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The company Captain John Derst operates 47 bakeries producing bread, buns, rolls, snack cakes, pastries, and tortillas. Flower Foods' products are sold regionally through a direct store delivery network that encompasses the East, South, Southwest, West, and the Northwest regions of the United States and are delivered nationwide to retailer's warehouses. It has made acquisitions of a number of bakeries and other food companies over the years, continuing through to the present day. As of February 2013, it had grown to be the "second-largest baking company in the United States.

An angry customer said this in a review: "I use to love Captain John Derst bread. It was always fresh but now the last 5 loafs I have bought were horrible. I will not be buying it anymore. Something has most definitely changed. Please find out what happened and go back to the way it was."


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Line cook (Former Employee) says

"The management at captain Ds seafood is horrible they can manage them selfs let alone a restaurant and they treat all their employees like dirt and it’s been that way since 2009. Do not get employed at the gallipolis Ohio location Cons: Too many to list"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Don’t recommend anyone working here ever. they treat staff like slaves. Don’t care about emergencies, don’t care about personal preferences don’t care about customers and they serve bad food to save money Cons: All bad"

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"Everyone one is unprofessional and loves drama. They do what they wanna do. Friends with everyone the ADs are horrible. Captain D’s could be a good company but it’s the people."

Guest Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Working at captain d's i experienced alot of complications as far as the Taxes being critical and. Looking into it its a very unformal work space not even recommend for 16-17 lol. People are rude and they throw all the trays and everyone stays cussing. Cons: No breaks. Irregular scheduels."

Shift Leader (Former Employee) says

"i have never worked for a fast food place like the one i a shift lead for the company i was never respected i worked hard for the company and lost alot because of the company....had four gms in and out lost good shift leads because they felt the way i felt and oh the ADs i barely call on and when i did because of a problem that should have been address i call didnt never get a call back its so much happen there i could go on i would never and i mean ever work for the company captain ds again and my vacation wasnt a pto ...and the gm never wanted to work her shift she was to busy running after a guy that worked there she kept so much going on there not even funny .they needed better managers even shift leads and dont get hit on the job and they know about it smh i could go on no breaks short staff even before covid 19 Cons: no breaks"

Guest Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Didn't like it at all... The management was very unprofessional. I asked for a transfer and they refused to give me one. I had to leave for sake of my mental health. Cons: Bad management, low pay"

Shift Leader (Former Employee) says

"Area director and director sucks worst company I've ever worked for don't appreciate their management team or their crew workers who just awful all together"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"dont work for this company they shady and disrespectful they stick there nose in your personal buisness and in things that have nothing to do with anything outside of work Cons: everything about them"

Shift Manager (Current Employee) says

"Management does not care about whether you have a family, you end up in the ER and they terminate you. Managers don't train instead they talk on their phone."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for a year never got a raise no help managers are rude no hours less pay no team work always short handed not clean no respect there crew rude. Food cold. Redip food they are not fair pay is very low Cons: N\a"

Cashier (Current Employee) says

"The store is run by racist, lying thieves. They showed favoritism to their family members who work there. Everybody messes around with each other. The general manager doesn’t know what he is doing and one of the assistants is a thief and she steals out of people’s registers. Cons: Full of liars and thieves"

Shift Leader (Former Employee) says

"I have worked for the company in the past for 6 Years,in the northport location as a supervisor came back 6 years later to help two hardworking mánager, no later than 5 months the coorporate terminated both mánager, for no cause, mangement there is horrible ,and to mention New hired employees and the people that work there is always complaining about the business Cons: Bad mangement, no raise or bonous, no required break, always short of employees, no teamwork"

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"Management lies and Scheme on crew members. Also there are cliques that get all the is just very messy. I don’t recommend at all."

Cook (Former Employee) says

"don't bother here...poor management, poor hours, poor pay and the place is a maze of lies. They treat you poorly until you quit…………………………....…………………………………………………….. Cons: management"

Guest Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Pay is minimum wage, but ur asked to work more than one position while only getting paid to work one!! Promises of raises that are never kept!! I wouldn’t let my dog work here!! Cons: Low pay for a lot of work!!"

Cashier/Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"Just bad overall.!!!! Bad managers, team, pay, an the company store is just plain out nasty.!!! Could have better pay also. Managers an assistant managers talk to works like they are dogs. Cons: A short break not long maybe 5-10 minutes"

Cook (Former Employee) says

"The turnover rate is high.. you're constantly picking up the slack.. the moral is low. And expectations are high..and miracles are expected. Be prepared to spend your life at work.."

Guest Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I worked at the captain Ds on Wesley Chapel and it so horrible the managers abuse there power and you don’t even get paid enough the staff there was unprofessional and rude I’m so happy I’m out of that environment"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"The job itself isn’t what’s bad, it’s management. My manager was very unprofessional and violated company contracts with distributors to save money. Was promised a review after two weeks of working to see if I met the criteria for a raise - which was stated to be likely to happen - and it kept getting pushed back. To top it all off, she threatened to withhold a large sum of money when I asked about amounts being taken from my checks. Do not recommend working here at all."

