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Calpine Corporation is the largest generator of electricity from natural gas and geothermal resources in the United States, with operations in competitive power markets. A Fortune 500 company based in Houston, Texas, the company is owned by an affiliate of Energy Capital Partners and a consortium of other investors, including Access Industries Inc. and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board.

Moody's placed Calpine's ratings on a negative outlook in August 2017, following the company's announcement to go private in $5.6 billion cash buyout, led by Energy Capital Partners LLC. The negative outlook reflects the agency's view that Calpine "could be more risky" under Energy Capital Partners' ownership and the potential that PG&E could reject or reprice the company's power contracts during bankruptcy proceedings."[I]t is unclear if PG&E will reject or reprice the PPAs as a part of its bankruptcy process. If they do, it would likely pressure Calpine's ratings lower," Moody's Vice President and Senior Credit Officer.


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Former Employee - Manager says

"No room for advancement or growth unless they fire people that don't fit their "culture", which is quite toxic. No Strategic Direction in an industry that transitioned(ing) to Solar, Wind, Battery, etc. Top Level Management needs to be changed out. Good Ole Boys network. The company's management in various business units seem to only hire and promote white males and eliminate those that try to change that structure. Bureaucratic and a lot of paper pushers/process management police(email forwarders, email management, process management police). People run the organization but management believes in process not people. A lot of the processes don't work and have workarounds which can lead to you being terminated. The Sales Organizations seem like a Used Car Dealership selling prospective customers on the dealer lot."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management doesn't care about you. They won't train you to do you best. They will use you. Long hours. No communication from management."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor management and leadership structure."

Current Employee - Operator says

"In 10 years we have only been fully staffed for maybe 15 months at this site. Even what they consider "fully staffed" is still fewer people than what other generating companies have. We are forever one event away from not even being able to cover all the shifts. This has caused a decline in moral, work/life balance, and all around satisfaction for the majority of the operations staff in the region. Being forever shorthanded has lead to so many extra shifts that it has masked the massive disparity between pay and cost of living in the area. Housing costs have almost doubled in my time here while my actual takehome pay, per my W-2, has only increased by 1%!!!! We all drive an hour to get to work because we can't afford to live closer, and now even those locations, 50+ miles away, are out of reach for new employees. The company preaches safety, but the reality is that it only matters if something happens that is recordable. Safety when convenient or not too expensive is a common theme here. They do lots of lip service and window dressing with safety news letters and safety commitees, but the reality is they do nothing to improve the day to day safety of the plants. I could continue and write a whole book on the shortcomings but I think this gets the point across."


"Managers in “clicks” trying to push out employees because they play favorites. Their management has no idea what they’re doing in regards to employees and position. I have never had a manager never talk to me all day except for impossible demands. Definitely the most unorganized company I’ve ever encountered. 7 out 8 hours people don’t work but if a “favorite” doesn’t like you- you are micromanaged in order to document all your mistakes. I would advise to reconsider this place as employment and definitely don’t come in contract- you’ll be out the door a week after walked in."

Former Employee - Real Time Power Operator says

"-Hands down the worst culture I have ever seen, and am pretty sure I will ever see. The type of place where your teammates will talk crap about someone when he/she leaves the desk for 5min to get a cup of coffee. -Profanity & dirty language are the norm. -No career training or continuing education. -Work load is beastly; I felt sorry for lots of the people there, and questioned how they stay married? -Their 24hr desks, which at most companies are staffed by 12 people, thus allowing for adequate training, relief, and a good work life balance, are staffed by only 3-4 people. -Towards the end of my tenure they they tried to institute a training week for the 24hr desks, but ended up with a dumpster fire of a solution: One lucky person on their week off will come in "train" on all nights, all weekends and all holidays. Though there was no set training to be had...This was their solution/punishment for a training week. -Did I mention the work life balance is deplorable?"

