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From Everything.Sucks is an online travel agency for lodging reservations. It is owned and operated by and is the primary revenue source of United States-based Booking Holdings and is headquartered in Amsterdam.The website has over 28 million listings. The site is available in 43 languages.

Kayla of Sandy, UT dishes the customer service limbo to be expected, "I was double charged for a stay in the month of June. The hotel said it is because I booked it through, and I need to resolve it with them. There is nothing on their website about resolving disputes, or communicating with I will not use this site again since I have not been refunding the second charge after waiting over a month."


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Current Contractor - ESL Teacher says

"- Hiring Process sends mixed messages. They solicit experienced ESL teachers to apply and explain the 48 hour fast track. Applicants assume that they are already pre-vetted to be hired within 48 hours. However, invitations aren't given until after the first Demo. - Teaching at Magic Ears is about Showmanship not teaching English. You can be the best English teacher (use TPR, give correct pronunciation corrections, use props, be engaging) but it's not enough if you aren't a showman. They call it passion, but passionate can be quieter. What they want is 100% smiles, no complaints, and insincere praise to student from teachers all the time. This doesn't seem like a huge con; but it comes to haunt teachers in their feedback if parents don't think the teacher is engaging enough to keep their small one entertained. It's supposed to be about teaching; not entertaining. -Known for vocal discrimination. The company is only looking for the standard american accent (which has no inflection of regional accents; southern, Long Island, Boston, etc..). This is basically the Mid-Atlantic accent. The company prides itself on using conversational English to teach. This should include common phrases used in different regions of the company; but somehow this conflicts with "accents." - Unlike other companies, the hiring process only introduces required training to prospective teachers. There is a one hour crash course on how to use the platform to teach and videos. However, besides a teacher's manual there is no way to easily disseminate the information until AFTER you are hired. This is a mistake. It means that the company is more interested in the personality of the teacher rather than their ability to learn and use the information. -Teaching has three bottom lines: noise control, passion-energy, progress control. Notice these bottom lines do not have to deal with: pronunciation correction, classroom management, proper training, TPR, or proper feedback. They are more interested in the students having a great time to maintain an image of the company that they are projecting. - They moderate their Facebook Pages. There is no free speech because the admins constantly monitor their pages and don't approve of anything negative. Everything is "good news all the time.""

ESL Instructor (Current Employee) says

"This company is not the same anymore. You are treated like garbage. Sudden changes that only benefits the client and harm the teachers. Shady practices. Not worth the stress. There are many other companies out there. NothingAll"

Teacher (Current Employee) says

"There's not much to say because there isn't any work here. A lot of time was wasted on preparing for their interview, mock classes, many cetifications and other activities for just five classes in the whole month of July. This company was even given a full scehdule. It seems they just hire as many teachers as they can to form a sort of cattle.NoneNo work."

ESL Teacher (Current Employee) says

"After seeing online that a "teacher" recruiter made over $30,000 every quarter for recruiting teachers-it became clear to me that it was all a lie. What wouldn't one say for that kind of money? let's be honest-we would say what they said "best job ever" when in reality it was never that and no job ever could be-working for yourself and being your own boss is the best job ever-this was never that. The classes being one on one were often painful-I'd have students who wouldn't participate, would read a book and ignore me the entire class time or would be three years old (not kidding!). Then if you are sick and cancel-they would fine you with a penalty fee-doesn't seem dreamy to me-but again I was not making a $30,000 plus check. Also, I used to admire the youtuber vipkid "teachers" but now I realize its just someone by themselves talking to themselves to a camera-doesn't sound all that exciting right? Working from home is isolating and only beneficial in a pandemic and if they are bookings. So it was never the best job, but it was the best lie ever told."

