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Behringer is an audio equipment company founded by the Swiss engineer Uli Behringer on January 25, 1989, in Willich, Germany. Behringer was listed as the 14th largest manufacturer of music products in 2007. Behringer is a multinational group of companies, with direct marketing presence in 10 countries or territories and a sales network in over 130 countries around the world.

A customer mentioned, "This is an industry where *everyone*, and I mean *everyone* rips off classic circuit designs, shapes etc, gives them a tweak and calls them their own. A lot like musicians really. Sure - Behringer got caught outright cloning Mackies which was a bit low, let's face it. But Mackie is not immune from over-hyping products and products with bad sound and production faults. And a lot of musicians pirate software and cover songs without paying royalties ... what goes around comes around.

There are worse products than Behringer. You sort of get what you pay for.

Behringer make some very useful products at a great price, and they are now offering 3 year warranty on stuff. Make your own choices ... my personal preference is to buy high end where it counts, and low end where it makes more sense. There are statistics that suggest their faults are not significantly higher than expensive brand names.

I used to avoid B like the plague, but they have some products that are original and serve a purpose I cannot find a suitable equivalent for.

But some things are real **** - their plastic stompboxes for a start. But even then ... if you want a real dimension pedal with two BBD chips like the ones Boss used to make ... who else makes them? Why are Boss asleep at the wheel? Where are the botique clones?

I have learned to despise brand names ... they are meaningless these days. Identify what your real needs are, and find whatever works for you at the price you can afford."


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Ian Q says

"Used them twice. The first time was to order a Jackson guitar, which arrived promptly, but minus the trem arm and with the addition of knife blade floating around in the packaging. This was particularly alarming as I was opening the package with my 5 year old son. After many weeks of complaining, I finally received a tremolo arm and a very small refund. The second time (or rather the first as I'd ordered earlier than the Jackson) was, if anything, more frustrating. The guitar didn't arrive, so I chased them several times. I was told I would receive it in the next batch, but as the delivery date came and went and the "expected in stock" date was pushed out, it became clear that I was not, in fact, number 5 in the queue for the next delivery of six. This sort of thing happened frequently. 5 months on and the guitar arrived. A beautiful Ibanez S series. All was well, the guitar was flawless on visual inspection, but no sound came from the amp when it was plugged in. It simply doesn't work. One cock up is just about understandable. Two is very hard to reconcile with a well run organisation. Two, combined with the negative reviews and poor expereinces on here, points only to a poorly run company with poor customer service and laughable quality control. An electric guitar that doesn't work passes QC????? For your own sanity, go somewhere else."

Yna Versace says

"you suck! your customer service suck! your staffs are rude! im pissed off coz my packaged haven’t arrived, it’s already 2 months and y’all don’t even reply right away"

Mike says

"I have used this company twice. The first time they only sent out one of the three items, this time one item was missing, I only received the packaging for it?! It also arrived later than the email said (again). Once again i've contacted them and await their reply."

Nicolas Hancock says

"Thiefs. Do not purchase from them. I ordered sound proofing from them so that I could use it to sound proof the home of a young autistic person that I care for. Did not arrive and told me that it was delivered, but it was not. They contacted the relevant department so, as I was desperate, I ordered more and asked them for a refund on the other stuff after they investigated. Never heard a thing. Am now making a small claim as they have just stopped responding to me. I told them why I needed it so desperately but they just did it care. Seriously poor company but mark my worlds they will not be getting away with this. Stay well clear."

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