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Condé Nast is a global mass media company founded in 1909 by Condé Montrose Nast, and owned by Advance Publications. Its headquarters are located at One World Trade Center in New York and The Adelphi building in London.

A customer mentioned, "Condé Nast is boring and full of ads. Not what I thought it would be. Waste of money. Cancelled it."


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Freelance Fashion Closet Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This is a minimum wage, hourly position. This job literally consists of taking pictures of clothes and putting them into garment bags. It’s not “fashion” and there’s no room to move up. It’s logistical sample trafficking. The closet manager is abusive and downright nasty, I’ve never had a more awful boss. I understand wanting to work in the fashion industry and wanting to become an editor, but this job will not get you there."

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked for them for one year in the Corporate Sales Advertising department assisting Advertising Directors for Multiple Titles. I found the culture to be verbally abusive, over worked, and paid very little for the volume of work I was expected to complete.Cool events and free beauty productsVerbally Abusive Environment by Managers"

Senior Receptionst ∙ Administrative Aide (Former Employee) says

"Great company to work for. Never bored always busy with either helping other co-workers or covering while others go out to lunch or bathroom breaks.Holiday lunches or great beauty salesHealth care a plus and benefits fabulous."

Senior Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Everyday is a great experience. Always learning new skills.Management very helpful when needed"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Bad work/life balance. Constant restructuring. High turnover rate. The corporate side top management does not know what their own employees do which causes decisions to be made without consideration of their team's day to day.fancy building, exciting in nature due to the talentno transparency, no room for growth"

Executive Assistant to the President and CEO (Former Employee) says

"Not paid enough to even consider staying, management thinks you should be happy because its CN...hella snacks because you are so busy you can't always leave or getting paid enough to do lunch in the first place"

Fashion Closet Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Worked in the returns closet for a few months. Great example of workplace bullying. Management was constantly threatening to fire employees. Would not recommend the job to anyone."

Digital Sales Planner (Former Employee) says

"I was able to gain extensive knowledge through working with multiple brands."

Strategist (Former Employee) says

"The worst place I've ever worked at. Horrible culture, cut-throat, deceiving managers, everyone talks behind each other's back, and talentless people ge promoted due to their relationships with the managers/ directors. If you have talent, apply to other companies where your effort will be appreciated."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"They don't do any cost of living adjustments. Company is constantly churning people and changing structure, . Work in a great building thats about it."

Mailroom Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Mail room clerk delivery of personal mail and packaged mail. Also sending outgoing mail and packaged mail. Clean work area Greeting people also setting up meeting area for clients and Coworkers..Good areaBad Management"

Product Manager Publicidad Digital (Former Employee) says

"La dirección de la parte de digital por parte de la Dirección General no está nada clara. El ambiente no es malo pero puede ser mejorable.Seguro médico y situación de la oficinaSistemas y seguridad informática obsoleta"

Head of Production Branded Content - Hired staff (Current Employee) says

"Conde is constantly re-orging. I survived 7 re-orgs in my 2.5 years at the company and it's bonkers every time. They are bad at change management and typically just drop massive company wide shifts on you with no heads up. It's at the point where people stop taking it seriously."

Billing Analyst II, Revenue Support Services (Former Employee) says

"We completed numerous functions at any given time. We were cross trained on many things that would allow for us to jump in and assist at any given time. The best thing was we had flexible work days and get holidays."

Sales & Marketing (Current Employee) says

"Fast paced media company transitioning from legacy print to web, social, video and data. Preach work life balance but difficult to accomplish due to the culture."

Comptable (Current Employee) says

"30 mn de mon domicile et indépendante dans mon postemagazines gratuitspas d'avantage"

Analista Contable (Former Employee) says

"tuve una jefa que era una obsesiva con el trabajo, ella se ponia a trabajar a las 6pm, ya cuando terminaba la jornada laboral, fumaba demasiado, era muy descuidada en su aspecto personal, y muy mala onda, nos dejaba salir a las 3 o 4 de la mañana, la pero jefa que he tenidovales de despensa y ayuda para gasolina, pero yo no tenia autoestar en la oficina todo el dia, fuera cierrre o no"

Senior Software Engineer/Technical Lead (Current Employee) says

"Management changes almost entirely every six months. Every new manager wants to bring in his/her own people to build new teams and there is no effort to integrate existing developers who have been performing well, into new career path. advancement depends on who you know and work for"

Advertising Operations (Former Employee) says

"In the beginning my time at conde nast was a great time i was welcomed with open arms but that quickly changed within the first year, Conde Nast pays employees well and good benefits, But going into Conde Nast expect to hit the ground running! they don't give you anytime to develop and if you don't catch on in a few months time they will prepare to fire you, there system is very difficult to learn, and they only give you a few months to master it .So if hired by Conde Nast you should treat it as a contract to hire environment, the managers pick a lot of favorites, Communication is very bad with the managers , and if the managers have a problem with your work performance they will go to the directors first behind your back instead of talking to you face to face to fix it before. Horrible organization you really don't know who does what are what your responsible for, so if you do a certain amount of work no one really keeps track of it but if one mistake happens its all on you. While i was here they fired the head of the department just because, The directors only speak to you if your in trouble or make a mistake my old job i had weekly or bi weekly meetings with my directors so certain issues never took place. If your in trouble or struggling with something they will book a lot of different meetings making it seem that they want you to do better but there already planning your exit within a week,if there is a problem or you make a mistake this is a company that will fire you before giving you a opportunity to correct that mistake so please be careful!!Salary, BenefitsBad Communication with you superiors, Horrible job security"

Styling intern (Former Employee) says

"Shadowing Vogue India fashion editor and GQ India fashion stylists, providing help in all areas such as sample returns from shoots, managing call in’s of samples from designers in preparation to shoot ensuring all in on time and correct samples sent. Research for future shoots, researching for certain trends, garments, looks etc."

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