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Chubb Limited, incorporated in Zurich, Switzerland, is the parent company of Chubb, a global provider of insurance products covering property and casualty, accident and health, reinsurance, and life insurance and the largest publicly traded property and casualty company in the world. Chubb operates in 54 countries and territories and in the Lloyd's insurance market in London.

Kathleen angrily mentioned, "My husband was hit by one of their clients in a parking lot. We had a police report and insurance information. Submitted the claim to Chubb and they denied it saying their client denies being there. Awful company. We noted we had the police report and estimate and were still told they have to believe their client and they refuse to pay. Needless to say we will be speaking to a lawyer."


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Current Employee - Claims Examiner says

"Yesterday, the co shared that they would like us to RTO in 2 weeks. This messaging is totally different from what the messaging has been since COVID. I love Chubb, but it seem tone deaf that in a middle of a global pandemic with no therapeutics, no vaccine, schools closed or not operating at normal to tell employees you have until 9/14 to get back in. If you need dependent care find it! What a wonderful message to people who may already be struggling as a single parent and trying to balance distance learning, work and running a home. Nowadays, one just doesn’t “find dependent care”, after school programs are not operating, day cares are limited and neighbors/ friends are social distancing. I am utterly disgusted"

Former Employee - Underwriter says

"Where to start about this company and my employment experience here.. I entered this role with many years underwriting experience and was absolutely shocked and disappointed in the mismanagement and disarray of the underwriting centre. The manager was a young woman who just outlived other employees (no doubt wasn’t able to get employment elsewhere due to “people skills” There was no solid underwriting guidelines, the team as a whole were very undertrained and put under intense time pressures. Sales staff regularly undermine the underwriting team and there is little to no relationship with brokers as a result The pay is low in comparison to the rest of the insurance industry and there is little to nil possibility progression through the company"

Former Employee - Underwriter says

"Managers not suited to roles, poor remuneration and nil work life balance despite them having a policy. The nuc is really bad with high turnover and excessive work volume. It is a sink or swim environment. Ineffective managers who would stab you in the back to make themselves look good. Definitely not the place to go, its just not worth it. The list of cons could go on and on."

Current Employee - Claims Adjuster says

"If you want a mental breakdown this is the place to go"

Former Employee - Analyst says

"Micromanagent. If you take more than 2hrs break then you are gone case. If there is no work and you are idle for 30mins that's wrong , you should keep begging for work though the other teams don't respond. They will wait for a chance to question you and irritate you. There are no learnings here, they only teach you process follow those button and click it. People here are frogs in well with no proper knowledge. Finally, before you join please learn how to handle mental pressure and getting criticised from your manager."

Former Employee - Underwriter says

"“Good 401K contribution” is a lie. When the budget cuts come, Chubb coerces MOUNTAINS of employees to quit within 6 months before their 2 year 401K vesting cliff. Chubb gets almost all the money back."

Former Employee - Department Manager says

"unfortunately, its a black company. worked in chubb japan office in the insurance division and suffered bullying by japanese bullies who brought in their wonderful workplace bullying culture from their previous japanese employers such as mitsui. these people would meet secretly behind colleagues backs, plot bad things to get rid of people who were different and make up fake complaints according to their distorted imaginations. This was a government recognized bullying tactic workplace bullying tactic! Lots of Discrimination! they were two faced, practice double speak and pretend to be nice and plotting to get rid of you who were different from them. the manager in this sick group would then lied to the senior management. this make working there a living hell! everything was kept hush, hush by all and the senior management would protect his own behind rather than do his job to protect his hardworking staff!"

Former Employee - Senior Underwriter says

"Horrible boss allowed to do whatever she wants to her employees with"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This company is awful! It was great when it was the true Chubb. After Ace bought them...everything changed. Management doesn’t care about their employees. You’re completely overworked and there’s zero work life balance. They had us doing late shifts, weekend shifts, holidays, and 24/7 shifts overnight. They will give you 1 day of pto for working your normal shift and then being on call for 7 days straight for escalations and trust get the calls and a lot of them! And you have no choice. You can volunteer so you don’t get put on a day that you have plans or pto because they don’t care and will tell you to get your shift covered. Management is inconsistent and incompetent. You have so much on your desk that it’s impossible to do everything. Plus nothings in writing so you go based off of what they told you to do but then say the never told you to do that. Trust me on this...stay away from this company! It’s not worth your mental health!!!"

