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Cocohana (ココハナ) is a Japanese josei manga magazine published by Shueisha since May 28, 1994. Originally the magazine's name was Chorus, but it changed to Cocohana with the January 2012 issue. Cocohana is published monthly on the 28th.

A sad reader writes " The magazine contains contents which are sexually motivated. This bleaches the moral standard of children. The level of morally which would be lessened would have an adverse effect on the future leaders. It would also promote sexually related crimes like rape, abortion, incest amongst others."

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Simone Cameron says "Don't fall ill when working for this mob. They refused to help in any way. I became so ill I had to take time off. They threatened compulsory redundancy. But in the end I took voluntary redundancy. No sympathy or help from this so called Christian organisation."

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