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TransUnion is an American consumer credit reporting agency. TransUnion collects and aggregates information on over one billion individual consumers in over thirty countries including "200 million files profiling nearly every credit-active consumer in the United States". Its customers include over 65,000 businesses. Based in Chicago, Illinois, TransUnion's 2014 revenue was US$1.3 billion. It is the smallest of the three largest credit agencies, along with Experian and Equifax (known as the "Big Three").

User "Debbie.S" tops a review on Callcredit service as "A warning to anyone using CallCredit/TransUnion\'s Paid reports" on the "AllAgents" website on March 13, 2019:

"I am going to make of EXPOSING TransUnion (formally Callcredit), a lifelong project, as they have ruined my career due to incorrect information being applied to their nonconsumer credit report, a paid-for service by organizations who wish to perform screening on potential employees/contractors. I lost out on a lucrative contract with a prestigious organization because Callcredit/TransUnion didn't remove an annulled bankruptcy from their background checks and employee screening report, which resulted in me failing screening and having to take a lesser role; as I couldn't afford not to be working. This is a strong warning for any organization that is thinking of using Transunion's background checks and employee screening solution; the information presented may not be accurate and you could end up losing out on a great candidate or being subject to court action yourself for discrimination. I am pursuing court action to try and retrieve some of my financial losses. TransUnion is a hideous organization and have been taken to court many times in the USA due to a complete lack of care in reporting people's credit information; it's about time TransUnion was put through the same anguish and torment they are causing 'everyday people'. A message to the 'everyday person': check your reports regularly, and ask the credit reference agencies to provide you with ALL reports where your details are being published/sold. TransUnion, I look forward to seeing you in court!"


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Consumer Services Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Excellt company to work for, however, current department promises excellent progression opportunities but do not actually have a development plan for the department. My typical day is varied, which I enjoy, there is a lot of work and we are work to tight deadlines which I also thrive on. I want progression, and I don't feel I can get it here currently.Excellent benefitsPoor salary for job undertaken"

Email Broadcast Manager (Current Employee) says

"Callcredit Information Group gave me the start up I needed from my Apprenticeship and following promotions to gain new skills and the ability to work in the Marketing Industry."

Solutions Consultant Team Leader (Current Employee) says

"I can only comment on DecisionMetrics, who have a great product and a unique proposition in the market. However, it needs proper backing from the parent company to really go full steam ahead. My experience shows that it's not there yet. CallCredit seem to be capitalising on their competitors slowing down, so in the long run, things are looking good.Strong position of company, great offices including an onsite canteen"

Business Development Manager (Current Employee) says

"Great place to work and a very skilled workforce. Extremely focused on new initiatives that benefit clients and their business. Growth year on year through all working together as part of a team.BenefitsChanges"

Essex Paul says

"This company should be struck off. They ignore all communiation to correct false information. Total scum bags. I have informed the financial ombudsman so hopefully they will have more luck"

Steve says

"Despite providing ALL my personal details for requesting a home test kit TransUnion was unable to confirm my identity on three occasions - terrible service."

Denise says

"Nothing I do makes a positive change to my credit score with Transunion and the information is so out of date. They have a financial association on my account that is 10 years out of date, CCJ that they eventually removed (but apparently that did not improve my score), however I spent £200 more on my credit card and they reduced my credit rating (even though my overall credit was lower). I have been on the electoral roll for over 18 months, no missed or late payments, up to date with all my utilities, overall credit low....still my score does not move on Transunion from ‘fair’ - every other credit agency it’s good or excellent. Sadly if people continue to use them to approve you for credit you’re stuffed."

Jerome Brace says

"TransUnion just does not care. I realised that my credit report is still being generated with my previous address and as result I am not on the electoral roll even though I voted in the last general election at my current address. I have written to TransUnion to make the changes but has yet to get even an acknowledgement."

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