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The Swiss Franc is the currency and legal tender for Switzerland and Liechtenstein. CHF is the shorthand code for the currency; of which the 'CH' stands for 'Confoederatio Helvetica' and the 'F' stands for 'Franc'. Switzerland is consistently listed as one of the richest countries around the globe, with some of the highest GDP-per-capita statistics in the world. Switzerland is also considered to be one of the oldest countries, tracing the roots of the Swiss Confederation to the year 1291.

Something to consider before investing in this currency on, "The Swiss Franc has declined for four consecutive days against the U.S. dollar, dropping around 4.05 percent since Tuesday last week. On Monday last week, the Swiss National bank intervened in the foreign exchange market, lifting its interventions to a three-year high, as an attempt to control the value of the Swiss Franc, which is seen as a safe haven by the investors during turbulent times, and to offset financial losses. Total sight deposits increased from 598.548 to 602.992 billion Swiss francs, the biggest increase since March 2017 and exceeding the 2.3 billion Swiss francs the bank spent in 2018."


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Former Employee - Marketing says

"I worked at CHF Industries full-time for more than a year Cons: -HR plays favorites and will not work to fix ANY misconduct -Raises and promotions are nonexistent -Teammates are always willing to throw each other under the bus to save themselves -Very high turnover -Few benefits -Available technology is decades behind"

Designer says

"I worked at CHF Industries for more than a year Cons: This place chews people up and spits them out. Tons of people came and left while I was there, some quit and some were fired. They also gain and lose private label brands just as quickly. So if you are hired to work on one brand you can't count on that. Toxic environment due to design managers squabbling and fighting over junior staff. Everyone throws each other under the bus. No sense of community or teamwork exists here. If you decide to work here watch your back and don't do it long term."

Former Freelancer - Anonymous Freelancer says

"I worked at CHF Industries for less than a year Cons: Not a good place to grow. Minimum growth opportunity in terms of responsibility and pay. They often say 3 months of freelance and then they will consider you for full time employment. Many freelances worked for 2+ years without receiving a review or being considered for full time employment."

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