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"Parent feedback is key to this job. There are some very angry Chinese parents. Their children are scared to say or reply as they seem to fear their parents. The parents then leave hateful feedback, given this maybe one in 4,000 classes. That one feedback will ruin your job. The company never erases the feedback no matter how hateful and believe me it can be hateful and very personal for no reason. Also, now your payment is reliant on feedback, so vindictive, anti-U.S. Chinese parents can actually prey upon teachers to leave bad reviews. The company has now made it difficult for parents to leave reviews at all, so only parents who are extremely helpful or extremely harmful leave these reviews. The hours will literally kill you if you are not young but, even if young, the hours will catch up with you. It allows you to earn cash but the overall atmosphere is extremely toxic. work from anywhereparents, coorporate policies, continually changing, bad rates"

English Teacher (Former Employee) says

"I had a total of five 25-minute classes in six months! And that was about it. It was not a "job," per se. It was just more like for fun, for experience, and a big waste of time, effort, and money!!! I invested on this, buying my own overhead props, classroom materials, strong internet, and lots of lights. Not worth it.Learned teaching style. The kids are fun to teach because they like to learn.Waste of time money and effort, No bookings, Spend so much time on unproductive activities, When power outage occurs beyond your control due to bad weather, teacher don't get paid at all, even if lesson was fully taught, during minutes being online and gets fined."

teacher (Former Employee) says

"I have worked for VIPKid for 4 years. They just cut our pay and reduced our contracts to allow them to make changes at any time. The contract essentially allows them to change the pay or any other detail of your contract with 30 days notice. You have to be prepared to pivot with this job. They are started out great. They've gone WAY down hill. The teaching community is ruthless. Teachers "telling" on teachers. Public shaming and slander are not stopped by the company on their Official channels. It is despicable what they allow. Such a disappointing company. This is a shady company and support is non existent. Not much to say here. Total failThe pay is cut now and you won't get a raise."

Online English Teacher (Current Employee) says

"please save yourself your time and energy. They only honor white idealist teachers. Brown and black lives do not matter .They pay whites better than color people.Racist OrganizationP00r Quality Pay Pennies to the dollar"

English Teacher (Current Employee) says

"Cons: -there are consistent problems on the platform -there will be glitches on the teaching platform that will deduct your pay. --They will not try to fix the problem or address that they are stealing your wages -the content in terrible Pros -the kids are great"

Teacher (Current Employee) says

"I've worked with VIPKID for over 3 years now and during that time have only received one raise of FIFTY CENTS! It is impossible to get a raise with VIPKID because they keep changing their contracts on how you qualify for a raise. I had asked for a raise a month ago before signing new contract and they refused because I had one unmet condition. I have a 5 star rating, but I did not have the QUANTITY of 5 star ratings they require for a raise. Right after I signed the new contract, they changed the rules AGAIN that would have allowed me to qualify for a raise but they never issue a raise in the middle of a contract. Basically, you will never get a raise and if you do... it will be pathetic. This is only a side job for me. But if you are looking for something full time, this is not the right company. They have zero respect or value for the teachers.RemoteLow pay, poor management, constantly changing contracts and guidelines"

ESL Teacher (Current Employee) says

"This company has gone down hill like a rabbit on fire. When it first started, it valued the teachers, plenty of motivation to do well and work hard. Now they are pushing out the experienced and pulling in people who are not even teachers with decent degrees. They do not pay a fare wage, will TAKE YOUR MONEY if you miss a class for a sickness or death in the family. They constantly blame you for issues on their end. They don’t care about the kids learning and constantly lying to parents why they increase the cost, but not increasing your pay."

Teacher (Current Employee) says

"They do not value their teachers. We recently received a pay cut. This is hard to take with the hours we have to teach for this company. I have put in long hard hours and sleepless nights for this company."

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"They do not appreciate their workers and show blatant disrespect towards them. I do not trust the company at all. I would avoid working here at all costs."

Online ESL Teacher (Current Employee) says

"I've been with the company for 2 years, and starting in August of 2020, I and my fellow veteran teachers will have to accept a massive pay cut in order to keep teaching. Not only is this unacceptable, but the way it was communicated to teachers is also unacceptable. The company posted an update on their official Facebook page on a Friday morning and then went TOTAL radio silence when the teaching community was (understandably) outraged. In addition there is little to no support for teachers. If you have a question or a problem, you can expect a canned response. Teachers are routinely blamed for IT issues, even when it is blatantly on the student's end."

