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Columbia University (also known as Columbia, and officially as Columbia University in the City of New York) is a private Ivy League research university in New York City. Established in 1754 on the grounds of Trinity Church in Manhattan, Columbia is the oldest institution of higher education in New York and the fifth-oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. It is one of nine colonial colleges founded prior to the Declaration of Independence, seven of which belong to the Ivy League.

A student mentioned, "Words can't describe the amount of vitriol students have for Columbia athletics. Personally, I find it tasteless; as much as Columbia students like to express their tolerance for all walks of life, they're unrelentingly critical of those who find a passion in sports."


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Anthony says

"Columbia told me a supervisor would call 2 days ago, still waiting. This goes to show you the arrogance and disloyalty of a large company to it’s customers. Don’t you think they would at least call me to solve the problem, NO not Columbia, its about money and lies. I’m going to ask for my jacket back, so I can wear it to Bass Pro and Cabellas. I wear it as is, torn and frayed, it looks like hell. I also wear a big sign saying DON’T BUY FROM COLUMBIA, THEY LIE ABOUT THEIR WARRANTY. I have attracted many hunters who listen to me and has stoped buying Columbia products. I will post again tomorrow."

Queen says

"Ordered a wallet for my brother. Empty box arrived. The post office had stamped "recieved with out content" on it. They said they had to deliver it anyway. However, for the last 2 weeks I've tried every way possible to reach Columbia sports wear with no success. All call wait times say more than 30 minutes EVERYTIME I call. And no one ever answers. And I tried the email from my order and it doesn't accept incoming emails. I get a return message like it isn't a working email. It's like they don't want you to reach them. So pretty much they took our money and ripped us off. Horrible. Will never order from them again."

Cathal says

"I bought a pair of Thermarator gloves which cost about €25 naively thinking that Columbia was a top thermal technology company. Had I paid €5 for these, I'd have said to myself 'that's what you get for buying cheap gloves'! It was a windy day and as soon as I put them on I could feel the wind whishing through. Within 10 minutes my fingertips were freezing. This was an absolute waste of money and I will never buy from them again. I contacted them immediately through their website and heard nothing back - NO SURPRISE"

Stacey says

"I have to pay for the return label, what?"

Valentina Sadikova says

"I wish I read all these reviews before ordering from Never received my order and the customer service did absolutely nothing to resolve this. The worst!!! The quality of clothes is not that good anymore, but if ordering Columbia online, would order from other websites and never again directly from"

Tyler B says

"A bit disappointed with Columbia. I placed my order back on 12/18/20. Since then the arrival date has changed more than 5 times. First it was supposed to arrive right after Christmas, then it was right after New Years Day, then on January 8th, then on January 11th, and now on January 15th. I contacted Columbia via their chat function in the beginning of January and they told me to contact them if I didn't receive my order by the 8th. I waited and nothing came, so I chatted them again. They then said that they'd open an investigation with USPS and that the process could take 10 business days to get an answer. I asked if there could be another product sent to replace the one I haven't received yet and I was told to call Columbia. I called them and they just told me that the investigation was still pending and that I'd have to wait until that is resolved to get my product. So I'm looking at waiting 4-5 weeks to actually receive an order that I originally placed on December 18th. I don't understand how this is an acceptable way to resolve a problem. Very disappointed and this will definitely deter me from ordering from Columbia again in the future, which is unfortunate as I like what they sell."

Dominic says

"Done with Columbia. I bought 2 nice jackets and both constantly get fabric stuck in the pocket zippers. Never had this much of a issue with other brands. Seems simple to me, tighten up the inner liner fabric so it not so loose."