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"This place will suck the life out of you! Overworked and underpaid is putting it nicely. Modern-day slavery is more accurate. The majority of leadership rules by fear and exploits their employees beyond measure. Your are expected to work like a robot and devote your life to Calpine. The company is under staffed in most departments - especially in IT and HR. They RIF employees and do not backfill positions because they are too focused on the bottom line instead of their hardworking employees’ health, work-life balance, or morale. Folks are let go, and you are given more work, but no pay increase. Executive Leadership promotes their favorite cronies into roles these individuals have no business managing, and they get the pay increase. It’s insulting to say the least. Calpine’s so called “ASPIRE” values are a fallacy and should be discarded in their entirety. There are some great people in the various departments. However, the majority of the HR leadership team is the most pathetic! Major “rule by fear mentality! You are expected to keep your mouth shut, take the abuse, and get the tasks done at all costs. Forget your family! Many tenured employees (of all levels) say “Calpine used to be a great place to work.” I wouldn’t know. What I do know is this is the most toxic work environment I have EVER encountered. They DO NOT care about their employees! It’s vile! Also, there is no room for advancement unless someone dies, retires, or leaves for a better career opportunity. Career progression plans are a non-existent unless you work at a plant or are an executive’s “chosen one.” If you are unemployed, destitute, and have no other employment option at the time, work here until something better comes along."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They did several rounds of layoff's in an 18 month period in order to make their bottom-line more attractive for potential sale. While that's not unheard of, it still stings a bit when cuts are made not with a mindset of "Let's look at value added by each individual" but instead is done with a mindset of "So who's getting paid the most in this role? Ok, let's cut them!" They brought in "efficiency" consultants, and that's when everyone should have seen the writing on the wall. Unfortunately, most didn't and it left many good people in the lurch."

Former Employee - Plant Worker says

"no one knows what the other is doing or if its even done correctly site to site polices and procedures are always being updated but not passed along from corporate to all sites communication is just non existent and if you are not part of the good ol boy club then you just do not exist as an employee you are honestly just a number"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Every day is stressful. I like a dynamic environment but I never knew if/when I was going to be considered hero or a zero based solely on the shifting sentiments of those above me. - It is a 24/7 job. You will wake up and check your email before getting out of bed, you'll check your email before going to bed, and you'll check it all day long. You have to because you will go from Hero to Zero if you miss anything - Frequent, small layoffs which are typically based on politics. - The review process is a joke. - Real promotions are rare. Sometimes people get shuffled but rarely does that cross organizational boundaries. In other words, career growth is limited."

Plant Technicians 2. (Former Employee) says

"Calpine needs to look into the issues when employees bring up issues! The managers needs to be accountable for his action. There should No BUDDY system when they are in management!! NO FAVORITISM!! Even with the present Operations Manager! When he was an operator, he sleep all night...then he got promoted? How can Calpine live with that? Is totally going against their company values.None.None."

Operations Technician (Former Employee) says

"Their website says they encourage veterans to apply, but how many veterans work as Operations Technician/Stationary Steam Engineers.Its all Maine Maritime grad, it's kind of a discrimination issue I would say. On the job training is and always will be the best qualifications for any job.Good BenefitsMaine Maritime"

maintenance manager (Former Employee) says

"Company management has no clue on running a buisness or electric generation. They are doomed for a 2nd bankruptcy. Pay there executives lots of $. Poor ethics, will not survive.poorly managed"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Do more with less due to a buy out. The new management is focused on over working the newly acquired staff to make it look better for bottom line. Management and staff are only concerned with meeting the goals to show they are merging teams and being productive regardless of the out come or staff. Totally mismanaged transition that is pulling apart a successful business to merge into one that is not as successful.Benefits for employees - full platepay, hours, lack of communication, management, feeding staff lies"

Instrumentation and Electrical Technician (Former Employee) says

"The company has been in desperate times throughout their entire tenure. The owners (previous) and managers are taught to blame all adverse actions and failures on contractors and managers that don't meet some imaginary model. The highest level of managers blame all the companies lack of financial success on someone else. They downsize ruthlessly. They harbor no remorse for inhuman action and even joke about it. Its is so typical of a failing and losing team spirit. Its never the team's failure, it has to be shedding failure on to other entities that have no way of controlling success or failure. Pure Denial."

Senior Natural Gas Scheduler (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Calpine for one year. It was a stressful year due to management. The actual expectations for the role did not match what was discussed during the interview process. Severe lack of training contributed to the stress level.Good salary and benefits.Poor management."

Data Entry (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed my brief time there.. Would be glad to return as a full time individual.. Was convenient to get to ..Lunch could be taken as your leisure (1 hour)"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Upper management talks a good talk, but doesn't have a clue about what's really going on in the power plant trenches. Very low moral at the plant level, no passion. Seems like people just CYA because there's a fear of getting let go."

I&E Technician (Current Employee) says

"If you try to move up in the company it is really hard. It is really hard to get a raise in the company as well. Plant Mangers play favors in whom they hire and don't take your opinion. The VP believes in a large amount of turnover-if there isn't turnover then you are not running the plant correctly. They have good benefits, but isn't worth working at this company.Insurance and VacationMicromanging Mangers, Don't value employees, Hard to advance up."

