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Command Companies is among the country’s largest privately held printers. Our size gives us the capacity to meet all of your print, digital and packaging needs. But it’s our capabilities that really set us apart. We have invested in the equipment, systems, software and subject matter expertise to deliver unparalleled value to our clients. And our financial strength allows us to be nimble and to invest as necessary to respond to market trends and client opportunities.

A current employee mentioned, "Command has short breaks, it smells funny and it's really loud."


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Construction Worker (Current Employee) says

"i did not like the job or the staff members that worked there they were not organized and communicating with each other, there was not enough work there Cons: not a good enough pay and no good jobs"

Staffing Specialist/Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"The Odessa branch manager yells at ftms using profanity and degrading words. Also his employees. I'd not recommend this place to anyone seeking a career!"

Warehouse Assistant (Former Employee) says

"fun place to work at, keeps you busy all day loading and unloading containers..nice people to work with ,management was very cool.."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Command Center has a great purpose. However, upper management does not communicate, they lie, and do not treat people the same, i.e. pay is not equal (base salaries) an idiot with no education but has his own set of golf clubs swinging gets you a corporate credit card and higher base pay. Cons: Unhealthy corporate culture... no job security"

Temporay worker (Current Employee) says

"Not very manny hours each week. Work places were not close to where I live, I could not depend on them to find employment. The jobs didn't match my skills. Not very much communication. There were no benefits. I never knew what days or what hours they would ask me to work. People at jobsites did not keep promises"

Flagger/Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyable environment regardless of the weather. Being able to bring a smile to even the most irate of drivers forced to wait while workers do their jobs. Cons: Management playing favorites"

Painter Helper (Former Employee) says

"A normal day as a painter/painter helper. I learned how to operate a paint/sandblast gun. Management was okay. My co-workers were hard workers. The hardest part of the job was the rain outs. The most enjoyable part of the job was traveling. Cons: health issues"

Warehouse/ Office Associate (Current Employee) says

"I worked part-time in the warehouse, lifting and moving boxes that weigh from 15-50 pounds. I would also locate boxes within the warehouse or even pull boxes out of the warehouse for destruction. In the warehouse I also worked with filing, where we would pull certain files out of the boxes for clients or even put the files back where they belong. The warehouse part of the job was physically exerting. The other time I was there I worked in the office, where I would work with work orders and billing customers. I would audit all of the boxes coming into the warehouse and enter the boxes information into our database. After these boxes were entered into our system, I would then find an open location in the warehouse where these boxes are able to be stored. I worked 40 hour work week, and have been there for a year. The management team is exceptional, they care about each and every associate, and make sure your needs are being cared for. Cons: No air condition/ heating. Heavy lifting, exhausting work. No holidays"

Courier Driver (Former Employee) says

"Command Services is a business that has a revolving door of employees. During my time employed with them, I've seen a little over 15 people come and go. Cons: Workplace harassment is high. Management bullies employees into duties, and hours they had never signed up to do."

air con tech (Former Employee) says

"co-workers were alright. learnt lot of new stuff. learning new things in a very short time."

Driver, Loader (Current Employee) says

"You worked off hors sometimes. Pay IS okay. Compensation for travel. No overtime.Work is consistent sometimes.U.A. test are required.week-ends off.No vacation Time. Cons: No healthcare"

Overnight Stocker (Former Employee) says

"Working at the Command Center was great!! You get paid daily and get a chance to build your skill set. I only wish that they offered more temp to hire jobs. Great workplace!!"

Senior electronics technician (Current Employee) says

"The coal mining industry is dying due to EPA restrictions and the abundance of natural gas from Marcellus shale. Our mining customers are slow to approve repairs and slow to pay for them when approved. As a result the company has a cash flow problem and has had to cut expenses. I love the work but do not see a future with the company that would last until my retirement."

Driver Helper (Seasonal) says

"I will drive cars to be bided for and then take the cars back if not wanted. The lot is about 5 or more acers. They have more than forty people that do the same thing I do and some that will manage the battery if the cars don't start. He or she will have to jump start the cars and make sure gas is in all cars that will be bided on."

On Call Worker (Former Employee) says

"I have learned that hard work pays off and getting along with coworkers is very important."

Roofing (Former Employee) says

"Work was pretty long. I learned alot about roofing. The management was pretty good as well as my coworkers. Hardest part was going home. The most enjoyable part was"

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"I took calls when repairs were needed. It required that I traveled to various sites. Cons: no training"

janitor/laborer (Former Employee) says

"They were an alright company they just didn't have enough work. I would've stayed but I had to support my family so I had to leave the company."

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