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Cathcart (Scots: Kithcart, Scottish Gaelic: Coille Chart) is an area of Glasgow between Battlefield, Mount Florida, King's Park, Muirend and Newlands. The White Cart Water flows through Cathcart, downstream from Linn Park. In 2014, it was rated one of the most attractive postcode areas to live in Scotland.


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Maintenance Manager (Former Employee) says

"Micro-managed company. Don’t care about the employees at all. Managers are promoted monthly to run something different and then lets their property fail Cons: Definitely"

Office (Former Employee) says

"HR is terrible and its reflected in all sectors."

Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"Upper management poorly manages staff by not being consistent in decisions and showing favoritism over skills. Upper management staff had high turnover either by choice or position dissolved. The curious thing is that the dissolved position would show up on Indeed a month or so later to be filled."