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The American Enka Company was an American company that was the nation's largest rayon fiber manufacturer. Founded in 1928, its research division developed such things as Tyrex (for the tire cord market), improved rayon and nylon, and by-products for detergent makers and paper mills. It helped bolster the economies of Western North Carolina, West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, Eastern Tennessee, Northern Georgia and Northern Alabama during the Great Depression and thereafter; its founding in 1928 by Dutch capital led the way for German, Swiss, and British investments in the American South, and it was one of the companies on the original Fortune 500 list.

A former fleecing operator mentioned, "Colbond was a very fast paced and hectic place to work from time to time I learned a lot about my job as well as myself. The hours were long and with Colbond work came first and family unfortunately had to come second there is not much room for advancement at Colbond. Most people were pleasant enough to work with but then again you were with your work family more then actual family when working 12 and 18 hr."


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