Teacher (Current Employee) says

"Massive pay cuts for teaching staff, and leave policy that means that you often have to work when you are sick, or in pain, or risk loosing your job. This also extends to things like family member deaths."

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"It’s a sad day when I feel the need to review a company I was loved. Their blatant disregard for teachers is astounding. They literally lowered our pay by 20% over night. Yet they raised student prices. They are making business decisions that aren’t sustainable."

Teacher (Current Employee) says

"This was initially an exciting start-up to work for three years ago. However, it has become increasingly clear that the business is operating in questionable gray areas. For instance, they classify teachers as independent contractors who have their own businesses and are in control of their own bookings. In fact they have many avenues in place for controlling and manipulating teacher bookings, and often pull students from their favorite teachers (who worked hard to acquire them) to direct them to lower-paid teachers. They have promised incentives and free classes to parents that they don't follow up on and parents have had to go to the BBB to file complaints. They have removed the possibility of pay raises for teachers after building their business promising them. They have changed the pay structure so that 95% of teachers take a medium to large pay cut, but worded it in a way that made it seem as though it was a favor for teachers. They continue to aggressively hire more teachers at the dire expense of the teachers they have. There has always been a deep lack of transparency and honest communication. I feel that the company has made a long string of poor choices in developing how they operate and in bowing deeply to shareholders and investors. All signs point to the company not existing a year or two from now due to lack of funding and poor management. Pros are that you work from home and in comfortable clothing. I used to have a longer list of pros, but they have disappeared slowly but surely over time."

Teacher (Current Employee) says

"There is no guarantee that you will ever get booked. How much you get booked strongly depends on all kinds of factors outside of your control, like the Chinese exam seasons, Chinese holidays, etc. There is little to no leniency for teachers who have to cancel classes due to emergencies, like extreme illness or sudden death of a family member. The communication with the Head Office is limited, and my attempts to contact them are often met with an unhelpful copy-paste response. When things go wrong, the company often sides against the teacher, like in cases of bad, inaccurate parent feedback or blaming system-wide technical issues on a teacher's personal equipment; I myself have taught full classes only to not be paid for them for reasons outside my control. They have now announced a new "incentive pay" program which essentially cuts most teacher's pay by up to 20% or so. If you are a new hire, forget about making more than $15/hour (BEFORE TAXES) for the first several years. And we haven't even talked about the issue of VIPKID paying teachers as Independent Contractors; we are employees in all but name. Controlling how many teaching props we use (requiring 2D and 3D props in every lesson), requiring that we provide an external "reward system" for the students, even controlling how much we smile. They require us to spend hours and hours in unpaid time in order to become "certified" to teach at different levels and to sit through online workshops. They even micromanage our classroom decorations, like dictating which maps to use and not use. We are managed like employees but paid"

Teacher (Current Employee) says

"I have been with this company for 3.5 years. The things I really liked about the company are slowly being taken away. -VIPkid just announced a HUGE pay cut to almost all their teachers. -At the same time, they also announced that there will be NO MORE RAISES!!!!!! You cannot advance at all past your initial base pay now. -And speaking of base pay, when I was hired, most teachers were offered $8 or $8.50 base pay with the opportunity to make a $0.50 raise every other contract. Now, most sign-ups I've talked to are making $7 base pay. And without raises, they are stuck at that rate. -VIPkid's cancellation policy is a nightmare. You are penalized monetarily and given fewer bookings when you cancel. They don't care if your dog just died, if your best friend is in a coma, if you vomit during class, you will be punished for canceling a class. -The hiring process is ROUGH. They make you do countless mock classes that are arbitrarily graded. You could teach the class the exact same way for two different mentors and get two totally different grades. You have to have props, a background, good lighting, a nice camera, headset, and a computer or you will be docked points and unable to pass the mock classes. All this is a big investment for not having the job yet. -When I first started, VIPkid used to give large cash incentives for working on holidays, more hours, etc. Then they changed that a token system in place that you could redeem for things like gift cards. Now they have taken away the gift cards and you can only redeem for stupid things like printable"

Online ESL Teacher (Current Employee) says

"I have been with this company for almost 2 years. Instead of being rewarded, or even valued, for my tenure and the quality of the lessons I provide, I am getting a pay cut. This is happening across the board for many teachers. We also have no control over which classes are booked, which negatively affects take home pay. I do NOT recommend working with this company."

