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Budget Rent a Car System, Inc. is an American car rental company that was founded in 1958 in Los Angeles, California by Morris Mirkin. Budget's operations are headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey. With its original fleet of 10 cars, the company lived up to the 'Budget' name by undercutting the daily and per mile rental rates of the established airport based car rental companies. Mirkin was joined in 1959 by Julius Lederer and together they built the company internationally. In 1960, the headquarters moved to Chicago, Illinois and the rental fleet expanded with franchised and wholly owned rental outlets.

Jarvis angrily shared his experience "I rent from Budget Car Rental in my neighborhood all the time in South KC. I have to say this is the first time that I have felt so stereotyped and judged by the pigment of my skin. I reserved a sports car to take a trip thru budget online and pre-paid for the vehicle just to get turned down. The requirements per budget car rental site, was that I had to have a major credit card and in which I did AMEX. I had way more than the amount on the credit card to cover the rental, insurance and deposit. I arrived at Budget and called the number on the door due to Covid and the lady behind the desk answered. I gave my name an reservation number and she immediately started to try to deter me away. She said that I need a Major Credit Card and a Deposit of 1,000 Dollars and that I had to have my personal Insurance that will roll over to vehicle that I'm trying to rent."


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Dan says

"2hr pick up wait. Turns out they have no cars at the location, so 15 people were waiting for them to deliver the inventory to start distributing cars."

Tamra Bloom says

"If I could give budget less than one star I would. Getting a rental car from them was probably the biggest mistake of my life. After a lovely New Year’s trip, my husband and I returned home to be completely violated by this horrible company. We picked up the rental car and we returned it early. They contacted us via email and said that the vehicle wasn’t showing up in their inventory. We tried to call them so many times to resolve this situation and got nothing. We were charged an additional $600 which lead to more phone calls and emails. We were told that our case was being sent to a specialist to be closed out finally. A week later we were charged again, this time for $2500. Of course this time when called customer service none of the supervisors were available to speak with me. Budget is not worthy of our business or yours."

Rosa Ibanez says

"The worse Rental car that you can have, don't ever waist your time trying to Rent a Car in El salvador, They reserve a car for us which didn't exist... Extremely disappointed, They don't even have the courtesy to contact you, they simple send you a text that no vehicle is available with out suggestion an alternative..."

Megan Hartpence says

"Best company ever!!! Wonderful customer service. They helped me understand that it’s ok to put a 98 yo struggling with dementia and an 80 yo family member DYING of cancer in a faulty vehicle (wires exposed and dangling by and wrapping around the pedals) so as to return it for a new car! Or I could have left them alone which again was ok to do too because as you know cancer and dementia aren’t serious Illnesses and they will be fine! I never knew! Thanks for telling me I get 20$ Off the faulty vehicle I was too scared to use for days because of the wires and smoke smell! How amazing! Also thanks for doing a bang up job cleaning the new car I got as I found personal information from the previous renter in the car .. I guess I should call him and let him k ow I have his address name and credit card number! Oh man shopping spree!!!"

ka karen says

"I have booked the car and take it from the London airport in August 2020. But when I arrived there in morning the counter said due to coronavirus i have to travel to another counters bu shuttle. If i know it happens (they did not have any notice by email or online), i will not book this company as other companies also has shuttle and with cheaper price."

Jon Smith says

"Returned the car on full tank and charged me $92.00 full service fee with $83.00 time and mileage fee. An actual theft that I’m assuming they do it to several others. Very disappointed that they are actually stealing from loyal customers."

Jo' says

"First off, when I arrived me and. Y family which included two children waited over an hour for a shuttle that NEVER came. It was very cold outside and raining. We had to end up asking Avis shuttle for assistance, in which then we were taken to the budget. Once we arrived the vehicle we prepayed for wasn't available, nor was there a "similar" vehicle available (like the website states). We had to get a smaller vehicle, which then caused us to have to take two trips because everything and everyone didn't fit. It was the most horrible experience I had with a rental company. I would never do business Budget again nor would I recommend them. Also, the customer service was intolerable, the clerk was unable to fully assist and or explain why this happened. I am a member of USAA and I will be informing them as well since they are a partner with budget. I would they not do business with you all. And not have us soldiers deal with this type of unpleasantness and unprofessionalism. We deserve better. We couldn't even get a decent credit for budget shortcomings. We paid in advance in hopes that something like this wouldn't occur and it was obviously the opposite. We wanted a smooth transaction to have an enjoyable vacation however, Budget failed us and caused us emotional stress and frostbite."

