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Butlin's is a chain of large seaside resorts in the United Kingdom. Butlin's was founded by Billy Butlin to provide affordable holidays for ordinary British families.

Cheryl shares her upsetting experience on TripAdvisor, "Due to go to Butlin’s Bognor in 2 weeks, and just had an email saying they are oversubscribing their ‘premium dining’ option and then they cancel it, downgrade you to the food court and give a refund for the difference. I booked the premium option as one main reason for returning, the other option I hear is like school dinners. I expressed my disappointment & dissatisfaction and was told nothing can be done. VERY annoyed. Therefore don’t trust them when they let you ‘pick’ what you want under dining options, ultimately - they put you in a hat and downgrade those they want!"


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Former Employee - Communications, Finance and Administration Manager says

"No one is valued or respected in their role"

Former Employee - Cleaner says

"Not worth the money for an amount of work you have to do. Room are so dirty and time is limited. If you haven't finish in your shift time they made you stay and threaten you that you will loose your job . You work 6plus hours non stop without any break because you 'may not meet your target'"

Current Employee - Team Member says

"Management (Leaders) lie to coverify their own backs and stick together There is no process to safeguard any team as the hierarchy all stick together Be prepared to be treated like a second class citizen by management The mother company Bourne Leisure have a great ethos but the management do not practice this"

Former Employee - Resort Safety says

"We're to start basic pay for working as security is crazy no extra for nights or weekends terrible hours I mean I was on nights my day of was when I finished at 7:15 in the morning I got one day off out of a 48 to 59 hour week Gusts Services were a pain gave non disabled guest permits to park down bottom barrier before there would get one we would get abuse called a names there would get in your face and swear then guest service would give them pass made you feel pointless."

Former Employee - Team Member says

"Phisicly and mentally exhausted"

Team Member says

"Where do I begin, The pay is not worth the amount of mental and physical stress u receive while dealing with customers. You work long hours for minimum pay and get a 30 minute break and even then you'll still be harassed by customers while trying to grab your lunch and sometimes they'll plan it so you work just under the required 6 hours for a break, hell sometimes when you worked these 12 hour shifts they would only give one break even if you're eligible to two. And their attitude towards mental illnesses is the worst I have ever seen, They'll pretend to be understanding if you tell the managers and then the moment you're off they'll proceed to gossip about it to all the other employees under them. Not only that but if you're not a manager or team leader you have the chance of losing your job at anypoint, theres no safety one moment you're working there the next you're given the boot no messages no letters just your P45 through the door and cast aside ready for the next set of people to get roped in to be basically minimum paid slaves!"

Former Employee - Food and Beverage says

"The same thing every day (just clearing dirty plates) made the work boring and the time pass slowly. Low pay which wasn't worth it for how much I disliked going"

Former Employee - Marketing says

"Negatives: Head office is culture mad - more like a ‘cult’ - comes across as patronising and belittling. More concerned about if your personally fits then the skills you bring to the role. The marketing leadership team are extremely clicky and unprofessional - they are very outdated in the marketing world and don’t know how to keep up with current times. They don’t recognise talent when they have it and unfortunately, continuously lose a lot of great people. Definitely needs to get rid of some of longstanding leadership team and bring in some new fresh heads."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Butlins treats working there less like a profession and more like a lifestyle choice, if the lifestyle choice in question was called "Having joined a cult." If you don't live onsite, expect to be pestered to move in until you do. If you do not want to spend your days off in your place of work, expect to be criticised for not taking the few hours a week you have away from them to "experience" the wonder of a overpriced holiday resort that hasn't changed since the 1990s. You want worker's rights? Well, the other workers they're recruited don't want them (or aren't even aware of them), so why should you? So after they force you into signing away your workers rights, you can work 60 hour+ weeks, which means you will work every hour of every day without even a chance of a toilet break unless you sneak off to do so. What's that Butlins'? You do give breaks. Well, not ones that resemble actual breaks for lunch or anything like that, thought. No, you will be forced to work in another department that doesn't talk to yours, so you get treated like dirt by multiple groups of managers. All while the managers do very little because you will be doing their jobs. And don't expect to be rewarded by climbing the corporate ladder, because there's still that four hours of sleep you haven't given up to working for Butlins. Maybe if you do, they'll consider you for an interview."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Culture thrown down you neck"

Venue Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"Not a gpod place to work when your own workmates go behind ypur back lling that you are lazy and they are as bad As uou some even worse and cant find the. A shiftNot even free mesLong hours and people not bothered"

Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"I don't know and I don't like it and I wouldn't work there at all and they are not helpful at all and the staff are not friendly at all and I wouldn't let my friend get a jobThey can't do the job rightThey are not helpful"

Bar Team Member (Former Employee) says

"I can see from the reviews that nothing changes at Butlin's! Appalling management. Two-faced backstabbing staff. Laughable wages. Disgusting living conditions. Inedible food in the staff canteen. Being honest I had a great time there, mostly because I couldn't of cared less about the job."

