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CareSource is a nonprofit that began as a managed health care plan serving Medicaid members in Ohio. Today, it provides public health care programs including Medicaid, Medicare, and Marketplace. The company is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. It is the largest Medicaid plan in Ohio and is second in the United States. Its tag line is Healthcare with Heart.

One of the former employees of Caresource commented, "This company will desert you based on age and title not performance. This company laid off 165 good people , simply to provide Bonuses to Executive leadership . Most leaders are not even available when needed. They never show up to work and provide minimal direction. A lot of meetings with no outcome. Tacky Company. Pays good, but backwards."

From a customer service standpoint, they are poor at best. Their associates are considerate but read from a script and are limited in what they can do to assist you. Good luck getting hold of a supervisor. It appears the associates are told to drop your call if you ask for a supervisor. In the off chance you do get a supervisor, they are rude and do not attempt to resolve your issue.


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Current Employee - Care Coordinator says

"We're glad you experienced the great culture we strive to bring to life at CareSource and we appreciate you sharing that you feel there is a lack of transparency. When new efficiencies allow us to better align with industry standards, we work hard to bring them to life with a people-first mindset. We're sorry that creates stress and disruption for you. We remain committed to serving members as mission-driven, healthcare with heart and will use your feedback to help us grow."

Former Employee - Case Manager says

"CareSource is consistently looking for the best ways to serve our members in all our markets. When new efficiencies allow us to better align with industry standards, we work hard to bring them to life with a people-first mindset. We’re sorry it didn’t feel that way to you and we appreciate the feedback. We remain committed to serving members as mission-driven, healthcare with heart and will use your feedback to help us grow."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"While negative reviews are never easy to hear we appreciate that you take the time to share. We agree our employees are at the heart of achieving our mission together every day. We're sorry you feel unsupported and will use your feedback here, on our employees surveys and via conversations with HR business partners to continue to build a company that is mission driven healthcare with heart."

Current Employee - Front Line says

"We're so sorry you don't feel treated with respect. We do appreciate the feedback that members of our staff feel depressed and without support. We will continue to work to provide the best experience for our employees and we encourage you to speak to your manager or HR partner. We do care and hope to ensure every employee knows they are supported and valued."

Community Health Worker (Former Employee) says

"Overall horrible company to work for- don’t do itThey have a serious lack of communication within the company and fire people without warning and of no fault of thier ownAbsolutely noneEverything"

Claims Specialist (Former Employee) says

"My experience with this company was terrible. The turnover rate is very high for entry positions as well as management ones. The work environment is like being on a hamster wheel that’s on fire, and the only people that I ever saw advance belonged to the LGBTQIA community or were black. Don’t get me wrong, love all my people, but caresource wants a reputation as being inclusive and in doing so they were very exclusive particularly towards people who are actually qualified.Decent pay until you land a better jobToo numerous to list, your ideas will get stolen by Upper management and then presented as their own during meetings"

Unemployed (Former Employee) says

"This company will desert you based on age and title not performance. This company laid off 165 good people , simply to provide Bonuses to Executive leadership . Most leaders are not even available when needed. They never show up to work and provide minimal direction. A lot of meetings with no outcome. Tacky Company. Pays good, but backwards"

Pharmacy Technician (Current Employee) says

"They hire in diversity but do not promote that way. They show favoritism to white people even if their work ethic is horrible compared to black candidates. The pharmacy department runs their employees ragged until everyone is just surviving on fumes."

Facilities Services\Assoc Distribution Processing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Management does not care about their employees. Especially the “higher” ups. As sling as they get paid the big bucks that’s what matters to them. People lie in you and you will get fired no matter how long you’ve been there."

Team Leader (Current Employee) says

"One of the most unproductive and on organized circumstances I’ve been in. I wish to seek an appointment where I can grow and actually have the opportunity of building myself as a good agent in as a good member of a team"

CSR III (Former Employee) says

"Don’t not apply for this company will be laid of it they don’t feel you are worthy of your position..... This company is full of it and I can’t wait to until this company fails in Ga...."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Very Poor management. One mistake it can cost you your job. No pay increase and very low morale. The do not care about their employees. Horrible place to work. I would not recommend this company. Favoritism and will not move up based off qualification but only by who you know."

Provider Database Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Nepotism is everywhere in the company. Promotions based on who you kiss up to, not given based on qualifications. Drama filled office with employees who are fake."

Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"Run the other way - your career will thank you. Management in the call center is horrible. Most decisions are based in emotion, random at best. Constantly making changes for the sake of making changes, however no positive results.decent paymanagement"

Medicare Advantage Outreach Representative (Former Employee) says

"They were not really wanting to sell Medicare Advantage Products to Seniors. They really only wanted the medicaid members (under 65). But they did not know how to service members or work with providers. They lost providers as soon as they got them and members too.hi tech equipementbad place to work"

Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"I loved the type of work it was more so the company and the way they treated their employees. They are very unorganized.noneeverything"

Patient Care Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Bullies and Liars, just stay away from this place. They will bully you for wanting days off. They will lie on you too!!! The CEO is a big fake and liar too!!"