Current Employee - Claims Examiner says

"The most incompetent management I have ever dealt with. They will send out a company wide email saying one thing, send another email a few minutes later and then the next day saying a third completely different thing. They have no idea what they are doing, and all they care about is making their year end review look good so they can get the best bonus possible. This leads to people in management creating unnecessary changes that only make your job harder just so they could say they did something. There is not near enough adjusters working here. Everyone is drowning in tasks and our managers response is to ask us to stay later or come in early to work. Keep in mind this isnt just one or two adjusters struggling. Its the entire department. I think right now there are about 12-13 of us here. 4 of us are planning to leave very soon and another 5-6 are taking interviews elsewhere. No one wants to work for this company. Dont be fooled by the Chubb name. This is an inferior company named ACE with a Chubb sticker over the dumpster fire that is this company."

Auto Examiner (Former Employee) says

"The management is always adding new expectations on the staff, While the staff is already over worked. Most people work numerous hours past their shift, but since it is salary are not paid for over time. Coworkers are encouraged to report on other coworkers when they make a mistake. The management team has favorites and if you are not one of them you will be treated like you are disposable. Some of the managers act like they are untouchable because of their tenure, and can be as abusive as they want to their employees. Even though the department has lost so many people that they won’t replace.Salary, Vacation timeBenefits, Management, Toxic Environment"

Claim Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Its high school. Especially in the operations department. Management has no clue of what they are doing and leaves you to sink or swim. If you show that you know more than management, then you are targeted. They ignore you and will talk behind your back. There is a "queen bee" manager and she fosters this toxic environment and even talks about her peers. The AVP says nothing and allows her to walk all over him. Its sad really. This company has the potential to be great but they are so antiquated and refuse to appreciate fresh talent as well as innovative ideas. Save yourself the headache unless you like playing high school games with adults."

Complaints Handler (Former Employee) says

"The management is young and inexperienced. They are all blonde Barbie dolls who have absolutely no idea what to do. You may not work independently without having your work checked for over and over again. A company where you really don't want to work."

Underwriting Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Awful management. Terrible management, horrible management, no structure, no one really knows what’s going on. Did I mention terrible leadership after the merge company went down hill employees paid poorly."

IT Soporte Aplicaciones LATAM (Former Employee) says

"los empleados externos no son valorados solo son un número más y un robot que hay que exprimir para sacar toda la ventaja posible, hacen promesas falsas con tal de retener al empleado... no importa que éstos son personas humanas y tienen vida afuera, los jefes son prepotentes y ponen encima los intereses (no saben decir NO) Y aun en temas que están fuera de un alcance del área sacrificando los tiempos ya programados y las tareas asignadas, y muchas veces sacrifican los tiempos del empleado, ocasionando que este trabaje fuera de horario y gratis... Los lideres en el área de IT Soporte de Aplicaciones Mexico / LATAM no son los adecuados, hasta que cambien de mentalidad, seguirán teniendo una elevada rotación de empleados externos, como hasta hoy..."

Personal Line Associate Underwriter (Former Employee) says

"Chubb was bought out a few years ago from ACE insurance, since then the company went down. It became a stressful environment and high turnover rate.You can work from home.Micro managing, too much work, not enough employees."

Underwriter Customer Services (Former Employee) says

"terrible place now. not enough actual underwriters (thats the people who actually get the business in and look after the existing books) Too many mid and upper level flag waving (wonder what you do all day) positions while the grunts do all the work and take none of the glory or the none of bonuses that elude lower ranking staff. Its all excessive workload "by stealth" and management still expect you to be on your game sticking to agreed SLAs. There is pressure "at busy times" then there is pressure non-stop every hour of every day to the point where its become grossly excessive and draining. No controls in place over the volume of work per underwriter so the phones will ring all day and the emails just keep piling up, systems constantly drop out leaving you even further behind. You are human not a robot and if you value your mental health look elsewhere for a job and ignore those flowery ads you see with sickly piano music playing in the background as they wheel out pre-prepared members of the team to waffle on about how great chubb is to work for. Believe it if you want to. Just avoid of leavingeverything"

