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Cataract was a Swiss metalcore band, signed to Metal Blade Records. The band formed in 1998 and disbanded in 2013.

A disappointed fan shares his album review of With Triumph Comes Loss by Cataract on, "But don't get too strung out. It only remains this way until 'Reborn From Fire', when "Cataract" starts belting out the blast beats and fast as hell guitar riffs with nightmarishly angry vocals to match. It stays this way until the last song, 'With Triumph Comes Loss'. This one clocks in around several minutes and is the slowest track compared to the rest...and unfortunately possibly the worst. While it's pounding like mad, the song is rather strung along and repetitive about two minutes in."


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Mr Rohit Kumar Kapoor says

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Mrs Gay Humphreys says

"unfortunately the administrative side of things with regards to follow up and aftercare is sadly lacking, so however the surgery has gone is not followed up on. I have had some problems which are still ongoing and if anything is to be resolved I have to instigate it and drive it."

MC says

"My prescription was not as it should have been for after care and the operation has now made me much more short sighted than it should have done. The staff are all very friendly and the clinic is good. Be sure you really want to risk the sight you have before you have surgery."