Brakes Sucks Customer Reviews and Feedback

From Everything.Sucks

Brakes (previously known as ‘Brake Bros Ltd’) is a food and distribution company supplying food, drink, and other products mainly to the catering industry in the UK through more than 20 distribution centers. It provides delivered wholesale and contracts logistical services. The company was created in 1958 and headquartered in Ashford, United Kingdom. Brake Bros Limited has been a subsidiary of Sysco Corporation since 5 July 2016 when the latter bought it for $3.1bn. Its customers include schools, contract caterers, hospitals, hotels, independent dining establishments, and various large restaurant chains.

A Current Storeman from Harlow, Essex shares some thoughts about working for Brakes Group in a review published by INDEED: "If you don’t ever want to be at home or see your family then this is the perfect job for you, with anything up to 2 hours overtime every day, and bullying and harassment From management if you dare say no to doing it! The job in itself is actually quite easy but down to poor management who haven’t got a clue what they are doing and next to no equipment to use makes it difficult."