claim adjuster (Current Employee) says

"It is a claims sweatshop. It is impossible to get work done in normal business hours. You will be working over 50 hours a week. Upper management is completely unrealistic and clueless on how to run this company. They just keep piling things on each week. You have to do 3 months CAT duty and will be hassled to volunteer the rest of the year! There is absolutely no work/life balance and management just does not seem to care. You are just a number that is replaceable. There are no specific job descriptions and as you go along they will spring all kinds of different expectations and requirements on you, which you are expected to complete within your "regular" work week, when you already do not have enough time to get the work done (e.g., spent 40 + hrs to get licensed, fingerprinted etc, on your own time.). Senior Management meetings are done often, but a complete waste of time, as none of the suggestions are ever taken into consideration. Colleagues' morale is extremely low and most would leave if an opportunity arises. Bonuses and raises are unfairly based on numbers which are impossible to achieve due to extremely high claims volume. They are setting you up for failure which is not only unethical but also unhealthy as you will feel stressed out all the time. Why a company would treat their employees this way is beyond my understanding (but it speaks volumes)nonework/life balance, morale, salary, Cat, benefits"

underwriting (Former Employee) says

"unsozialer und ungerechtfertigter Druck gegenüber Mitarbeitern, Inkompetenz der Führungskräfte teilweisebetriebliche AltersversorgungZusatzleistungen wurden gestrichen"

Respond Officer (Former Employee) says

"Joining the company on the first day was a sad moment as i was left out to do things independently and without any guides or help from fellow peers or management. We were only told to do and we must do it no matter what situation we are facing even if safety is compromise."

Aviation Claims Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"I took voluntary redundancy as I was desperate to leave after nearly 10 years of working there. My first five years I enjoyed working at the company but in recent years, the management has greatly altered and the place has a horrible feel about it since the recent merger from ACE - Chubb."

Bottle Washer (Former Employee) says

"Prior to the M&A by Ace, Chubb was a great place to work. It wasn't perfect but people had an opportunity to grow and thrive. The toughest part of joining Chubb was getting into the culture and becoming part of the family. There was a family, outsiders just needed to grow into it. After Chubb was acquired by Ace the great noble and humble leader of Chubb stated that the Chubb was "Ace in Chubb clothing." He was honest about that. Ace culture is essentially a corporate infection. There was a time in medicine in that people felt that infections were healthy. Let us say that this concept applies to the business of Chubb today. Ace believes that infection is healthy and they seek to rub dirt on open wounds. There is only one real employee of Chubb and it is clear that everyone else is a commodity which is highly disposable. As with any company there are good and bad leaders. If one is lucky enough to have a good leader at Chubb, they would find some protection. This protection isn't long lasting as any good leadership will eventually be sought out and removed. No one can be smarter than the master."

Sr. Programmer Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Awful place to work as a developer after the merger with Ace Insurance. They replaced too many experienced staff with temp consultants so all the subject matter expertise is missing creating a huge roadblock to getting anything done.salarytoo many to list"

Seniot Programm/Analyst (Former Employee) says

"This company no longer exists. It was purchased by another insurance company. The culture changed the last few years of my employment at Chubb and it just didn't have the quality workmanship for which it was known."

Agribusiness Underwriter (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Chubb Agribusiness and I have to say it was the worst experience I have ever had. I was the first associate they hired through a company wide program and boy they were unprepared. There was no instruction given at all and most of my days were filled reading books instead of on the job learning. There were some days I had no instruction despite asking multiple times. Overall the management is extremely poor. The office manager plays favorites and is not afraid to let you know. The AVP of Underwriting is completely incapable for doing his job and when push comes to shove is rude, manipulative and overall just a poor leader.Nice builingPoor management, no structure, lack of leadership"

Underwriting Associate (Former Employee) says

"Unorthodox. Innapropriate. Mismanaged. Just an all around horrible place to work. The worst job (Underwriting Associate) I have ever had in my life.NoneEverything"


"Very low. Poor management. Colleagues are excellent. Only one Manager - Greenberg."

Underwriting (Current Employee) says

"If you are not blond and white, please do not expect to get anything out of this company.. They will not hire you to do anything than giving you more work than you can handle. STAY AWAY!!!! In the end, you will have more personal issues than professional..."

