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Carbonite, Inc. is an American company that offers an online backup service, available to Windows and macOS users. It backs up documents, e-mails, music, photos, and settings. It is named after carbonite, the fictional substance used to freeze Han Solo in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Carbonite was the first such service to offer unlimited backup space for a fixed price. Previously, all online backup services were priced by the gigabyte; many other vendors have since changed to an unlimited model. Carbonite offers two separate lines of products: Carbonite Home and Home Office for individuals, families, and one- or two-person businesses; and Carbonite Small Business for businesses with three or more computers.

Dustin shared in a review, "Carbonite wanted to increase our yearly cost by more than 50% with minimal account upgrades. Our account was set to renew automatically at this increased price with no warning. An account rep reached out to me a 6-8 weeks ahead of our renewal date but wouldn't respond until we were about 2 weeks out. At that time he informed me our price was going up. The strange thing was that under billing it still showed the price we had been paying for the past six years, and showed we would be charged the same amount again on our renewal date. If he hadn't mentioned it on the call they would have charged us the new price without informing us until we received the receipt. I really did not like that their system was showing one price but they planned to spring another on us.2


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Jitesh Kothari says

"Bad Customer Service Last year on November 15 I received email that my CC is expired and needed to update my CC for uninterrupted service. I went ahead and changed my CC. On November 18 of last year Carbonite charged to my both CC. I didn't notice until now when I sat down to do my taxes that they have charged me twice. On September 1 of this year I went on Carbonite website and initiated chat session. I checked box to email my chat transcript. I had chat with person name Harrison. My case # 0598067. I asked my over payment should be refunded. Harrison tried to convince me to leave my over payment as is and turned off my auto debit so won't get charged again. Since I was already charged twice last year, I don't trust them so I repeatedly asked for the refund. He wrote back someone from the refund department will contact me within 2 - 3 days. I have not received call and I also did not receive transcript in my email. Don't trust this compnay."

nothing really (Former Employee) says

"politics, politics, politics. no honesty. lots of unrealistic expectations. need to be friend with managers to have some piece. lots of cautioning and implying that you will be fired."

AJ Vega says

"I lost all of my data because of the crappy way Carbonite has their system setup. I switched my subscription to a new computer after my old one died. In the process, I expected it would "merge" the files from my old backup so I could keep them, along with backing up my new one. Turns out that's not the case. After 30 days it delete, permanently, my entire backup of files for my old computer. I lost all of my video and pictures of my family growing up. FOREVER. Do NOT use Carbonite! Their 30-day retention policy SUCKS and their process is not intuitive. This is truly depressing."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"No one cares about anyone here and the only advancement is available through rear kissing hard work means nothing to managers management from the top is broke and the waste only goes fo"

Carole Malan says

"I am extremely displeased with Carbonite customer service. I bought a new computer and tried to transfer my Carbonite account to the new computer. It didn't work, so I put in a customer support request but no one contacted me. After two days, I decided to "add" a new computer, thinking I could get a refund for the amount remaining on my old computer. WRONG! They wouldn't give me a refund for the time remaining on my old computer. So watch out people!!!"

Tech Support (Former Employee) says

"Management was terrible, training was laughable and promises were never kept. They have an extremely high turnover rate due to telling employees they will get benefits 3 months in, then take 6 additional months to give, harass employees that are good at their job because they look better then the team leads and refuse to help when their jobs require them to.NonEverything about them"

Eddie Chambers says

"Ive never written a review before, but if this will help someone not lose there mind or data... Our business comp died, we got a new comp, I went to our Carbonite account to download our data, and our most needed files hadnt been backed up for 3 months! What a joke! Mozy Pro was awesome but Carbonite will guarantee bitter regret."

Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"A typical shift as a representative estimated in handling roughly 30 to 50 phone calls. Managers were not very helpful to employees and spent more time sitting around cubicles joking around than doing actual work. The company will mislead employees about benefits and when you get hired they will tell you 90 days after being hired but then tell you it's 180 days. Company has a very strict attendance policy, and a very high turn-over rate. If you do become a full-time hire and need to schedule a day off you need to plan weeks in advance which is nearly impossible for certain situations and scheduling coordinators will hardly negotiate if you want to schedule a day off if it is less than two weeks in advance. The training the company will provide you with is very poor and will inadequately prepare you for working on the floor of the job. The information they provide you is almost indirectly the opposite of what floor managers will want you to do when you're handling calls with customers. The only saving grace of this job is the pay is decent. However, the level of stress involved and the unprofessional work ethic of management and other colleagues make this a very tough environment to work in.Decent Pay, company supplies free alcoholic beverages in break room to employeesawful management, low-quality training, and high stress environment"

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