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Bose Corporation is an American manufacturing company that predominantly sells audio equipment. The company was established by Amar Bose in 1964 and is based in Framingham, Massachusetts. Bose is best known for its home audio systems and speakers, noise-cancelling headphones, professional audio products and automobile sound systems. Bose has a reputation for being particularly protective of its patents, trademarks, and brands.

While Bose had a good brand recognition for decades, they now are consistently terrible on the products front and the customer service end. Ravi is one of many, many dissatisfied customers. Here's his warning, "Bose sells premium systems at extremely premium prices. Our system is about 10 years old & Bose has not just stopped supplying its spares, but also denies any service support. This means, after spending $4000 on a music system, after a few years, you have no option but to throw it away, as Bose will not even send an engineer to look at it. Beware of such a company. There are many other premium companies whose system last longer & they also keep supporting forever."

Not only that, they appear to be rip off artists as Endgadger reports, "Koss has sued Apple, Bose, al for allegedly violating patents on wireless headphone technology. The company claimed AirPods, the Bose 700 and other Bluetooth headphones are copying features from Koss’ Striva line of WiFi audio gear, and it wanted a payback now that the industry had “caught up” to work Koss started in the early 2000s."


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Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"weak management, kind of racist"

Former Employee - Principal Engineer says

"Constant turmoil, constantly behind, one-sided loyalty biased toward the company and senior leadership. Multiple products having been recalled, serious HW/SW quality issues and/or sales stopped the last couple of years. Health division products a no-show after years of investment (money pit?) while competition's products are out of the gate and running. Reductions, starting at the bottom, to make up for misses, 'tis always the season! All while very competent competition and innovation across all product segments increases."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"Terrible upper management (Director up to President). President was fired a couple months ago but that is too little too late. Outsourced all manufacturing and now some of the engineering work to China. This is failing miserably. Offered early retirement and then laid off all of their seasoned talent to be replaced by younger inexperienced people over the past 3 years. This has resulted in new products that literally don't work and/or can't be manufactured so the projects get cancelled. I'm not sure this company is going to survive more than a few years. If it does, it will be a much smaller company. This has all come about over the past 5 years with Dr. Bose's passing. So sad to see. They have announced more layoffs are coming."

Former Employee - Documentation Manager says

"Heavy in corporate bureaucracy; feels like working in the government sector."

Former Employee - Analyst says

"Closing all retail stores Hit-or-miss managers Underwhelming Management re-orgs frequently disrupting Poor management Strategic initiative often changing"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Management is horrible. Not supportive at all. Very biased to senior management."

Former Employee - Lead Sales Specialist says

"Workplace/management culture, variable compensation constantly adjusted to reduce bonus payouts."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"No direction from senior management, no diversity, more frequent layoffs (jobs being pushed to China), below market pay, no growth opportunities, too many managers"

Current Employee - Store Manager says

"it's an old private company therefore, lots of politics only to be clouded by the management training they provide."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"always re-org, constant lay-offs, the worst of the leaders remain despite their own history of heading failed ventures"

Material Handler/Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"Management picks favoritism u get lousy raises 30cents or lower. It might be better do cause I heard the previous manager left she was the bad one to much to listNoneNo friends cut throat environment"

Source to Pay Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Keep looking for another job, this company or at least the Lisbon hub is rotten. Highest turnover imaginable due to toxic environment and bad incompetent managers.Central locationManagement/team leaders"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Don't bother as this company pays minimum for superstar abilities. It's impossible to move up in the company and most managers have been there for 15 years.discounts on Bose products"

Inside Sales (Former Employee) says

"Management is horrible. No work life balance. Nothing interesting about the job. No appreciation is shown for any work you do.Management is horrible.."

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Was once a great place to work. But more recently has become much more concerned with profits over people. Interviews are often done as panel interviews."

Assembly Line worker (Former Employee) says

"This was very hard assembly line work. The management was very loud, rude and pushy. I did not like the long hours. The plant is now closed as of four years ago,"

Systems Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Pros: Coworkers, flexible schedule, work from home. Cons: Tedious work, some departments difficult to deal with, very odd culture with odd social circles."

