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Daniel Carvajal Ramos (Spanish pronunciation: [daˈnjel ˈdani kaɾβaˈxal ˈramos]; born 11 January 1992) is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a right back for Real Madrid and the Spain national team.

Daniel Carvajasl was acused of intentionally getting a yellow card, read about it in the following article posted on, "Real Madrid defender Daniel Carvajal faces an additional two-match suspension in the Champions League for deliberately receiving a yellow card in the match against APOEL of Nicosia on Tuesday. UEFA on Wednesday formally accused Carvajal of "intentionally receiving a yellow card." The UEFA disciplinary panel will decide the case on December 7. The body's rules say that a player who tries to receive a card, yellow or red, must be suspended for two games."


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Worker (Former Employee) says

"Overall the people I’ve met there have quit or haven’t been there long enough to experience much. Training on so many levels need improvement. So disorganized through and through. Cons: Management sucks"

Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"The resptionest was rude didn't listen to what I had to say. I only worked their for only 2 day the 3rd day I wasn't happy with staff. I had thought they were exciting to work for this company but didn't know that they were rude."