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The Jones Cash Store was a mail order catalog business established by Portland, Oregon, entrepreneur Henry J. Ottenheimer in 1882, and is a building listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Before moving to a larger, more prominent location, the Jones Cash Store operated out of a building at 80 and 82 Front Street in the downtown area of Portland. As popularity of the mail order catalog


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Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"The experience i had working here was very unpleasant from day one. They expect you to stretch yourself thin when your only one person. They do not work with you when it comes to your personal life issues. You work a 6 day work schedule where your there all day there is no way to take care of your personal business. They are very contradictory and all over the place. Cons: Too far, 6 day work schedule, pay"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"This job is the worse job Ive ever worked for they have no steady job procure they charge things every month I wouldn't recommend this to any body the cheat the customers"

Financial customer service representative (Former Employee) says

"For the time I worked there it was good.. But the business closed because they where operating without a proper license. It was a money grab and people would fall for it. Cons: buisness closed"

Financial customer service representative (Former Employee) says

"horrible company to work for over all, have nothing good to say about them and their management"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"most customers are good to work with, management though has serious issues. They will show up, observe, and leave with no feedback positive or negative, leaving employees wondering when their job will be over (most are over in 6-8 months). They audit until they find the smallest details overlooked so that they can write it up as ammo to terminate. they claim that there are bonuses, but the targets are always out of reach, don't want employees to talk with each other Cons: hours, no benefits"

Assistant manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked at the cash store in Layton for 2 months. Everything was fine at first, however there was a lot to learn in just one week. In my 2 months of working there I was moved to a different store to cover alone after I just got trained. My co worker stabbed me in the back multiple times. I got treated very poorly. Everyone gossips about everyone there including my DM and RM. (also my RM was fired 2 weeks before me for being a liar and Not knowing how to do his job) I got accused of stealing money. And two weeks before I was fired my DM was being really short and rude to me. I drove all the way to work to get called into the back room where I was read a script about my termination and then I asked for the reason of my termination and i was refused a reason. Then I was told to leave the premises. I honestly hated working there. I felt like my morals where being lowered every day. No one took me seriously. It's just a shady company with shady people and I'm honestly ashamed that I worked there... If you still want to apply for this job I would recommend looking for other jobs while working there because that job is unreliable. Cons: Work 6 days a week, gossip, rudeness, shady people, etc..."

Branch Manager (Current Employee) says

"Working alone in an un safe environment, building strong relationships with customers, no future opportunities . I am Looking for long term opportunities"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"I informed them from day 1 what they would find on my background check, they waited 3 months to terminate me immediately with no warning because of my background. They lead customers and employees both to believe they care but they are extremely misleading, and money in their pocket is more important then actual customer relationships. Cons: Dishonest, misleading ethics"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"When you voice your opinion upper management wants to replace you, and they always bring you in at Cons: Health care"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The regional manager never does anything. The only time you will see him get off his fat a** is when the area manager shows up. Then he wants to act like he does his job. The pay is great but when your in the district manager position it was almost not worth it. If you work here I would stay at store level and not take the promotion because you won’t get the training or development you need. And they expect you to work almost 12 including drive time. They no longer pay for your time like when you were an assistant or store manager."

Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"The job itself is not hard, the only thing worth getting up and coming to work for is the pay and the customer’s. Management is terrible! I’ve been with the company for 4 years and I’ve seen so many people come and go! They hire new people who don’t know what they’re doing and they tell you how to do the job and it’s not right. I wouldn’t recommend this job to anyone! I’ve been having to walk on eggshells for 2 years because my job is threatened on a daily basis! This job is mentally exhausting! Forget asking for a day off. Management gets upset if you call in. I’m a store manager and have to work 47 hours a week. No lunch and no Saturday’s off! Cons: Micromanagement"

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Extreme micromanaging Cons: NO FLEXIBILITY. toxic work environment"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"It was decent to work and easy to conform with personal life, but company was difficult when loaning to customers, didn't agree so i left as we were overcharging customers more than the aloted amount for the provincial laws. so i chose to resign."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"As an organization I felt that the customer was a priority and I was decently compensated. Things started well I had lots of support and a great team. Cons: Job security, $400 a month in insurance premiums"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"You work 40 hours a week but you work 6 days. It seemed I was always at work and dreaded Saturdays. Management was always changing because they would fire people quite often. We were always wondering when it was our turn to be fired. The most enjoyable part about this job was the relationship you built with your customers. Cons: You can only work there about 1-2 years depending on business."

District Manager (Former Employee) says

"Loved my job within this company other than the management which was unprofessional and let personal opinions determine if people kept their job or not."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"The job itself wasn't bad but could get extremely boring when there wasn't anything to do for several hours at a time. I enjoyed my immediate coworkers, but felt that management needed improvement on the district level. The hardest part of the job was doing collections when customers would get upset about the amount that they owed. The most enjoyable part of the job was doing the clerical work when it came to organizing and updating files."

Will Gage says

"Don’t waste your time here unless you want to be talked like you are nothing, Some stupid low life from collections told my senior family member if she didn’t have money to pay them that she may want to start picking up cans in order to pay. Wait. What? FU!"

April Case says

"This store as far as Balch Springs & Seagoville goes the people who work there should be thrown out ! They think & act as if they are better than you & don't dare go in if its like 30 min to closing time ,God knows that they don't actually want to do their jobs,they try & make you jump through hoops & even when you are pre approved DONT BELIEVE IT, ITS A BIG FAT JOKE! EVEN WHEN YOU HAVE ALL OF YOUR DOCUMENTS AND EVERYTHING THEY NEED THEY STILL WANT TO ACT AS IF THEY ARE ABOVE YOU & YOU ARE WAY BENETH THEM!! WHOM EVER OWNS THIS CHAIN NEEDS TO DO A DEEP HOUSECLEANING & GET RID OF 95% OF THE IN STORE WORKERS! DONT GO THERE IT A BIG WAIST OF YOUR TIME!"

All lawn pro done says

"My experience with cash store is not a great one. During this covid 19 my d.l. a has expired on the month the world got shut down. During this outbreak and unsure times of not knowing if you will live or die and the bills that pile up! And no relief of any sort. The cash store will not accept an id that is expired. Now I understand if the whole planet wasn't going through a pandemic and you can just walk in and get your id renewed but you can't and bills are high with no sight of being done. What else is there if you can't get a loan to feed families or your own which ever. Thanks cash store for nothing it's on your head's when we die or commit suicide because an Id expectation that we can't help"

Sheila Johnson says

"when I went to make my payment I took with me the ADA and ACLU rules . I was still asked to leave was told I would be helped curb side. Then told no I have to call in. I later got a call from the district manager trying to justify their action. I will be glad when I can get this bill paid off and never return. not a good place for people with disabilities like bad breathing."