Technical Support (Current Employee) says

"Its not a fun job at all. tech support is not for me. there is nothing to gain from tech support.bosebose"

Strategized methods to perform such tasks at hand (Former Employee) says

"Clock in, grab trays. Lay out donuts. Decorate. Bake muffins. Lay out bagels. Help customers. Take orders."

ACD Writer (Former Employee) says

"What a joke. Lots of talk at the beginning of hire about Bose creative pushing the limits, and wound up with NOTHING creative. It's bland ideas that gets picked here. Management is overbearing and snobbish, Dr. Bose should retire to Hawaii and let the creatives do what they do best -- but that will never happen. I grade it an F.moneyvirtually everything, you're a drone."

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I was employed with Bose for less than a year. The position I was interviewed for was completely different than the position I was hired for. The culture of the company is similar to High School. The management of the Administrative Staff is poor at best.I do not have a Pro to working at this company.Poor management and culture."

Material Handler II (Former Employee) says

"Bose has bad management, bad quality control.A typical day at work consist of picking orders, processing, & shipping.I learned how to use s.a.p.My co-workers were good workers, & experienceda 50% discount on bose productsbad pay, bad management"

Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Changing organization with a disconnect between employee and management. With changing market trends the challenge to keep up and stay true to core values has subsided."

Lead Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"I helped open the Music To Go store at the Irvine Spectrum. It was a mess, I was lied to and told I'd be in charge of the store operations. I come in the first day of team training for an entirely new location, and find out I am a glorified Assistant, the guy who told me he was the DM was the GM, and it was awkward from there forward. I left a job of 6 years because of his offer. The culture is not at peace with its own identity. There are cool demonstrations and room to be creative, but there is also nitpicking about stuff that really makes no difference and accountability forced on people in other departments that have no say, purpose, or outcome control in others.Discounts on over priced speakers and headphonesHonesty, Integrity, and Advancement"

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"Communication has been a problem for the company since the began and continues to be an issue. Leadership seems confused and leads to more confusion for the others in the organization.poor communication and leadershipGet use and enjoy a lot of new tech and help bring joy to people with that tech"

Bose Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you are applying for this job be prepared to do everything on your own with no help or guidance from upper management. The current district manager or what they like to call it now retail market manager is in over her head. This company is failing year after year. And will probably be cutting more and more people over the next few years. Bose is attempting to play catch up to what is already lost race. The few pros are the products and peers. The cons are development from senior management. This location is on a decline and the staff is.... Well let's just say new! Good luck to whomever falls into this role, because they will need plenty of it.ProductsDistrict management"

Operator in production (Current Employee) says

"Ze beloven je een mooie werkcarrière maar uiteindelijk ontslaan ze mensen door financiële put, hun commentaar is steeds we moeten u ontslaan wegen economische redenen ! Het tempo ligt heel hoog want we moeten veel stuks halen!"

Assistant Store Manager/Regional Customer Experience Trainer (Current Employee) says

"Upper management refuses to adapt to changing shopping climate and was closing retail stores all over the country. Should only count on one more year of the store being open."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company keeps outsourcing American jobs to China because they are having a hard time staying relevant and meeting sales with their consumer business. Diversity is terrible, most executives and managers are older white males that do not know the culture and are behind on the times. Compensation and benefits are below industry average. Rumor is more layoffs are coming. Beware of this sinking ship.Flexible hoursCompensation is below industry average."

Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"We joked around alot had a few good bosses n a few bad ones I liked Bose at first than it became a place I hated to go to I would not recommend for any one to work thereOff earlyLate notice on over time"

Walter says

"Ordered product on July 20,2021 Paid for item through Pay Pal. Got message from Bose stating shipment will arrive on July 23rd. Unable to tract package through UPS (the shipper,} Called Bose Canada on 2 occasions and was told item will be received on Aug 3rd,still unable to tract call Bose again was told item will now be received Aug, 6th this is unacceptable. My last call ,I enquired if the agent I was talking to was representing Bose Canada and he assured me that he was,but the Bose Warehouse was in the USA and shipment was delayed because of Covid 19. and the fact that it was a Canadian Order. So Much for Bose Canada. This is by far the poorest experience I have had dealing with a Company and an online shopping experience."