Blake Klosa says

"Horrible! Ordered 2 pairs of pants in the same color, however, received 2 different colors. Called customer service several times, each time I was between customer #85 - 113. Waited several hours until disconnected. Sent Instant Message and was told to call Columbia Warranty. After waiting for close to another hour, warranty dept said I needed customer care dept. when I told the lady that I had been trying to call them all morning and that I had been told to call her dept, she just hung up on me. I called customer care dept, AGAIN, and waited about an hour after being customer #83. Once I spoke with someone, I was told they were out of the color I ordered and would not let me chose another color since prices had changed from the time I ordered to the time I had received. HORRIBLE"

Tai Mills says

"I would rate a negative 0 if I could! The customer service is worthless. They're only there to answer the phone to tell you what they cant do which is nothing! My coat that was 200$ shipped to the wrong address and they can't cancel or change the address? I find this website ridiculous and I will NEVER EVER use it again. Im truly disappointed and disgusted. I should've read the reviews first...Horrible."

Ali Coskun says

"Ordered a fleece for our loved one in blue colour, and the product came in a terrible purple colour. Contacted the customer care, they said, "we will give you a discount code and you can re-order the same product. The problem will not occur again". Did that and the product came in the same colour again. Now I am calling the customer care and it says "it is holidays". Shortly, the service is terrible. Deliveries come all the way from France. It takes too long and their management is bad. DO NOT SHOP from their websites."

Ann says

"Initial experience was fine, afterwards not so good. I got my items on time. Their coupon and reward system on the other hand is awful. They lost my interest when my next order was cancelled and I lost all use of any promotion coupons and e-card rewards. Won't be giving them anymore of my money. Not going to wait for their phone service as it continually says the'll pick up in 23 or 22 minutes. Doesn't sound like they answer their phones even. The chat feature tells you to call. Not a happy customer!!! Beware of misleading offers that don't work if your order gets cancelled. You won't be able to use them again. Learned my lesson and can't say that I would recommend this website to make purchases from."

n fd says

"Ordered 80 dollars worth of clothing on December 5th. Supposedly shipped Dec 10. No information regarding delivery!! 90 minute wait on the phone. Won't refund money. NEVER AGAIN"

Michelle Tropea Bremser says

"We placed a $100 order for my daughter for Christmas on DECEMBER 4th, still paid shipping and have yet to receive it almost 4 weeks later. It has been sitting at USPS with NO UPDATE since 12/18. What I am most angry about is my husband was on the phone with Columbia for 2+ hours this morning (including speaking to a manager) to get a refund and they will NOT refund him till after 1/4/21. So they make us wait A MONTH before they will even begin the process of a refund. My husband just got off a 13 hour overnight shift in the ER during this pandemic and should not have to deal with this type of treatment from Columbia! We are a family of 6 with over a dozen Columbia coats in our closet and we will NEVER support this company with our purchases ever again!!!"

Patty Ramirez says

"Customer service is the most useless service I have EVER EVER EVER tried working with! I will never order nor deal with them again!"

Veaceslav Baciu says

"To bad I can not give Columbia sportswear - 0.0000*1 star rating. This company could not care less if orders that were placed online are delivered or not. I ordered an winter jacket on 12/05 , today is 12/24 and nothing. According to Columbia sportswear customer service: " it will arrive in couple a days or maybe next week ". We had a snow storm a few days ago and today it's raining . I hope Columbia /USPS will deliver my winter jacket before summer ..."

Sergey Koshelkov says

"Wish I read all these reviews before ordering. Order placed two weeks ago with delivery before Christmas. Delayed, delayed... Now estimated for Dec.31. Buy somewhere else."

Allison says

"Ordered Nov. 25. Christmas eve, a month later, still no order. It has never left the warehouse. But on the website it says if you order by Dec. 12th you get it before Christmas. No way to get in touch with anyone. I'm sure that is on purpose. They would have a better reputation to have just been honest and refund money for orders not shipped on time."

Tim LaFleur says

"I bought Sorel boots full price a day before they went on sale and Columbia wouldn't credit the difference. They continue to send me sale promos so I can be reminded every day that they're an awful company."

Trevor Beer says

"Only because I can’t give zero. Interesting company policy of taking your money and than never shipping the items you order. And than do zero dark thirty when you want a refund."

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