Customer Care Advocate I (Current Employee) says

"CareSource grew too fast and overextended itself, which has hurt employees internally and caused issues with members and providers. Thus, the company is attempting damage control through rebranding and internal restructuring."

Customer Advocate I (Former Employee) says

"This place is extremely micromanaged and the unexperienced supervisors "team leaders" treat individuals like they are disposable if the individual does not worship the ground they walk on. They do no care for your home life and require you to do so much with so little pay. They expect you to never leave the phone to use the restroom or anything else for the matter. Not a positive place to work once orientation ends."

SarahCare Senior Care & Activities (Former Employee) says

"Busy work day loved the clients some of the employees are nice to work with. Management needs to be better organized. It stayed busy so it made the work day go by fasterclientseverything"

Health services (Former Employee) says

"after 90 day period ends you hit your head on the glass ceiling. They really sell you on potential for advancement to get you in the door, then reality sets in after your probationary period ends. Promotion is only possible if you are a skilled politician or take advantage of nepotism. Bullying management. Fear driven culture. Shiny happy CEO completely disconnected (or if not-is an excellent actress) as is just about anyone not working at Cleveland office. Peers are very unprofessional-pretty sure HR had x number of slots to fill to keep contract with the state. Horrendous waste-if taxpayers had an insiders views of the inner workings of this company they would probably torch HQ.Former co workers who left after burning outthe list is too long"

Provider Database Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Working at CareSource starts off very great. It all depends on what department you are working in and who are your managers.and if those managers have an issue with each other it causes problems for the employees under them. No one is ever on the same track . Say there is three managers and they are watched over by a director and he gives us rules only two of the 3 follow direction the other will say this how she wants it and if it doesn't get done right the way she wants it even though it is the right way for the directed you will get a correct actionWorking from homeTeam leads are highly disrespectful in PIM department"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Too much change going on and not enough buy-in from senior management. Seems that there are too many priorities and unreasonable expectations. Very very frustrating.BenefitsWork environment"

Case Manager (Current Employee) says

"The CEO ruined the place & management are puppets Lost their way; members; suffer; impossible job!; bad moral:e; borderline ethics; punitive; unstable"

clayton b says


Anne Wolf says

"I need to speak to someone ASAP to cancel an application that was submitted. I feel now that I was pressured into this policy without being fully told what was and what was not covered. I needed to know if I could get coverage for a possible new job that did not offer benefits. Now that I am not taking the job I have ‘hurt his numbers’ I am very upset with this process"

Angel Pedroza says

"The worst decision I ever made was to get a policy with this company. The original application and interview is nothing compared to the actual experience with them. I was told by the rep who sold me the policy this was the best and would cover almost everything, and it is all lies. They told me this would cover any ER visit but what they dont tell you is they dont cover a penny for the doctor that comes to see you in the ER room. What they dont tell you is that they wont pay the provider but send you a check for part of the bill and it is your responsibility to call, open the claim and fight for the "benefits". I can honestly say that every single experience, doctor visit and bill I have received it has turned into a problem because of this insurance company. If I can help at least 1 person to stay away from this company which it is just not truthful in the beginning process. I have probably paid the same amount in medical bills as my actual premium, I did the math and it is cheaper to just pay out of pocket for doctor visits, and I am still stuck with a $800 bill for the ER Doctor, they told me to fill out a special form which could take up to 40 days to see if they may be able to help me with it. Seriously, read all the negative reviews because if you pay attention to the 5 star reviews its about the reps not the company, the actual coverage is the worst in the industry."

RP says

"I would stay away from this company, we worked with ADAM HAYS out of Ft. Worth TX. He was very friendly and attentive when we first reached out to him, we filled out the application, had our phone interview. Adam told us we are both healthy and should have no problem getting accepted. Within a few weeks, I was accepted and were waiting on my wife to get accepted, 2 months went by and Adam told us approval should be soon. In the meantime, I was getting all my medical cards and contact documents from USHealth and was about to be charged the first months premium for just myself. Then as we got close to the first payment date, an automatic debit from my checking account, Adam would not return our calls or texts. I finally called the their customer care number and was told my wife was declined, no reason given, but I was approved and about to be charged the premium. I had to cancel the coverage so I would not be charged and call my bank to make sure they were blocked from charging me. Very bad customer service from ADAM HAYS, I would definitely stay away from him and feel this company has very bad business practices, seems like a scam."

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