Pool Attendant (Former Employee) says

"This is an appalling place to work. The management do not give any care to you and they laugh that the job makes you ill. Working for SPLASH as a pool attendant and the whole staffing team were full of gossip, spreading rubbish to cause fights and an absolute downside to the job. Would never recommend this job to anyoneNothingBad staff, horrific management"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Never again . Head of department is ridiculous. Pretending to know everything when actually knew nothing. Money less that everywhere in Skegness. Not appreciate company"

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"Very poor money for the hard job. Forced overtime at minimum wage. Problem to take a holiday when needed. No organisation. Poor work condition. Forbidden months to take a holiday which is a joke."

Accommodation Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"I was pretty excited to work for such a big well known name, all was going well until I arrived on site to move into my new accommodation! The accommodation was nothing like I had seen before, it was 1/4 of a port a cabin, it was disgusting. There was no room to move, granted you have your own bathroom but there water was recycled water, very unsafe to drink and I didn't feel clean after showering, extremely cold and the windows opened about 2 inches and your "curtains" are shutters. the walls are thin and you can hear everything everyone is saying and doing. the shared kitchens were mouldy and un clean, they stank and the bins always overflowed, the hob had never been cleaned. I lived on ready meals to cook in the microwave as there was no way I was cooking in the kitchen. there Is often fights and things being smashed up until 3am. Resort safety aren't bothered about this, they couldn't care. felt extremely unsafe. the heating took ages to work, most nights I would be led in bed shivering cold. the accommodation is not for humans let alone animals, it is temporary but there temporary is 6 MONTHS! How are you expected to live like that. The training is dull and boring, didn't really learn anything, a waste of time but at least you get paid for it which is something. I worked in accommodation cleaning and it was the worst thing ever, nothing you ever did was good enough, the team leader would moan at your for the slightest thing, for example if the wall switch had been left on, there was a group chat for all the accommodation employees for that village you are working, the"

Resort Safety Officer (Former Employee) says

"All staff are very competitive towards eachother, no one cares about anyone else. I had a work place injury and no one cared until I filed for a solicitor due to my injuries"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"I worked at butlins for a year. Easy job, bad management. Act asif they care but they are two faced. Wouldnt ever return. They want you to be a robot not a human.Very littleLong days. No compassion."

Shop Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Shops head was unhelpful and didnt care about the team Head of shops rude and acts like a child I moved to a different venue which was better but i left due to not enough hours but the head of bars was amazing Work in bars but not shops guyscheap food passes cheapHead of shops was very unproffesional"

Waitressing (Former Employee) says

"management were awful, rarely around. Pay was weird- meant to be every two weeks but only 50% was given after two weeks of working, and the remaining two weeks after that. Rude 'guests' and unnecessary training that was 5 days long - all day.butlins passlong under paid hours, unsociable. lack of training"

Barmaid- serve all guests (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work , hours are way too long, always paying incorrect , team leaders/managers treat team members badly, and do no work themselves. You could finish work at 6am and be back in by 12pm for example , you do not get enough time between shiftsNonHours too long"

Resort safety (Former Employee) says

"You are paid minimum pay but are expected to give back maximum effort. Standing on the doors and taking all the grief that goes with doing door work and your expected to be happy being paid the minimum wage, nobody does door work for minimum wage but Butlins expects this which goes to show how little they value you. Don't be surprised to finish a shift and be back on shift 9 hours later, this happened to me a few times......so much for getting in the 8 hours sleep the medical profession says you should have. It's a well known fact the more money each department manager can save each year the bigger their bonus at the end if the year which makes you feel all warm inside knowing your often doing the work of 2 or 3 people because the manager wants to save money for his/her bonus and again your working your socks off for minimum wage. Butlins has twice been voted best place to stay for a holiday, do the staff get this praise? Yes verbally they are thanked for their efforts but unfortunately thanks doesn't buy the weekly shopping or pay the bills, Butlins if you really want to thank the right people for the success of Butlins stop heaping all the praise and bonuses on the managers and give it to the people who actually make Butlins what is, if all the managers walked out for the day Butlins would go on and be just as successful by the end if the day but if all the staff walked out it would be a totally different story. Staff moral is the worst I have ever experienced in a company and this company has the biggest turnover of staff I've ever experienced again nobody feels they areYou get to use the facilities for free whoopee!To many to mention read the review!"

