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Cerelac is a brand of instant cereal made by Nestlé. The cereal is promoted for infants 6 months and older as a supplement to breast milk when it is no longer the sole item in an infant's diet. Cerelac is not a substitute for breast milk and it is advised to continue breastfeeding or infant formula along with Cerelac.

Joelle shares her upsetting experience on productreview.com.au, "I gave my baby Cerelac for the first time when he was 8 months old. He ate half of it and then carried on as usual. However, later he woke from his nap in a pool of vomit! He vomited 5 more times after this... he couldn't keep any food or breastmilk down. 2 weeks later I tried to mix a little bit of it with his Weet-Bix to see if he would have a reaction as I wasn't 100% sure that it was the cereal which had caused his first illness. It was, however; he vomited again! His reaction was a lot milder as he had a lot less but he barely ate any of his lunch and then spewed it back up. I then breastfed him and he spat half of it back up. Wouldnt recommend!"


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promotor (Former Employee) says

"No dan solución y los compañeros te hacen la vida imposible no saben trabajar en equipo no tienen visión"

Operario de Producción (Former Employee) says

"últimos meses, no hay fumigaciones a pesar de que hay contratados contagiados de Covid-19, y alguno que otro ocsiso, a la empresa solo le interesa producir y no perder y no su genteNi idea deTodo"

Prepweigher (Current Employee) says

"Didn't like working there they tried to make work your life and forget about your outside life so leaving to find another job was the best thing for me.NothingShort breaks and my money was'nt matching my hour's worked."

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"Terrible place with a bad internal culture. Union and Managments are doing a terrible job. Favouritism and harassment to the employees is a show for them. This needs to go public. People needs to know that this is a terrible place that harass and discriminate the good employees.NoneSo many cons that i will need a book"

Vendedor a detalle (Former Employee) says

"Muy déspotas todos los que laboran ahí desde ase mucho tiempo"

Sales account manager (Former Employee) says

"Nestlé decided that our division was no longer a viable asset to their company in November 2019 our division was closed nationwide. Loss of jobs loss of pride"

Operador mecânico (Former Employee) says

"Sorvete de péssima qualidade e avaliação e processos duvidosos. Setor de qualidade e quase q forçados a fzr vista grossa!!!"

Operador de cámara (Former Employee) says

"La gente que trabaja ahí no tiene relaciones humanas, mal educados, deshonestos y envidiosos y la calificación es máximo de 1Ofrecieron al tercer mes contrato indefinidoTrabajan cansados y de mal humor"

Manufacturing Technician (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work!! Poor management and communication, the company doesn’t care about its workers because you can be easily replaced. The pay is good at $20 but I would rather make $15 and be happy and be able to have a life outside of work! Also you are a temp and not guaranteed to be hired on...they fire anyone at anytime no matter how long you have been there"

Packaging Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"I waited 14 yrs to get on days. After i got the bid .only to be on days 3 mo. I got bmped bck to nights. Managmnt is poor and they jerk u around like your life does not matterisbadPay is ok . and good co workers .You have to live there alot. No bonuses paid out ."

promotora de autoservicio (Former Employee) says

"Estresante sin gratificación hacia tu trabajo, sin valoracion hacia tu esfuerzo"

Ice Cream Maker (Current Employee) says

"Every new hire is at fault of any mistakes made on the line. Anyone with White Hat Is the Supervisor.Very Poor Supervision. Under staff Very Unorganized"

ayudante de operador (Former Employee) says

"Horrible jefatura muy injusta y las nuevas la tratan pesimoy si no sabes chupar el pico al jefe te despiden"

Just a promoter (Former Employee) says

"While I was working as a promoter for Nestle ( kitkat) in Malaysia, however whenever I promote to other promoters(competitors), the clients often think I'm slacking off and, in fact most of my selling point are from my friends and other promoter, I tried to tell the supervisor and client but they don't listen. Well whatever I quit being their promoter... Nvr working thr again"

medical field supervisor (Former Employee) says

"poor working environment, stressful and bad management Unfair treatment among team members No constructive feedback which enables personal growth and development"

Operations performance (Former Employee) says

"Just a big name! They don’t care about their employees at ALL! The managers will play little games to stop you from succeeding. They will do anything to keep you from growing in the company."

operador de empilhadeira (Current Employee) says

"A empresa esta com de escravizar os colaboradores forçando o trabalho nos finais de semana sem remuneração adequada uma vez que pressionam insistentemente a fazer hora extra e não pagam pois é tudo pro banco de horas. Estou envergonhado de fazer parte de uma empresa com esse comportamento."

Territory Executive (Former Employee) says

"I did not receive any amount of my training periods, what they actually promised me. I told it to my territory supervisor. He told me that I can't claim this."

Punching bag (Current Employee) says

"Poor management Treat people like idiots Constant state of confusion Managers can’t make single solid decision in a week Overtime is ridiculous forced to come in and then sent home Leadership works against each other on a daily basis"

Sore manager (Former Employee) says

"Owners suck, they don't know how to run the store but expect you to do it and to do it all by yourself. They are tight on money and ego make you work by yourself to do everything even on busy evenings. They suck"