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Catster is for cat parents who use their time and money to please the creatures who run their households. Now a print magazine as well as a daily web magazine.

A disappointed customer shared this on Amazon "I got Catster magazine for my daughter for Christmas and she was sorely disappointed as at least half of the content is ads. She is only 9 and would be quite easily amused by funny cat images only, but this magazine is lacking even in such easily produced content. I'm pretty sure it would be even more of a disappointment for adults".


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Elizabeth says

"I had a very unpleasant experience with this service. I had booked one of their sitters several times, Paola's Purring Cat Care in Brooklyn NY. Last year we had an incident at my home with this sitter, whereas something was stolen while she was there. We also had proof she repeatedly unplugged our Google Home device whilst in our apartment. We tried to reconcile the issue by booking a different sitter and Paola began stalking us, writing to us incessantly, saying she was watching our personal social media accounts and demanding to know why we no longer retained her services. This went on for some time. We ultimately contacted Meowtel directly to report this issue and the subsequent harassment by Paola, and they initially apologized and wisely removed her from the service. However, it’s come to our attention now that they simply reinstated her and are allowing her to be in people’s homes still. It’s very unsettling and completely betrays their company assurance that they have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for harassment of their customers. Meowtel should be avoided unless they exercise better oversight with their sitters and take greater responsibility for those they are facilitating being in others’ homes. These are people’s homes they are gambling with."

Iluv kats says

"My friend was a highly rated sitter for Meowtel for over a year. She had a concern about her safety with entering a client's home. Meowtel immediately dropped her as a sitter without considering her concerns and summarily deleted her account. This was the second time that she alerted the owner, Sonya, of a safety concern. It is profoundly negligent and irresponsible for Meowtel to ignore sitters' safety concerns. Response to Meowtel: I am not Lucia or Perla and do not know anyone by these names. My review is honest and is based on my experience with Meowtel. It is compliant with the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission."

Carol says

"The sitter was horrible. She left the all the bags of scooped litter untied and open in the kitchen trash can. 5 days of urine and poop literally saturated my entire house. Why wouldn't you tie up the bags??!! The litter box was a mess the house was a mess and she cooked in my kitchen. Which is just weird..... we aren't friends.... you don't live here why the heck are you cooking in my kitchen. And seriously wipe the stove down at least when your done! Makes me wonder what else they did."

Nancy says

"Sitters are not thoroughly investigated and leaves me wondering who the sitters are. Will not be using the service."