Teacher (Current Employee) says

"They used to be a rocking community and a great place to work. They have slowly gone downhill the past few months with a current huge pay cut to all staff that don't work 35+ hours a week. Way to reward teachers who have been waking up at 2am for the last 3 years. You should be ashamed."

mr yan says

"Impossible to get hold of anyone. Honest advice, don't book your accom or any part of your holiday with these lot. They don't respond to any message so it's impossible to make changes"

Arv says

"What a terrible company. I would strongly advise to use another app such as will not own up to any form of process failure from them and do not care about proactively supporting their customers. Customer service is shockingly poor and will not take any form of responsibility in their wrong doing."

Howard Brazier says

"I am a host for a property and the service for hosts from is shocking. The cancellation rate is terrible and I have asked to speak to a supervisor and they will not."

Issam Lakkis says

" is a scam. Don’t use it. I have been trying to cancel my reservation since yesterday. Why? because my hotel told me to do so! makes it impossible to cancel and as such get a full or partial refund."

Ashley Fuller says

"DESERVES ZEROS STARS!!! I booked a 2 night stay at La Quinta at Northwest Fwy Houston TX. I am a cancer patient there in Houston for treatments and have difficulty walking due to pain. When we arrived we found that renovations were going on and none of the workers were wearing masks. Also found the elevator out of order. Our room was on the 3rd floor. Stairs were not an option as I have pain related to my cancer and walking hurts. We asked to cancel and asked for a refund. Refund was denied. Corporate office for La Quinta also denied my refund due to me scheduling through I am so offended that is booking appointments at places not following protocols related to the spread of covid and that they would not refund our money when it is truly not safe for someone stay at the motel. There are masks ordinances and signs up at the motel to follow protocol yet no one was following any policies. We had to rush to find another place to stay!!!"

Rebecca says

"I was in the process of moving homes so I just needed a temporary stay. I had booked Upper Rock Rooms via which clearly shows clean airy modern rooms on their website. Unfortunately this did not live up to the expectation. I arrived to find a very dark dirty room. The hotel are using pictures that portray modern rooms which are used from another hotel they own. Now onto the poor hygiene, I found hairs on the bathroom floor a shower that had not been cleaned. I reported this issue to during the first night I had stayed and they advised someone would call me the following morning. The following day I woke up to two bites on my face aswell as finding hairs in the bedding! Once this had been reported to they advised me from 12pm a Manager would come to see me. No member of staff showed up until 6pm at this point I had not had a shower been able to leave the room to grab a drink or a bite to eat. The receptionist Paul eventually rocked up at 6pm being extremely hostile and rude advising me there are no bed bugs in the property didn’t inspect the bed or mattress. I was told by the receptionist that the poor hygiene was down to the fact it’s a budget hotel and they do not have maids. Firstly this hotel is not advertised as a “budget hotel” nor is it an excuse for the disgusting state of the room. I was told they could offer me an alternative room and a partial refund which I declined due to the fact I had been bitten in one room and did not want to stay at a facility where they hold a poor standard of hygiene. The Manager visited me at 7pm and couldn’t care less that I was sitting around for hours waiting for her and went to advise they could not offer me any form of refund and told me finding hairs is just an “unpleasant thing to find”. Regarding the bites on my face I was told that it was likely a mosquito had bitten me in the middle of December in the U.K...I had to find an alternative hotel to stay for the night and checked out the next day (Christmas Eve) aswell as paying for costly transport to remove my belongings. I paid for 9 nights and have not received any refund or any form of compensation from the hotel nor After all my complaints and photographic evidence I have filed to they still continue to advertise this hotel to customers! Disgraceful!"

