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Brambles Limited is an Australian company that specialises in the pooling of unit-load equipment, pallets, crates and containers. It is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Brambles traces its history to 1875, when Walter Bramble established a butchery business in Newcastle, the operations of which he gradually expanded into transport and logistics. Brambles was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 1954, as W E Bramble & Sons Limited and entered the pallet pooling business in 1958 through the purchase of the Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool (CHEP), from the Australian Government. This same year the company changed its name to Brambles Industries Limited and moved its head office from Newcastle to Sydney.

A former employee of Brambless wrote in a review "Brambless managers are only interested in themselves. To the extent that direct falsification of data, to make oneself look better. No longer interested in transparency & honest work ethics and good values!"

Brambles Reviews

David Pound says "My recent experience is exactly the same as Iain Hardiker. I posted the incorrect gloves back on 25 May and have been told today that there is a delay due to the high number of returns!!! Maybe they need to look at their despatch processes."
iain hardiker says "Somewhat disappointed as my order reference PO1098645 was despatched incorrectly and i subsequently emailed you on the 18th of May about the error in goods received, but to date i haven't even had a reply to say i will be dealt with in due course. I understand companies have staffing issues currently, but please let me know asap as i feel very forgotten about right now."
Bespoke Contract Services Ltd says "i place an order on the 7th of April for my company. we are a NHS partner and was told items were in stock. I have called today 16th April and told they don't have any stock until the end of may. I don't understand why they are selling items they don't have ?"
Concerned person says "I ordered several boxes of gloves from this company couple of months ago. I received an email after a few weeks stating the items were in back order as they had none in stock. To my surprise my gloves that they said were out of stock were for sale on the site at 4 times the original price I paid. I finally got a refund this afternoon as they STILL hadn't dispatched my items. This company is clearly using the covid-19 virus to profiteer by selling the boxes I ordered for £4 for £16. Shameful."

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