part time photographer (Former Employee) says

"Hate the job, worse year ever Left due to my hod not giving me more hours and being very nonprofessional Worse time ever at bognor Dont work here or work in another venuedicount food free entryhours wages"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"Wouldn't work here again...the way managers treat people its unbelievable...really wouldn't recommend a job at butlins deffo when the team members treat you like your nothing clearly slave LabourLong hours"

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"They dont no what they want. Cheap wages security its a joke what a joke i rather go pontins they dont no wht they are doing because they have no experience in the job they do they should learn by there mistakes dont go there its full of people who are not sure what they want poor companyNoneNone"

Restaurant Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Sweat shop conditions, no consideration given to employees work to life balance. 99% Eastern European staff very unfriendly behind the scenes. Things stolen from bag no secure lockers. Horrible shift patterns which change at short notice. What you see on the front is very different behind the scenes.NoneSplit shifts, no life outside of work"

Stage Crew/ Sound Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Over worked under paid. No job progression, people who have been there for ages are more like a family and you will never get anywhere if your not in the inner circle. Management is terribly run, and corrupted. Don't get stuck there, once you move in they keep you there by not giving you enough money to move out. Team accommodation is dreadful, the roof blew off my flat and took them 3 weeks to get it repaired. Multi Million pound company but won't spend money on anything apart from management holidays.Not Sure...Over worked Under Paid. Corrupt Management"

Waitress (Former Employee) says

"Residential Catering upper management forget that you are actually a human being. Shifts are horrendous, constantly changing so your body clock cant not get adjusted. Days off you have to check your rota as its probably changed. You cant make plans in advance or have any sort of life outside of work. Split shifts every day. Not a friendly place to work, the Chefs and potwashers are very rude.The customers are niceSplit Shifts, constant changing rota, no rest inbetween shifts"

Barman/Waiter (Former Employee) says

"would never work again for butlins, long hours and little pay, no way of gaining level up and any promtions unless mangement like you! little pay for the hours you do, no graitude for what you do on a day to day basis from mangementsocial lifeno way of promitions, little money and long hours"

RaeWalk says

"Due a refund of cancelled holiday (Tier rules) under their covid guarantee. So far have received two payments which amount to less than half of the full amount. No idea why I am being refunded in installments and not the full amount. Its going to take a long longer than 28 days to refund the holiday at this rate. Not good Butlins, promptly refund your customers in FULL!!"

Vicky says

"We went to Butlins in 2019 and really enjoyed our time there. We booked for Tots Week in 2020 but it was during the lock down so decided to move it to December. Butlins remained closed after the November lock down so this time we asked for a refund. We were told the refund would take 28 days, which is a ridiculous length of time to wait but we did. When the money still didn’t arrive I contacted them again to be told the form (they filled in) hadn’t been filled in properly so the refund had been rejected... but has now been put through their “push through” requests but will still take 5-7 working days. So now it’s Christmas that will be some time in January... So their process when they don’t fill in their own forms correctly is to just leave it and wait until you ring them up for your money. What a load of rubbish! Butlins shame on you for the lies you come up with to hold on to peoples money. We will never come back!"

Gavin Williams says

"Been going to butlins for years but now they are messing us around with refund . Telling us its processed but never appearing in account . Constantly messing us around shame on you Bourne leisure. Time for everyone to boycott this company in new year !!"

Daniel Godwin says

"Long story short. We cancelled our holiday for Minehead Butlins, which was booked for the weekend of 11th - 14th December. We were told that we would be refunded in full and it would take up to 28 days to land back in my partner's bank account. My partner rings up last week to try and get an update on our refund. She was told the refund had been approved on the 13th December and the money would be back into her account by the 20th and if it wasn't to get back in touch. Comes the 20th (yesterday) and no refund. My partner gets back in touch and out of nowhere we can't get because apparently we paid for our holiday using vouchers and they can't refund vouchers, which is strange because we paid by debit card and have bank statements clearly showing the transactions. Absolute bad form for Butlins!! I wonder how many other people they are scamming out of their money??"

customer says

"I have purchased one flat but outside window always leak during rainy day so I asked Butlin to help arrange repair since August 2019 but until now they still has not. I have sent a lot of emails and calls but they make excuses every time. Unhelpful at all especially the manager Kate always ignore emails. Besides, it is radiculous that our floor's light works well but this month people come 5 times to repair the same light which in good condition again and again. So our service charge pay for these unnecessary work rather than those outside break window for 1.5 years? Really Disappointed!"