Restaurant General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Long hours poor management abusive upper-level management, they fired all of the good managers and kept the very bad abusive ones oh, a very poor company to work for stay away if you value your quality of life"

Former Freelancer - Content Writer says

"I worked at Captain Words for less than a year Cons: This is easily one of the worst jobs I have ever had, it's a borderline scam. First of all when I found the listing online it stated they were in Quebec, which would be in Canada. When I looked up some of the names, they are all overseas. The owner seem to be Israel. So nobody is actually in Quebec, this is very misleading off the bat. Next, this is not a writing job you might imagine it to be. If are looking to write interesting or creative articles you won't find it here. It's all Casino reviews, betting sites or other slot/casino game reviews. With most of these you have to spend considerable time on the website to find the needed information to even write the review. It's not unusual to spend 3-4 hours of your time on a single 1000 word article. This brings us to the next issue which is the pay. The pay is based on words and currently it's $8 per 1000 words. So if you spent 4 hours on a (roughly) 1000 word article that's basically $2 an hour. Yeah you read that right. This pay would not fly in any developed country. This is a slave labor wage. You are better off working a single hour a day at a local fast food joint. Some assignments were also extremely confusing or near impossible to complete. If you tell them you don't have knowledge on a certain topic their response is basically to just "do more research". Sorry, but I am not spending hours to research something when I will be paid only $8 or so in the end. This could actually work a lot more smoothly if they let you pick articles from a list of available ones or something like that. They even ask you what you are knowledgeable about in the application, but never give articles on those topics? The bottom line is Captain Words asks for far too much time commitment and gives very little in return. You are better off doing pretty much anything else."

Current Freelancer - Editor says

"I have been working at Captain Words for less than a year Cons: $10 an hour? Really? Don't expect a qualified person to accept a position."

Former Freelancer - Writer says

"I worked at Captain Words for less than a year Cons: From now on, my choices were translating porn or tricking people into online gaming via an article, like, what to do while waiting at the doctors, or heavy research on actual gaming options comparing them to online gaming. They require 3 neutral links per article, so the research work is insane. They do not coordinate well, as I got barked at a lot for unclear instructions, that doubled my workload. After two months not hearing from them, Sharon deleted my Trello Board meaning, I was fired. Despite my sending the final invoice ($90) twice, I did not get a response but blocked on FB. I understand it's hard to start out but my whole experience with them was being uncoordinated, unhelpful, stressful, and if they published your work, they don't use your name or provide you with the link. You simply cannot progress a writer with them."

Current Freelancer - Copywriter says

"I have been working at Captain Words for less than a year Cons: - Terrible pay, not even a cent per word for new writers - Sometimes there's so much work you can barely keep up, but sometimes you don't get any assignments for weeks on end - Can make aspiring writers hate their craft"

Former Freelancer - Content Writer says

"I worked at Captain Words for less than a year Cons: During the application/ interview process, the impression one gets is of a content writing firm that is looking for experienced writers to work on knowledgeable articles. Unfortunately, the articles assigned merely need keyword stuffing. So, don't apply if you are looking to improve as a writer or to start you career as one. This is perfect for someone who needs a stopgap arrangement on a temporary basis. The pay is definitely well below par even for keyword stuffing assignments! Project managers take their own time in replying to queries."

Former Employee - Content Writer says

"I worked at Captain Words part-time for less than a year Cons: Very bad at recruiting, very unprofessional staff, rude. Asking for private information, no boundaries. Ghosted you if you give your own opinion. Beware working for them. If I could give less star I would give."

Former Freelancer - Freelance Writer says

"I worked at Captain Words for less than a year Cons: The other review stating how disorganized and unprofessional this company is is completely accurate. The pay is indeed roughly 8% of what it should be for the work that is required. Writers are expected to heavily research each article, write the article (typically 1500-2500 words), pass it through 4 different editing checks (what do the in-house editors actually do?), insert a ridiculous amount of links (sometimes up to 40 links in a 1500-word article), insert various bits of HTML code, and format according to the required specifications... for $0.013 a word. Information is also withheld during the application process, which is extremely unethical. It is not mentioned to applicants that this is ghostwriting work and I only discovered this when I tried to find my articles to add links to my portfolio. It is also not mentioned that this work is essentially clickbait writing. In the instructions document, it is also stated that they "care less about plagiarism and more about what Google sees" - which should have been a red flag about the integrity of this company. The high turnover of writers and frequent job vacancy ads leads to the belief that this company simply hires writers for as long as they can last before finding out the truth about things, and then they drop them and hire new ones. There were almost 100 new writers beginning around the same time as me. Although I was assigned my first few articles fairly quickly, it then appeared that I'd simply been forgotten. After 2 weeks, my assignment thread was closed and it stated that I'd left, which I had not - I was awaiting another assignment but it never arrived. I saw multiple message threads where people asked for feedback several times, with no response. Completely disorganized, unethical, unprofessional, dishonest, and utterly lacking in integrity. I would STRONGLY advise writers to stay far away from this company as it will be a waste of your try to go through what everyone seems to experience with them. I am genuinely surprised that they believe it is alright to operate this way."

Former Freelancer - Content Writer says

"I worked at Captain Words for less than a year Cons: Pathetic pay @ $8 / 1000 words. They have you ghost write click bait articles with an unnessary amount of links in them. You have to research,write,edit and format lengthy articles for little to no pay. They insist on paying on Paypal and then you still have to pay service fees. They also communicate on facebook which is often delayed and obviously unprofessional."

Former Freelancer - Content Writer says

"I worked at Captain Words for less than a year Cons: Pay is 8% of scale. Jobs are often confusing or even impossible to accomplish."

Current Employee - Greek Translator says

"I have been working at Captain Words part-time for less than a year Cons: Low payments for high expectations. You don't have a contract. I made more than 5 translation for more than 4000 words each article without having a contract. When I asked for it they said that will send me the contract. After some weeks with no answer they said that the project stopped because of many mistakes on their articles. Then, they said that my translation has problems and a professional translator rate me with 6/10 (I am Greek native speaker and I translated from English to Greek articles so I don't think that I made mistakes) and they continued with more experienced translators. Although, they already knew that I was not experienced translator. The payment was too low and also the pressure to be on time. If they want professional translators they have to pay more than 0,15 per word!!!"

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