K Baker says

"Ordered a Bose soundbar 300 on 26 December. Never heard anything, been chasing , call centre staff English not great, told for two weeks that I would receive despatch email in 24-48 hours, got email Monday 11 jan to say despatched and have UPS tracking number but UPS have no record of this number and it’s now 16th jan. I asked for refund last week and to cancel the order and refund me as I can get one in curry’s store today!! Said they they can’t and I have to just wait for the goods to arrive and refuse them, then I would have to wait for goods to be received back at Bose to get my money back! I cannot afford to go buy another one why I wait for weeks or months to get my money back. Lack of communication has been diabolical , I even messaged on messenger via their Facebook and they take 3 days to reply to that! Would expect so much more from Bose so angry, frustrated and disappointed. You would expect better customer care from a premium brand manufacturer- considering the price of their products you would expect a bit more money invested into looking after their customers. Certainly will never buy direct from them again and will certainly spread that message. From reading all the other reviews it seems many are having a similar issue."

Micktonks says

"Ryanair and the other airlines and travel companies can breathe easier, we have a new winner of the worst customer service possible - Bose. I ordered a TV Soundbar and 10 days later received my first communication - an email with the invoice attached. The next day an email with a UPS tracking number attached which was not recognised by UPS. I called Bose but the phone line was not working. It is also impossible to email Bose as all emails are automated and just bounce back. The website is useless too with no contact other than the phone (which doesn't work or states they are unable to connect you at this time); or an online moderator who suggests you telephone the helpline - which of course is out of service. I then received a credit note refunding the full amount of the purchase with no explanation and ne means of contacting them other than the useless phoneline. I tried for another 4 days before eventually getting through (on about the 10th attempt of that day) to a call centre somewhere where a lady informed me in broken English that my order had been turned back at the UK border because of Brexit so they refunded my purchase. No information was given prior to that and contact was impossible without repeatedly telephoning a number that was either out of service or unable to connect. Do not buy anything directly from Bose. Just go to Argos or Currys if you must buy their products, but they managed to put me off for life."

Ralph Rivera says

"The WORST customer service experienced in my entire life!!! I place an order for a remote control, paid extra for overnight service, never received an order confirmation. I have called 3 times to check on my order and every time I get different status. I am currently on hold for 48 mins, finally asked the customer service agent for a manager since he is telling me that the order is with UPS but he does not have a tracking number, then after asking him several times...did my order ship?? he reply "No" then again says that I should receive my order today. Hello!!! If the order did not ship, how is that I am going to receive my order today!! Hello!! Anybody Home?!?!? Then he says that UPS has my order, okay I asked him again for the tracking number and he not have one....CUSTOMER SERVICES REALLY SUCKS!!!!!"

Tarbet Balfour says

"Tried support today. re on off switch on a DAB module. To find out which way was on and off. NO RESPONSE then tried an agent a HUMAN . Again no response. For such expensive products their aftersales service SUCKS. Would be nice to find out but cant. Suggest Bose get their act together, too much reliability in their past re product quality and name. They need to come into the 21st Century VERY FAST. No more Bose for me."

georgette says

"Bose customer service is nonexistent. You just get a continuous referral to another unresponsive connection. I've been a customer since the 1080's and have purchased speakers and 3 Waves. But now I'm disgusted and will never buy another thing from them and tell all my friends."

Ermin Jusufovic says

"If I could, I would give BOSE 0 stars. BOSE is the worst and I will definitely go with Sonos next time. I bought the Soundbar 700 along with a subwoofer and a set of surround speakers. They worked for about 7 months and then the bar had to be sent for service. That process took over a month. They say it shouldnt take more than 3 weeks. I got it back and after a month of use it went down again. Once again, I had to send it to service. It has now been over 1.5 months and I still don't have my speaker back. Again they promised 3 week turnaround time. The customer service reps "escalated" the issue 3 times, but can give me no idea on how long it will take or what is happening with the product. I asked to speak with their supervisor and they "couldn't" get me to anyone. No compensation offered, no ability to contact anyone, just ship it back and pray. Shame on BOSE. This is a $1000 system. I would expect this from a discount product, but not BOSE. Buyer BEWARE, BOSE is garbage which can't even last a year, and their repair process is an absolute joke. Lost my business forever."