Claims Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"3 people quit in one week. That should tell you something. The Chubb that once was is no longer. There are too many other places hiring to waste you hours working here. Every single person feels the same way.NoneToo many to list. If you respect yourself and careabout your mental heath, look elsewhere"

IT Soporte Aplicaciones / Chepevera (Former Employee) says

"El entorno laboral suele ser estresante y muchas ocasiones los lideres del area te dejan solo ante temas de importancia alta en la que incluso tu tienes que sacar adelante, no se te apoya, al contrario se te pide que te quedes hasta que lo soluciones, sin compensar los tiempos o incluso hacerlos perdedizos, deberian revisar esta empresa el estres laboral por que a los empleados de outsourcing suelen cargarles la mano , de lo contrario suelen amenazarte sin mas, que se "acabo el contrato" CERO ESTABILIDAD. En mi trayecto vi como sacaban a varios compañeros solo por los suyos... algo de pésimo gusto.."

OneRoyallyPissedOffCustomer says

"Just when one thinks it impossible for an insurance company to suck more than State Farm, along comes Chubb to make it possible. The underwriters mirror management, highly incompetent and highly lazy. I\'ve never had so many problems with an insurance company in my entire life and I haven\'t even had need to make a claim yet. I would go lower than one star but that was the lowest option available."

Elina Khisamutdinova says

"What an unprofessional company! I send my phone to fix a screen, it was scratched. What happened next? Well, they fixed the screen but broke my speaker. So I can't call anymore. How is it possible? No idea... When I sent it back to fix what they screwed up, they came up with an idea that I have to pay for the repair myself because there was a scratch on the screen which came up after they broke my phone. The worst part is how rude and unprofessional employees are on the phone. Short story: the worst experience I've ever had."

Lóránt Tóth says

"Payed 15€ for insurance and when I broke my display they took away and promised a phone instead within 24h. After 3 days I got an old phone and after a week they send back my phone and charge me 95€!!! Without any warning...🙄"

Vasili Sviridov says

"So, as a part of my ticket with aeromexico I purchased chubb insurance :/ As flight was cancelled, tried contacting them emails, phone calls , any type of messaging and no response :/ Very disappointed, stay away as far as possible. ARIMX0062055797"

Catherine says

"On site staff are courteous and honest. But a Chubb billing error left my small charity with a balance that I offered to pay off in installments...they rejected my offer and instantly threatened legal action. We haven't missed a payment in 20 years but their error suddenly turns us into criminals."

Sue Martin says

"Chubb are expensive, I expected that as they are a 'name' in the industry and felt they'd be worth the extra as it would be reflected in the quality of the service. This is not the case. The contract I signed for maintenance of my extinguishers and fire alarm turns out not to include any maintenance at all. What it amounts to is that they send a report highlighting all the ways your system fails to comply with British Standards and frighten the life out of you as it has scary red wording all over it telling you it may invalidate your insurance. This is accompanied by a very expensive quote to rectify these 'inadequacies'. I was so alarmed I asked my insurance company to come out and do their own assessment [which, incidentally, they did FOC] and commissioned a completely new fire risk assessment. Neither of these experts agreed with Chubbs recommendations. Told Chubb I felt contract mis-sold, unhelpful etc but they don't care. Have better things to do with my time than argue the toss with them so have simply paid their exorbitant rate and will never again allow them access to my property I have decided instead to take out a contract with a local company so paying twice for the same time period but would rather that than have to deal with these people."

Jon Pratten says

"Spoke to their Monitoring Team last night to get an alarm system reset remotely. Apparently being rude to customers, generally unhelpful and leaving our admin team in a building for a couple of hours without help is what Chubb Fire and Security are about. The people who remotely monitor the systems and resolve issues remotely are very poorly trained, both technically and how to communicate. I'd avoid like the plague"

Haval Jelal says

"The service and customer care is very poor. After paying them for many years when I left the service, the alarm keep setting off because it’s no longer monitored and they refused to stop it. During service when we were on holiday the alarm was setting off and they refuse to at least switch it off remotely and asking us to go back home to check it!!! So everyone knew the house empty!! Good security system alerting all criminals the house empty...."

Ali Onder says

"Worst company ever to deal with. Liars & robbers. Avoid at all costs."

Gill Joyce says

"I have been a customer of Westcountry security Chubb security for over 30 years. I have no issues with the maintenance of my system, I can not say the same for the billing staff. Last Saturday due to an issue with their system they charged me twice for the same thing. I have spent all week trying to get a refund of £240. I was told on Tuesday I would have the refund on Wednesday, yesterday they told me I would get a refund on Thursday, today they told me the money had been refunded, (it has not). The operator phoned back to say she "thinks" the money is with HSBC. I do not even bank with HSBC. I have been shouted at by a male customer service guy, I have had the phone slammed down on me and I have been lied to. I have made a formal complaint which has not been acknowledged. Think our happy relationship is about to end!!"

