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Griffon Corporation is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in New York City. The company conducts its operations through five subsidiaries: The AMES Companies, ClosetMaid, Clopay Building Products, CornellCookson, and Telephonics Corporation. Griffon has been publicly traded since 1961 and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as a component stock of the S&P SmallCap 600, S&P Composite 1500, and Russell 2000 indices.

Randi of Buffalo, NY infuriately wrote in a review "These clips simply do NOT work and ClosetMaid refuses to stand behind its merchandise. The design is extremely poor. An inordinate amount of strength is needed to get the clips onto the shelves and then they pop out. Additionally, if you can get the clips on the shelf, there is just enough space for the clips to fit into the spaces between the wires with no wiggle room of even an 1/18th of an inch to play. I have had contact with the company through a phone conversation and via email. During the first contact, I had to educate the representatives about what and how the products were supposed to be used. During the second contact I got apologies and nothing else. I have tried every suggestion made, both from the commentators on the product and company representatives. My lifestyle changed and I planned to install 15 simple shelves as opposed to the installation of different configurations which I easily did years ago. I am on my 4th attempt to rectify this problem as I have no other choice, but honestly, I am out of ideas. I have no more money to invest in this failed project (approximately $400), I am tired of living out of boxes (well over a month), re-purchasing more hardware, re-plastering/re-painting, dealing with a company that doesn’t care about its consumers, etc. At this point, I have a bag full of used clips and shelving with the rubberized covering ripped off because, these clips do NOT fit. This has been a frustrating and extremely inconvenient experience with no apparent resolution. The bottom line is that the clips do NOT work and the company does NOT stand behind its product."