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CarPoint combines up-to-date, objective information on all major model lines sold in the United States, with links to one of the Internet’s leading online purchase-lease programs, Auto-By-Tel. The result is a Web site that saves users time, money and hassle when they buy a new car. CarPoint enables a user to search among more than 900 models based on criteria the user selects. The site also features innovative technology that makes the process of researching various car models more fun.

Carpoint has multiple car ads issues and takes no action when car descriptions are inaccurate, it's a waste of time for potential buyers, James McDhillon wrote a review at

"Reported multiple ads by private sellers who do not respond or describe their cars inaccurately but no action was taken by Carsales. It is such a waste of time and effort for serious buyers to drive about to find disappointment. Guess it's a tactic to push buyers to the dealership since that's where the meat's at."


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