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The Bricker Cider Company: The Sunshine Coast original working cidery located in West Sechelt. We have a 3 acre apple orchard, tasting room and lounge and a food truck on-site. We serve tastings and glasses of our delicious dry apple ciders, as well as a rotating guest beer tap.

Shonagh Harpur shared her disappointing experience, "Unfortunately the staff at Bricker weren't nice at all. They wouldn't serve me as I forgot my ID, although I'm almost 30 years of age. I understand this may be policy, however, staff were extremely rude about it."


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Attorney at Law (Former Employee) says

"This firm has had its share of troubles over the past few years, including the one partner who left and killed himself a week or so later and another partner who shot and killed his wife (a former Bricker attorney as well) and then killed himself. The firm has recognized that it has been left behind by its "big firm" competition in central Ohio and is not happy about it. The competition has grown significantly and Bricker did not. Efforts to open other offices (usually derisively referred to as "satellite" offices) have not gone terribly well as the Columbus office refused to yield any power, control or authority. So, while it yearns to be a "big firm", it's really a multi-office medium-sized firm that's run like a one-office firm dominated by a cult-like clique (the Health Law practice group), Cons: When you turn your back, the pleasantness is exchanged for bitterness."

Legal Secretary (Former Employee) says

"Regular 8-5 hours, good benefits, learned about intellectual property, immigration, worker's compensation, medical malpractice law, workplace culture was welcoming and friendly."