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Chamilia, LLC retails interchangeable jewelry products. The Company offers bracelets, earrings, locks, necklaces, watches, silverware, and precious stones. Chamilia serves customers worldwide. Effective January 27, 2020, Chamilia will no longer be operating an e-commerce site in the United States.

Nicole mentioned, "The stones fall out! Chamilia Swarovski charms are too expensive to be so cheap!"


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Returns Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"My typical day at work is do this and that. i multi-task all day jungling with my position, ispection, Disney and Zale. I've learned to be in control of my desicions and trust that others can do the job you're doing. i have learned to manage my time and train others to do what i do in a matter of time. i love my co-workers! they are great to me. We all get along so well. the hardest part of my job is trying to do everything in one day and finish all the duties i'm assigned to in one day because everything is always a rush to get out to the customer. the most enjoyable part of my job is that i dont get to do only one job but that i am trusted enough to get to explore many moer things to this company.flexiblehealth benefits, raises, supervisor disagreements"

QA Inspector (Current Employee) says

"Inspected incoming jewlery.I learned how important inspection is because I saw some product people returned.Management wold always be helping out. (Not secluded in office)Working in a non air conditioned warehouse.Most enjoyable was being able to wear test the lunches, discounts on, low wages"

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Great work environment, truly a family & team-based environment. There were no petty rivalries or disputes, we all worked together to get things done. LOVE the Midwest work ethic we put into each day to make sure we all got to go home to our families each day/night/weekend."

Sr. Account Excecutive (Former Employee) says

"Productive and fun place to work, difficult to see jobs relocated to Rhode Island. Great co-workers, dedicated and passionate about what they do."

member of Swarovski (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed the challenges of the job and worked with a good team of people. Liked working with the staff and learned a lot. Liked the flexible work scheduleGreat company benefitsTight budgets"


"All of the charms iv had and paid good money for the stones fall out and then they are ruined. Hm samual replaced one bracelet that it happened to but then refused to replace any of the charms..... they said it should be chamilia held accountable and unfortunately they don’t care. Waste of money"

Krystal Ferguson says

"I ordered two face masks almost two weeks ago. Never moved from Slidell LA. Wrote the person and they told me they would refund me the money for only one. I wrote back and said I want both or my money back. Just got another message saying they refunded me the money. Still have yet to receive it and no masks. SCAM ASS COMPANY"

Janet Renaud says

"I have had the same problem as many of Chamilia's other customers. Absolutely terrible to non-existent customer service, no email reply, no valid telephone number to call. My problem was with a bracelet I bought for my daughter a few years ago. I purchased a charm for every significant day, birthday, Christmas, more recently mother's day etc., which resulted in near to £1000 worth of charms. The clasp on the bracelet would no longer close and I was advised it could not be repaired and I would have to purchase a new bracelet. I could not understand why it was irreparable and was not given an explanation for this. A charm bracelet is a life long bracelet in my mind, each charm representing something special. However, I was told nothing they could do, no goodwill gestures, no help, no empathy for being a good and loyal customer, the response was' tough',' it was out of guarantee' (which it was) and they had no interest or responsibility to a customer of several years and for the bracelet to be irreparable was also a shock. This is not a piece of jewellery which was worn every day, my daughter is a nurse so not practical, but to be enjoyed on special occasions, so did not have a huge amount of wear. I am disgusted and disappointed with the ethics of this company and will continue to take them to task and shame them world wide and advise anyone contemplating purchasing from them, not to."

Sarah says

"Absolute disgrace costumer services is non existent wrote an email nearly a week ago as my order still says processing still haven’t heard a thing they just don’t answer and they don’t even have a phone number will not be using again"