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PostNL (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈpɔst ɛnˌɛl]) formerly TNT NV is a mail, parcel and e-commerce corporation with operations in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. It provides universal delivery in the Netherlands, and is publicly listed at Euronext Amsterdam.

A former employee said this in a review at Indeed website: "The work is very independent, with a lot of responsibility. Yet the salary is low. You have to solve everything yourself, PostNL often does not give at home. Planning is worthless, they arrange everything at the last minute or not at all. You constantly have to set your limits and even then they prefer to go over them".


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Trudi Roach says

"I booked accommodation to go to Amsterdam at the end of May. Couldn't leave the country due to national lockdown, and the accommodation refused to give a refund or transfer the booking to another date. I completed a dispute refund request through my credit card company and the hotel threatened me with legal action. After this, I contacted Booking.com who informed me that they'd only asked their partners to provide refunds to customers in Italy. Therefore, any bookings in any other country in Europe wasn't protected. I left a comment on their Facebook page about their shambolic practices and that they didn't protect customers who'd booked in other countries. Their response was that was 'my opinion' and not fact. Unbelievable, considering one of their customer support staff told me that. I'm never going to use booking.com again."

gavin ross says

"Shower of Sh??e, do not use this company under any circumstances, they take money from credit cards with out aurthorisation, the hotels are poor and again will not be governed, we arrived at a hotel a day early, the dates were incorrect, they refused us a room that day but charged us for the original date the following day, avoid avoid avoid avoid"

Mr Kirk Mcmurdo says

"My sister-in-law got us a 25th anniversary present to a hotel and we had to cancel we got a email saying it was cancelled but another hotel which we didn't book we never heard of took the money and booking.com or the other hotel is not taking any responsibility so this is shocking it has made us so mad we will never book way booking .com again"

Saurabh Jain says

"It works fine if you don't have a problem. If there is a problem, it is almost impossible to reach someone and booking.com claims they have no leverage over the accommodations that lists on their portal. I then realised it's a platform for hotels to list the rooms but booking.com can't really deal with any issues. I deleted my account. absolutely wouldn't recommend this booking portal."