Lynn Juska says

"Terrible service. Engineers to be fair were pleasant but the Company as a whole were terrible to deal with & very misleading. It Started when I had an intermittent fault with my 5yr old Chubb alarm. I thought the £150 for the service was expensive but as the alarm was a CHuBB ALARM I thought they would know what they were doing & were reputable. How wrong could I be!!! To cut a long story short....They never actually sorted the problem out successfully & despite saying that I would not be charged if they had to be called out to a related problem they started sending me demand letters. I eventually got to speak to a manager who said that he would cancel the contract with no further charges & that the only answer was to buy a new alarm but that it would probably only last 5 yrs. I decided against that. I continued to receive invoices & every time I rang I was told to ignore them as the contract was in process of being terminated. I rang several times & sent emails but then was told I not only had to pay the £12.50 monthly direct debits & callout charge of £228 but I also had to pay £200 late admin charge = £469.98 NOW BEING THREATENED WITH COURT PROCEEDINGS, BAILIFFS ETC & I still have a completely knackered Alarm!!!"

Dariusz says

"I purchase Travel insurance through that company via WizzAir. Its the worst experience that I face. WizzAir move my flight and contacting anybody at Chubb were almost not possible. When after a week of trying, finally got it changed, but apart from changing only the date they mess with whole policy changing insured person compared to main policy. Trying to contact them were not possible again. They operate travelinsurance (at) email to contact them that is not even monitored and nobody is responding on that. I will never ever purchase Travel Insurance that will be offered via Chubb!"

Diana Charalambous says

"I finally got a quote from Daniel at Chubb Security who said that he worked for this company for 17 years. He sent me a quote through and when I agreed the costs with him, he sent me the contract to sign and the figures on the contract were much more than the quote he sent me. At no time did he put that the figures were plus VAT and all figures were much more than what was agreed. When I questioned him about this, he was not apologetic, he just made excuses and was very rude. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY OR DEAL WITH THIS MAN!"

deb deb says

"Ongoing problems with them, from direct debits that make no sense so have to call them up to enquiry what thy are doing and no one seems to know. Chopping and changing of installation dates, extortionate maintenance prices. Don't use them!"

Richard Drury says

"We suffered a power cut more than a week ago, and our non-monitored Chubb alarm would not reboot. The Karizma control unit still shows ‘init’ on its screen, which means that we need an engineer code to be able to reset it. Our pleas to Chubb to obtain that code are totally ignored. We have now raised this on Twitter, but no-one from Chubb gives a toss. We now have a £1,000 alarm system installed in 1998 and monitored/ serviced at an average cost of £500 pa for the last 15 years. As we are retired, we discontinued monitoring a while back. Because of this, it's now useless. 15 years' loyalty wins you no support from Chubb. This firm couldn't care less. WE WILL NOT REST UNTIL THIS IS DEALT WITH !"

Martin SoftSoap says

"Do not sign a contract with these people. They are expensive, lazy and dishonest. I had issues with the service, but they simply refused to talk to me, I phoned, I emailed, no response. So I stopped paying, that got their attention, "yes we'll look into it", so I paid up..........nothing. So I withheld the payment the following year, and the next two years, still no one would address my concerns, it simply wasn't in their remit. I spent four years simply trying to get someone to speak to me, and all I got was the accounts department.......incredible! Chubb have now cancelled the contract and are taking me to court for non payment, and they still haven't quite got round to speaking to me, or even acknowledging me. They amaze me."

Bryan Timmins says

"We installed a very expensive Chubb alarm with monitoring and security cameras in a large rural property several years ago. It worked but most of the wiring was surface mounted and quite ugly. The key pad was small and not as good as the older unit it replaced. The buttons stuck a fair bit and the main control unit was very big . The picture quality was barely usable in good light conditions and hopeless at night despite infrared. My ex soon cancelled the contract. The installation team were very good and after sales support responded when we had issues with false alarms but the system never felt reliable compared to the Westminster one it replaced. That gave 20 years reliable service . I'm now looking seriously at a verisure wireless package. They're getting quite a few complaints from @20% of customers mainly about poor customer support. This seems high but I'm hoping they'll improve based on the customer team replies to trust pilot reports. Few other security installers seem to bother responding to feedback. Chubb are rated as poor by most but better than ADT having read their reviews."

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