steppingstone for a better workplace. Cons: ugly workplace"

Financial Management Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Management needs to change way of thinking. Culture is very 70's, work/life balance is non-existent. Upward mobility hard to come by. Stagnant unless you belong to a click"

Administrative Clerk -GS (Former Employee) says

"Federal Government has great job security. The pay was great at the time. The work flexibility was good as well. Good Job advancement potential."

Accountant (Current Employee) says

"The agency is ok, but they could offer better opportunities like promotions and training in and out of your area of interests. Management could be a lot better. Also, I feel that management does look out for their staff like they should."

Library Technician/Material Handler (Current Employee) says

"Working at the library of congress can be a great experience! I've learned so much over the years about the importance and the expense of a book that io wouldve never known mean so much. My co-workers get me through the day their like my morning coffee and jus awakens me soon as I come to work. Out of All my years of working here I think management can improve and handle a project alot more better. This job is very easy there's absolutely nothing hard about this job at all. The most enjoyable thing is learning something new as you read through these books and enjoying my co-workers as we work as team players!"


"Performing original cataloging 8 hours a day can be exhausting, I cataloged English language materials for 15 years. I did work with different projects which took me away from the day in day out of cataloging. Not having much contact with people was difficult for me because I am a people person."


"I have been working at United States Congress Cons: Very difficult to find jobs for my level of education (masters)."

Former Employee - Legislative Counsel says

"I worked at United States Congress full-time for more than a year Cons: Ineffective and disorganized. Also uninformed."


"I worked at United States Congress Cons: Long hours, little pay"

Congressional Intern says

"I worked at United States Congress Cons: Collins is generally unaware of interns, met him once over the semester duration of interning. Unpaid and work was monotonous for most interns required to sort newspapers in order to see where Collins was mentioned."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at United States Congress full-time Cons: Very low pay and superficial environment"

Current Employee - Legislative Assistant says

"I have been working at United States Congress full-time for more than 5 years Cons: There were many components of the job that were frustrating and boring and didn't help me with career growth in any way."


"I have been working at United States Congress Cons: Dr. Bucshon is a poor fundraiser which makes him a constant target for primary and election opposition. He is also satisfied to be the wall-flower in most serious policy actions. His office staff are poorly managed and inexperienced."

Former Employee - Internship says

"I worked at United States Congress full-time for less than a year Cons: Tedious, can be boring, no room for growth"

Current Employee - Press Assistant says

"I have been working at United States Congress full-time for more than a year Cons: Long Hours that bleed into the night and weekends"


"I have been working at United States Congress Cons: Whether you have a chance to progress from intern to Staff Assistant / LC entirely depends on who you work for. Some offices facilitate growth and learning, while others do not."

cat says

"It feels like a bunch of old people who don\'t care about their country at all??? Also voting is rigged and they have too long of terms or none at all. WTF is that???"