Carl Hargreaves says

"Got email late yesterday saying to contact them ref holiday before 10am next day, for a the holiday this coming Monday (4 days time- not sufficient notice) saying tried to contact and need to respond or holiday would be cancelled and money refunded, rang them and despite confirming 4 times prior, they cancelled our holiday, We have a devistated little one who was looking forward to this after the year we have had, reason they cancelled is my home address is in a tier 3 location, However we have been living with relatives in a tier 2 location for the last week and a half of which we arranged on the back of re confirming all ok, but this was just ignored and they did not care. very upset about all this, especially when i know for a fact others from tier 3 are attending next week (one of them is another family Member)"

Pauline Watson says

"having onto Butlins recently found that we were not able to book any of the activities online this was due to other families booking out every single place. during our stay there was no compliance of wearing a mask. I would estimate that 90% of people that went to Butlins Bognor did not wear masks while in public places and these people will not approached by the staff members to ensure they comply to the rules. have they made a complaint to Butlins Bognor I just received generic email back this was a complete waste of money"

L A says

"I will not be visiting here again. There is no diversity what so ever. It was ok for a day break not any further more. I was racially attacked by a member of staff in the fairground and another at the buffet restaurant. Single mum with a little toddler. I spent £150 and stayed two days although was booked for 4 days . Had to return due to urgent personal reasons. Its difficult to get hold of a customer agent on live chat and phone. I requested if could get a refund for the two days remaining I paid or can use for future return. Up on waiting a week and half guest resolution team refused my request. The silver room accommodation in oyster bay is not as expected as seen in pictures. It's like a box room. Filthy carpets with carpet pests crawling. It did not have a clean hygienic feel. I would not recommend anyone visiting here. There is not much to see other than fairground, swimming pool, beach. It's like a staying in lost maize. No staff present on site to help. Wasted money will not be returning!!!!"

Mark Taylor says

"Security very rude and aggressive and abusive. We went to hotshots bar and was told the second we walk in to leave as there was not table. All other security told us we could wait till a table became available. Big bold guy stared us down and followed us until we led the whole bar. Shadowing us out like cattle and did to others aswel. Acted like he owned the place. Very very rude. Tried to intimidate us all."

paul ellison says

"The Butlins in Skegness was good for a short break with the kids but we will not ever be going to any site ever again. I cannot be seen to condone racism in any form. To go to a place that Diversity are promoted by demonstrates the some racism is acceptable and should be encouraged. Your customers are families and they come to your sites for the facilities NOT to attend racist propaganda. Sack Diversity and we will happily come back"

Chrissie says

"Butlins Bognor. Not had a bad experience before but have during covid. I had a live weekend music booked. I knew it would be cancelled so I contacted Butlins on multiple occasions asking for confirmation so I don’t waste annual leave. They refused, kept saying it was on and kept taking my money. I even asked how they would do it but those emails got ignored. Once they took the final payment they cancelled the weekend and then I had to apply for a refund! God knows how long that will take."

Philip Vincent says

"Me and the wife with are three kids book to go in gold apartment with the premium dinning package which the food was great and the staff was brilliant but what really lack was the apartment if I stayed in gold I feel really sorry for them how stayed in silver or any other apartment just because of the beds for me and the wife sleep on two single beds put together with a dova blanket put on top it was so uncomfortable me wife had to share beds with kids and rest of the rooms were very Basic"

michelle says

"I'm not a Butlins sort of person, but I went with my daughter and 5 grandchildren. On arrival we were given our door cards. The silver bungalows are a long way from the allocated car park and on a dismally wet day we struggled. We arrived at the bungalow and opened the door, there was an over whelming smell of damp, I was expecting to find mushrooms growing. To my surprise the place was clean and newly decorated it looked fab, but smelt awful, I called customer service who said they would send some one out. We were told to not wait but to go and enjoy the facilities. When we came back it smelt strongly of air freshener, customer services called back and said it was because it had be shut up for a few weeks. Next day after going out and coming back the smell was still there. It was especially strong in the bedroom, the drawers smelt fusty. We did not put our belonging away. But I really couldn't be bothered to call back as we were only there for 3 nights. But for just short of 500 quid I expected better. Now the shows, the shows were good but be prepared to queue else you will not get a seat. The kids especially enjoyed the wrestling, the circus was good. The best part for me were the fireworks. The fairground rides, well they could do with some investment. We used 3 food outlets which were all very good. I would say probably a good 15% plus guests were not wearing face masks in the skyline and walking around in other venues with out masks. (I only saw 1 lady with a lanyard) Social distancing was very difficult as people just swarmed when leaving venues. It made us feel very vulnerable. There are plenty of hand sanitiser stations and the loo's were spotless. It was rather a mixed bag of feeling for me. Not sure I will be back."

Josh kennedy says

"Was a pain when booking as most was already fully booked (due to covid). The wave hotel needs maintenance in the rooms as extractor etc not working. The thermostat in the room don't let you choose hot or cold air as Butlins choose for you during different times of the day. The new swimming slide joins hurt your back as you go down, also the slides are as tho they have been sanded down, struggled to slide. The swimming changing rooms are freezing and the floors are FULL of hairs when getting dressed."

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