Glenda Castillo says

"The van was extremely dirty , and the wiper blades were not working , so i called to road assistance and they said to go head and exchanged the vehicle on my nearest location, and to not refill the gas , so i got there and they said that i do have to pay for the gas , they took like 1 hr time for me for nothing , worse company and this is not the first time having an issue with budget , worse worse car rental company"

Latisha Howard says

"What a complete ripoff. Read every aspect of your contract. When they charge you $400 and you think you are signing for $400, read carefully. I reserved this vehicle online and declined their insurance online, because my personal insurance covers rentals. In person they asked me if I wanted it for $35 a day! I said, No (while shaking my head no) I have my own personal insurance. My husband even responded,” And it’s pretty good insurance.” Even though we already said no when we PAID for our rental online. After we decline the insurance again, we continue to converse and laugh with Jeff assuming all is well. In doing so, we don’t read every single letter of the contract, which I assumed was telling us the standard,”if you break it you buy it.” and telling us the cost of $400. Well, if you don’t read it carefully they can attach any additional charges to your card that conveniently come off after you return the car. They don’t try to charge you right then, because then you will catch their little scam and decline it for the 4th time. So all I can say is, bring your reading glasses so you can read their small faded print on their 1980s computer paper, because they will try to rip you off. Pay the $50 extra and go to enterprise, because after they charged me an additional $230!... I would have actually saved $180 with them! Also, enterprise cars won’t smell like pot and old McDonald’s either. 🤢"

Jorge Garcia says

"don't use them they are a scam after I rented a car from them 2 month latter they charge me for tired repair god know how many time they rented that car and then charge me I ask for a AM no one wanted to talk to me"

Wesley Gates says

"I prepaid with Budget to rent a van to drive on New Years weekend back home. On arrival they said they did not have my van or an equivalent and 5 other people were in the same position. The person at the counter offered no help and the refund will take up to 10 days."

Anthony says

"Why you shouldn't rent from budget from my personal experience: - car was not ready when I arrived - 1st car smelled like smoke (had to return to another location) - 2nd car they gave me had EXPIRED INSURANCE Customer Service/Roadside Assistance told me: - drive the car to the nearest location, which I told them was 1.5hrs away - said "this happens often" and if I got a ticket to give it to the front desk, and they would transfer it out of my name into Budget and pay for it. Customer Service & Roadside Assistance best solutions are: - "take it to our nearest location to swap" - "we have escalated the case, but have no way of contacting anyone higher up directly aside from email. Please wait x amount of hours for solution." Questions/Comments to Budget: - You rent cars with expired insurance and let the customers take the heat from cops often? - According to Budget I would get the ticket in my name. Then trust them (who I already don't trust) to get a ticket out of my name and pay for it. I'd bet on a warrant if I don't follow up. Lolz My Situation: It's New Year's Day and I'm out of town on vacation. Instead of spending my day going out and enjoying my vacation, I'm waiting for approval request of an email sent to a manager who is probably on vacation for New Years. Said I'd hear back in 2 hours and here we are 6 hours later! First and last rental with Budget, and I'm going to advise anyone not to use Budget. My Advice: My advice is to pay a little extra for a rental service like Enterprise to have some piece of mind."

Tom Rocher says

"I'm still waiting for my 500$ my deposit back"

Ayden Maertz says

"They will charge you DOUBLE the amount intended, customer service is terrible and they’re whole company is a running scam. Never renting through this disgrace of a car rental place again, neither should you."

Yishi Garrard says

"Awful. Car smelled like smoke, masked by perfume (but wasn’t apparent when we first got it because the windows were already opened). Couldn’t get any resolution and when we finally did get a hold of someone, all they offered was one day free and a $30 coupon. Insulting and a waste of time. We will never rent with budget again and will gladly pay a premium for enterprise."

Kathy Gordon says

"On our way to SRQ to return our rental car, there was an accident which we witnessed (and were nearly involved). We stopped to wait and to talk with the police officers who arrived. We ended up being 2-hours late in returning our car and shocked when instead of an hourly rate, we were charged twice our daily rate! Emailed Budget and got a reply but no explanation, etc. Just "it is what it is." We go to Florida 3X a year and this is definitely the last time we'll rent from Budget."

Jackson says

"Car smelled like cigarettes"

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