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company has no interest in betterment of employees, how the mandates negatively affect the workplace and add no value, their only interest is in saving money.FewToo many to list"

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT (Former Employee) says

"The people who make the internal mechanisms of the company need to and should ALWAYS be appreciated."There is no future in any job. The future lies in the man who holds the job"great work life balance, benefits were greatmicromanagement, time watchers"

Director Accounting Services (Former Employee) says

"Company went bankrupt and moved to texas. Does it really matter that there is a review for companies that went bankrupt."

former maintenance (Former Employee) says

"Management is really bad. Calpine needs to evaluate them as they play favoritism. A lot of employees have been let go do to mngmnt behavior. Constant threat of firing. Very non professionalpayManagement"

Maintenance Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Average for companies in this market. Management and co-workers very cutthroat nowBenefits WERE good, not so much nowInstability"

HR Representative (Current Employee) says

"Great stepping stone, because there is not a lot of room for advancement. The organization runs extremely lean. Work/Life Balance needs work. The culture needs work, as the morale is quite low."

Systems Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Corporate Middle Management Heavy (What's the next emergency) Meat factory as far as employment (Layoffs every few years) Layoff experienced workers and bring in less experience to run the Corporate factory Power Plant personnel overworked and no $$$ for plant repairs Budget cuts for Power Plants for Corporate high $$$ projects that don't work and are covered up as successes.Good Healthcare BennifitsCorporate Layoffs"

na (Current Employee) says

"Like any company that is recuperating from debt this company still trying to find the path to success. Unfortunately, technology takes a back seat; as a result, processes improvement suffers a great deal leaving a major margin for human error. Morale is low – employee turnaround is frequent – most IT workforce is contract base with no option to perm. Outsourcing is a major player creating a cloud of job uncertainty. Contract workers contribute to the growth of the company as much and some times more than employees, yet they are not recognized for their efforts in presentations or even included in company Holiday celebrations. Great office locationNo Contractor or employee retention incentive program"

Records Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The employees work in good harmony with one another. My team was small but we were all on the same page. I realized we were not just working for what we could see but for a bigger scope. We are there to build and educate others on green energy. The new wave for a better tomorrow. A typical day of work consisted of researching, data entry, organizing and coding into proper retention scheduling. The hardest part of my job besides the lay off was the woman who hired me is an expert in her field and I wanted her to mentor me but she left after 2wks for another incredible opportunity that would help her to grow her gifts and talents. What I have learned is not to take any moment for granted. It is a blessing to have a job. The most enjoyable was the beginning of the day as I entered the building. I knew I would give it my all. I have learned not to be shaken by your circumstances. All things work together for our good. The seen is only temporary and the unseen is teamlay off & supervisor an expert in her field left after 2 wks of hiring me."

Turbine Engineer III (Former Employee) says

"I worked for 10 years at Calpine and what started as a great company with excellent management ended with a bad company and poor management. Management become a closed knit community of robots that were told what and when to do all activities. If you where part of that group it was a great experience but once you fell out of the group you where on your on. I was told by management on more than one occasion that forward thinking individuals would not be tolerated."

GAS Turbine Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Hardest part of the job was dealing with management. Had several issues that were out of my control. There was no culture in doing the right thing. Everyone concerned about themselves and not those working for them.little travel, time off when I needed itNo feedback, never knowing where you stand as an employee."

Ann says

"I ordered a fridge freezer and paid delivery for 4th August, it didn't come and waited all day then received an email this morning stating delivery would be between 10am and 12pm, still nothing... I contacted argos to be told the delivery driver had put no answer at the door (obviously not true) so now have to wait another week. Mine broke and I have 2 young children so I'm beyond annoyed"

Nicola Twigg says

"Only received two of three items ordered and zero response from “Customer Service” team despite several attempts to contact them."

Jo says

"Bought two wardrobes which had to be collected. Collection date deferred several times then told to collect only one at the store no others available. My personal view is that since they have become part of Sainsbury’s stock, delivery and customer service are poor in all areas. They are getting progressively worse with limited local stock and limited delivery will not buy anything else unless is is in stock locally however that would be a tiny section in a Sainsbury’s store which is not the Argos we all know. Probably be the Covid 19 excuse again."

Tímea Lukács says

"Worst customer service experience ever! First of all I arranged an exchanged of a bed frame. The correct bed frame was delivered promptly but they never came to collect the bed frame I don't need. Contacted Argos via their live chat to be told that they are coming to collect the bed frame today. I explained that won't be possible because I am working and no one will be at home. They didn't offer it to be rearranged. Secondly, I contacted Argos about a different order to change the delivery address. The agent updated my details incorrectly. Today I contacted Argos again via their live chat. The agent left the chat in the middle of the convo 3 times!! I waited more then an hour to sort out this issue. Disappointing how you treat your customers..."

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