Karen Durston says

"I see many similar issues about Bose customer service. I ordered a gift on Dec17 from Bose. The site said two day shipping. When I submitted my order, The form said black (my preferred color) was not in stock. So I ordered silver and the order went through. I got an email confirmation for my order. This gave me the impression that the product was in stock. It did not arrive for Christmas. It was a gift for my brother in another state. I called the day after Christmas and was told it would arrive first week in Jan. I told my brother. Today 1/4 I called and was told it would arrive in warehouse Feb 8 and it would take 3 days to ship. they told me to go to Walmart or Best Buy. Yes, after booking my order and missing Christmas, Bose customer Service tells me to go expose myself to COVID. This felt extremely insulting. I ordered it from Amazon and cancelled with Bose. My husband and I both have the headphones I ordered for my brother. we had wired Bose headsets before. So I like Bose products. I’ve heard that Amazon takes a big cut. Now I know why — Bezos and his emphasis on customer service should be a lesson. I’m getting the same product at the same price but faster with no insults."

Customer says

"I've been fooled into buying two Bose products. Sleep buds and music buds, both do not work as stated, you charge them, then they don't work. You can have these back, your marketing is very misleading. There is always one of the buds that doesn't charge."

Len Bell says

"Thier website SUCKS for getting service help or support from. I have been having constant issues with my soundbar and can I send them an email about it? Nope!"

Henk Jan Bergevoet says

"Soundtouch app I have ever seen so bad developed never works in multiple version with more speakers"

Randall Presswood says

"I wish there were negative stars to rate! I ordered a BOSE Soundlink II Color Speaker on 11/29/20. Several days later I received notice from BOSE of delivery from UPS. Unfortunately, that was not the case. On 12/05 I reached out to both Bose and USP to track the item. Bose told me it was on its way. UPS said it was a lost shipment. I filed a number of claim forms with UPS and again reached out to BOSE — who told me the item should arrive in a few days! On 12/10, UPS refunded the price of the item ($85.75) to BOSE. I still heard nothing from BOSE and still had no product. I reconnected with BOSE today, and spoke with ALEX - who told me it was my responsibility to reach out to BOSE if I was missing a package. HELLO...that’s exactly what I did — TWICE. She told me it would be another 3 - 5 days while she connected with finance and shipping. REALLY...another 3-5 days? It’s already been 21 days since BOSE was reimbursed - and 31 days since I paid BOSE. So I still have no money and no product — and no resolution. In short, DO NOT order from BOSE. There is no consideration for your resolution or satisfaction. As for me...JBL is looking mighty fine these days!"

brendan ross says

"If my Bose QC35 II ask me to select my Bose headphones from my mobile phones blue tooth list again I am going to blow my brains out. The headphones literally lie to you every 5 minutes -- "ready to pair." I had the bose quiet comfort for about 4 years without a problem. I just received the Bose QC35 II. Absolute junk. They worked fine the first day and now they wont pair to my computer or iphone. It shouldnt be that difficult. Ive bought headphones for $10 on Amazon and Ive never had this much trouble. Absolute garbage. To give you an idea how bad it is, I have never felt the need to leave a review in my 30 years on this planet for electronics or a restaurants. I just bought the Bose sunglass. Ill be returning both."

Ian Dagger says

"Bought a Bose Soundlink Revolve Speaker early Feb, 2020. After only EIGHT months later it's bust. No longer charging. Sent it back to Bose for repair. TWO whole months later I get it back, 'fixed'. After only ONE month only of light usage.. it's bust again. Same issue. Phoned ‘Support’ and spoke to a 'specialist' who may or may not have been ‘automated’. Difficult to tell. Told I would have to re-send the short-lived product that they sold me at a considerable price so I can wait for another eff who-knows how long before it is once again ‘fixed’. So, I’ll send it off once more, and in the meantime, will be forced to purchase a similar product, only this time from a rival company, as Bose aren’t EVER AGAIN going have any of my hard-earned."

