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Boxfresh is a British fashion label founded in 1989 by Roger Wade. The name originates from early hip hop slang for a pair of trainers being "fresh out of the box".

A male fashion insider noted it's poor quality, "I work at a store that used to carry Boxfresh shoes. I actually purchased a pair myself, they were the Boxfresh. Unfortunately, they didn't last too long.. Probably lasted a year at most, then they started to fall apart. The quality was sub-par. It felt kind of cheap, to be honest. I'd say on par with Aldo shoes.


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John Sammes says

"Having had two great pairs of Boxfresh Clyston shoes over the last three years, I was keen to stick to the same brand. I ordered and paid for a pair of Boxfresh Cladd shoes (Clyston no longer available), received an order acknowledgement, then three days later, an unexplained refund. When I asked what was happening, I was told they were out of stock, although they were even then still shown as available on the website. Bought a pair of Clarks instead..."

Simon says

"Bought a nice pair of shoes only to be told a couple days later that they were not in stock and there was an inventory mismatch. Website still shows them in stock..."

Jones says

"My item is faulty after only three months, the quality it's not the best"

Luke says

"I’m in Australia, the prices are displayed in dollars. I reasonably assumed that since you’re based in the U.K and displaying dollars that you’ve used geolocation to determine I’m in Australia and are displaying AUD prices. Checked my bank statement and it turns out I’ve been charged in USD. This is deceptive at the very least, fraudulent at worst. Also, I ordered two pairs of shoes and 9 days later my order status is changed to “out of stock” on one pair and I’ve received no email confirmation that my order has been shipped, and there is no mention of shipping or delivery tracking on the website. If I didn’t have a love of Boxfresh shoes I wouldn’t order from you again."

Natalia says

"first you send me review and didnt even receive the package
late with sending and today i receive call from delivery service company that package went to different address that i put on the order. how made a mistake??"

Chris says

"$46 in duties and processing fees on a total order value of $93 including shipping."

Hugo says

"I bought 3 pairs of shoes from them, but they delivered only 2 pairs. I tried contacting them through customer support but I have no answer so far... So i wonder if they are dishonest or just really bad..."

Steven says

"Accepted my order for some trainers in the sale only to cancel it a week later"

Justin says

"Order still not fulfilled. Placed an order on a Thursday. Come the Tuesday of the following week, no shoes, no email status update email. Even after I emailed to find out where my shoes were I am still nine the wiser (still waiting for a reply)."

Tuomas says

"Customer service is way too slow and no help."

Kris says

"The shoes were great and came in a reasonable amount of time. The issue I have is that when I was ordering the shoes there was an area regarding delivery info and charges, and it stated any international orders had a $12 shipping fee which I was fine with. What it did not say in this section is that I would be responsible for paying the duty charges upon delivery which were $57. When I emailed customer service they sent me a link with their “terms and conditions” and sure enough it was in there stating I would be responsible for the charges. Let’s be honest who reads those?! But they did have an easily accessible section where they tell me the delivery charge, why not put it right there and be up front about it? Instead of having a happy customer, it left me with a sour taste and an unexpected bill."


"After more than one week order still not shipped."

Paul says

"If you live outside of the UK, I would steer clear of purchasing shoes from Boxfresh. The prices are deceptively listed in American dollars, so if you aren’t American the prices seem deceptively low. Additionally, after your shipment leaves, you get dinged with astronomical fees at the border, which you must pay in order to receive your shipment. I am finally do to receive my shoes next week at prices higher than I would have paid in stores. Very disappointed with my transaction."

Wen says

"I live in Australia. My order was refunded when the website didn’t advise me that the item is out of stock."

Andy says

"Although item showed as being in stock and taking payment they weren’t and so payment was refunded a few days later.
Also disappointing that they are stopping the larger sizes, it’s difficult enough getting footwear in sizes 13 and 14"

Jack says

"No real time tracking options for deliveries to Portugal. I paid for the EU express option, and the package did not arrive yet and it is overdue."

Stewart Wimmer says

"Ordered for Shipment to Australia
No Currency conversions show all prices in US $ therefore very expensive assumed wrongfully so that once the country is selected Currency would be displayed . Sent an email to request information on this, no response received.
These are very hard to find in Australia and have bought pairs when traveling overseas they do have a good range though"

oliver says

"I haven't received my order yet, no fault on boxfresh's part. It because unfortunately they use Hermes as the courier company. I forgot to check which parcel delivery company they use, I have a rule....never purchase anything from anywhere if it's to be delivered by Hermes, I'd rather be charged for delivery. Unless there's an option in future to choose a different courier I sadly won't be ordering again."

Eric says

"I was a little shocked by the $37 customs fee. Feel like, maybe that should have been mentioned. If it was I didn’t see it.
Other than that, I love the product and it came pretty quick."

M. K. says

"Unfortunately, I had to send shoes back after only 3 weeks as both were completely rubbed/damaged at the inner side heel area. Otherwise, shoes are nice, looks good and arrived in good packaging."

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