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bwin Interactive Entertainment AG, formerly betandwin, is an online betting brand owned by GVC Holdings. The group operated under international and regional licences in countries like Gibraltar, the Amerindian reserve of Kahnawake (Canada), and Belize; and Germany, Italy, Mexico, Croatia, Austria, France, and the United Kingdom in Europe. The Group offered sports betting, poker, casino games, soft and skill games with most revenue coming from poker and sports betting. Bwin had over 20 million registered customers in more than 25 core markets. Competence centres were located in Vienna, Stockholm, and Gibraltar.

Wyatt Harris mentioned in a review, "I am furious with this casino. My account was initially closed at my request previously and I decided to play again and reopen my account. I had to make a formal request, which went through the appropriate channels and I had to also call in to go through to questions. My account was reopened 24 hours later as BWIN were satisfied to reopen. Bear in mind this was a proactive approach for me and also the casino who agreed to reopen my account. They allowed me to deposit money. No more than a few days later I had an email from BWIN closing my account permanently. I was confused as it was them who were happy to reopen it so made a query via live chat and was told I was included permanently due to exclusion from Ladbrokes, bear in mind I didn't recently play there and have not played for years at Ladbrokes. I dont know they are the ( same ) company or playtech as live chat told me but that's not my concern or issue My concern is BWIN reopened my account and it transpires they shouldn't have it all, in fact it should have been permanently closed. I should never have been allowed to deposit, my winnings would have been voided. I want my deposits back. This is the casinos problem They can check and see that I've not just excluded myself from any casino, nor am I part of gamstop. BWIN have made a fatal error They can't just reopen an account that should never have been reopened ( clearly they didn't check ) allow me to deposit money for no reason and then say thanks for the money we are now closing it as it should have been. I want a satisfactory resolution or I'm reporting this to the gambling commission."


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Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"static job ,no chance of advancement Very low salary. environment pretty chilled. The place is not transparent, there is still a lot to do in this direction."

Payment & Resolution Associate (Former Employee) says

"The manager was a micromanager and was very unprofessional at times. He would play victim to situations he created. He definitely had his favorites and was bias to others he didn't like. The job itself was wonderful but the management made the place unbearable."

Fabrizio De Simone says

"the casino is a scandal, while you are playing slots a notice comes up saying: "you have been playing for an hour, do you want to continue?" , when you click on the continue button the slot where you are playing disconnects from the server, so you have to log out and re-enter, when you have made the new connection the same slot totally stops paying even a dollar, and this happens every damn hour , shame !!!"

Axel says

"Their devs are probably 5 to 8yo. It's the only rational reason to have that much bugs in a poker app, where you put your own money and can't reconnect to your tournament."

weety says

"scamming people on live betting"

Matt says

"One star is too much for this company. Upon signing up i was asked for my drivers licence, which is perfectly acceptable to me. I was told i could play and withdraw higher limits. Deposited 509 all in all and won 2220.36p. I cashed out and the problems started. They want more verification, so i send them utility bills, wage slips. 4 days later and numerous chats to customer services and they want my bank address, iban number, swift code, (id already Deposited via paypal and bank card, so they had this information) i send them the required information with an email explaining how stressful the situation was to me. They send my deposit back via PayPal (which is what thwy could have done before they made me jump through hoops with the banks iban etc). They have kept 1711 of my winnings amd permanently blocked my account. Please please, do not use this site."

James says

"I made two deposits with BWIN and they wrongfully took a third from me. I brought the issue up with the girl on live chat who was unhelpful and rude. I followed the instructions she gave and was given more ridiculous demands by the customer service department. After providing the proof they asked for they wanted more, and when i told them i wasnt able to provide it in the format they requested they essentially said they wont help. I am currently again speaking to the live chat people who continue to be unapologetic for taking my money and generally unhelpful. I wish I had read others reviews before hand as its clear they are a terrible company and there are many other bookmakers available. I would recommend avoiding at all costs."

Filipe says

"Doesn't let you deposit via PayPal (random error), practically forces you to deposit via Mastercard, then doesn't let you withdraw via Mastercard and requires an Austrian bank account you don't have to withdraw via bank transfer. Chat support apparently ends the chat if you take 2+ minutes to reply."

Mr T says

"I clicked through from a Google ad promising 100% deposit bonus and 50 free spins on a choice of slots. I've heard of bwin before so I sign up, deposit and wait to receive my bonus. Nothing. Now my funds are restricted and I can't withdraw them, so I contact support to ask them to give me my deposit bonus. They inform me that the offer is not available in the UK, there was no indication of this whatsoever on the promo landing page that I signed up through. They refused to fulfil the promise on the offer and instead credited my account with 100 free spins on starburst which is of no use to me fun-wise as I don't care for slots, it's just watching reels spin. 100 spins later and I've won £9.50, which is better than nothing but it's less than half the amount I was promised when I chose bwin and I would have deposited less had I known beforehand."

Talal says

"all the games become scamps you go there only to lose money not to gamble and spend nice time"

Artem Shatrov says

"Male male male"

sylwester luston says

"Discusting scumbags . Months ago i deposit few times with deth spins . Back few days after and see notification i cant deposit as i past my monthly limits of 100!!! My setup was 100 for a day not months !! Mail them . No responds!! Few days ago limit was reset so deposit again! Exaclly 1700 spins on book of dead with dead spins!!! No bonus arive even ones !!! The spins you see are just redicilus . Like the smiling to you face saing you idiot not gone win !! You will faster hit jackpot on lettery than the spins you gone recive on you games!!!, clery fix games to still you money, people who play longer will recognise fair gaming and this joke with them. Scam .record and report !!"

Sebok Jozsef says

"Big scammers, errors at the betting section, long withdrawal pending time. Awful customer service."

Irina says

"Absolutley no customer service no apologies nothing . Place a 100 bet last night for 6 events . 5 of them winner when tried to cash out surprise ,surprise my bet just dissapear from my account as was non existent . Been in touch on live chat with them and advisor said I can see your bet but our sistem si down and we are working on it , should be available in max 20 min . Well never happen and of course 6 game was lost so now instead of having 1800 from cash out I have -100 . I get in touch again today and they said is not their fault sistem was down last night 😂😂I asume was my fault . I will just Close my account as I don’t trust them anymore ."

Angry customer says

"This is the worst gambling website I have ever seen, when you win they will make sure to request every verification possible before you withdraw in order to make you gamble the earnings, I am still waiting since a month for their verifications to withdraw..."

jonas ladou says

"yes bwin is totaly scam and it's a ponzi scheme they block my account when i want to withdrawing my money in the first when i deposit my money nobody caire about verification and after that i lost in the first and i redeposit a anothre amount and this the seconde time i win a hight coast of 740 ans 240 they demand me to verify my account after i send all document they need national id and etc they block my account and tell me to send copy of a (recent) document proving your current residence, such as a rental agreement valid for at least 6 months i send it after there no signe of them and my account did'nt open"

elefteria skartsi says

"the bigest crooks in the world stay away people they closed my acount because i complained after taking thousands euro from me definetly they pay goverment oficials for there corupsion on there slots stay away frome those criminals they will steel all your money guarantee the bigest crooks on gambling sites NEVER bwin again"

Alex says

"I haven't encountered a situation where I can't withdraw cash"

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