Dr. E says

"Placed a custom order for Bost headphones on Nov. 23. Recieved notification that my order was being processed. Called customer service Dec 12 to ask when order would ship as there was no info about that when I tracked my order. Was informed product would be ready to ship Dec 18th by UPS and I did not have the option to ask and PAY for expedited shipping. Callex back on Dec 18 to check and was informed my custom headphones would be available in 12 weeks. Asked how I was to know that IF I had not called because Bose did not email, call nor update their site where I can track my order. Kept saying to the customer service rep, all Bose needs to do is communicate openly and honestly. Asked to speak to supervisor. Informed supervisor too busy .. but keep phone line open and supervisor will call within 2 to 4 hours. Did that, supervisor called after 7 hours, informed me that effective that day ... Dec 18 Bose was adding notation to their online store stating custom Bose wireless speakers would now take 12 weeks to process. Never got clear info about when my order would be recieved because Bose did charge my debit card the full price for the headphones on Dec 18th. Supervisor said my order would now be shipped via expedited UPS service and customer service reps would be trained. No apology given ... I was just repeatedly informed that custom headphone have a 7 week lead time. Why was that not disclosed BEFORE I placed the order. I promised Bose I would start submitting reviews everyday, every hour UNTIL I recieve my 16 year olds Christmas present which he personally designed and has been so looking forward to recieve. As a back up I ordered some Beats headphones on Dec 18 for $400 just in case the Bose ones (which cost me ~$300) never arrive. Can't believe Bose cost me this much money. I do not recommend dealing with Bose. Disappointed Mom"

Eric says

"The WORST company in the entire world! I’ve contacted them via phone, Instagram, Facebook messenger and email. Nothing resolved! Ordered an item on Nov 20th, touched base 3 weeks later and was told lies upon lies about its whereabouts. I’ve called these people 10+ times and get a different story every time. I was forced to cancel my order and am now being given the runaround about processing my return of funds. 3-5 days of waiting, then 72 hours, then 7-10 days. FRAUDS. Do NOT order from them as a Canadian!!!! AWFUL!"

Brian Chit says

"I ordered Bose System V on Nov 29, 2020, item would not be in-stock until Dec 17 2020, I paid for the item. On Dec 1 2020 I called customer service to confirm delivery before Christmas and was assured that it would be delivered before Christmas. I could have purchased the system at a big box stores on Dec 1, but decided to stick with the Bose delivery to the house,it was safer. I called again today to confirm delivery before Christmas and was told that my order would not be filled until January 28, 2021. Very dissatisfied to be told that my delivery was now not until the end of January and no other stores have the item in-stock. Bose will have my money for over 2 months if and when I get what I have paid for. I am very dissapointed in Bose customer service for deceiving me."

Jessica says

"Just a FYI, to any Canadians, there is no such thing as I placed my order, and all correspondence I received from that point forward came from Including my customer survey, which they obviously don't care about, or I'm sure someone would have contacted me. My order was shipped from the US, and 20 days later I still hadn't received it. After wasting my time with the UPS investigation, I was told to contact Bose. Upon contacting Bose, they advised it will take 14 days for them to process the refund. Wish I came across this site prior to placing my order."

Mike says

"Absolutely terrible customer service, made me don’t wanna buy anything from them anymore. I returned everything. You suck"

Keisarin says

"I have had a few Bose headphones. They are comfortable to wear and have good fit. My last purchase was a pair of the new sport earbuds. As usual, good fit and sound but everything else terrible. The app is useless. I don’t use the voice assistance and there is no option to remap the controls so you can have something you want, the touch buttons start calling people out of the blue cause ... why not. And also Bose (even with past products) don’t have a very good customer service at all. One would hope that they can at least have good support. I would recommend to try another brand just for the hassle it is to have anything Bose."

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