James Bright Sayne says

"No wonder they've got such low rating. Worst customer service I've experienced. Using Pandemic as an excuse. Booked for a stay at the 4 points by Sharaton, lagos. Paid for 10 days on got to property and was asked to pay extra £750 for hidden fees. After several international calls which cost about £100 still didn't resolve issue. leaving one stranded. One of the worst experiences of the trip. Customer service rep promised on several occasions to call the property, we waited for hours and never received any call. Promised to email the property, guess what, that didn't happen either. Also promised to sort out an alternative property, waited for a day and never got an email or call for an alternative. AVOID!!!"

Chris Turner says

"Terrible customer service. I booked a car through them. When I arrived, the rental company was already closed, so I had to pay for a taxi to my hotel. The next day the company said that I was a no show and they canceled my rental. I then had to book another car through Priceline, pay another taxi fee, and finally got a rental car. I asked for a refund and have been bumped around different departments and have not heard back almost a month later. Stay away from this company!"

Christine Clemencon says

"What can I say... they are totally useless! They charge fees which aren’t due, it’s then impossible to get any contact with anyone. Impossible for customers to change bookings."

Michu says

"Booked a hotel prior to covid being a thing. Covid arrives, flights got cancelled. Refused to refund a penny. Made me move the dates. Their response was i was allowed to travel legally, so not their problem. Bearing in mind there were no flights, was i supposed to swim there? Same situation with airbnb, expedia, AmericanAirlines..all bookings i made prior to covid i got a refund from all the listed companies, regardless of what the cancellation policy was. the only company that just hid behind their cancellation policy. Will never use them again, they're not getting a penny from me. Zero customer service for loyal customers for 10 years."

Mohsen Khali says

"I used for hotel reservations when I was living in the UK. Things worked well and I never had a problem. Since I moved to Canada, I made three bookings recently, two hotel and one car rental and had a terrible experience with all three. Hotel booking was not even there when we arrived and we were overcharged for the car rental. When we got in touch with customer service, they made it so difficult to claim our money back that I want to pull my hair out. This was their last chance. I WILL NEVER USE BOOKING.COM EVERY AGAIN. Bad customer service, no added value for booking through them and a source of losing money and peace of mind for customers. I recommend booking directly with hotels and car rentals and not"

Ayo Salami says

"DON'T BOOK! DON'T BOOK!!! If your planning on using prepare to be scammed. They have so many scammers letting out accommodations and when u call they say different untrue policies they failed to mention before. Me and my friends booked an apartment in london and after 5 hours of calling the property owners, it turned out that the apartment belonged to a family. This family everyday have random strangers at they're door claiming they've rented their apartment, they've called to complained but get ignored. We even called for the family' apartment to be off their site as this is clearly a scam as the individuals who put the apartment on the site clearly weren't the owners, but customer service told us we can't get a refund and we had to send our IDs to them. Which was never mentioned before (just adding new policies out the blue) Till this day I'm convinced the whole site is a scam so please don't book!!!"

Jon says

"I've had no problems with until I booked an apartment with a high rating that an individual rented out through So the host shows me the apartment. It doesn't look anything like the pictures! I realize that this is not the nice, spacious apartment I booked. It's a small s* apartment, and the last place I'd like to spend my vacation with my GF. I pay 4 times as much to get into a hotel and contact which asks me to pay for the stay as the host provided me with an apartment. coudn't give a s*** at I booked a nice apartment and got a s****y one. That's how it works with After 15 years or so with, I immediately removed my credit card from their site. Think twice before you book an apartment through This experience definitely ruined what should've been a nice day on vacation."

Anderson Ferreira says

"AVOID, AVOID, AVOID - Contacted to claim a price match as I found the exactly the same room much cheaper in 2 other competitor websites. 1st they said they could not open the hyperlinks sent, second that the property wasn't the same, that it did not included breakfast and that it was more expensive. They are misleading their clientele. AVOID!!!!!"

nit b says

"I wish I could give them less thn one star I am Never gout to use it again"

Nagip Kasmi says

"i had bad experience with"

Ivan says

"So disappointed by their values and hidden fees..... who knows how BOOKING.COM earns money indeed?"

klp says

"DESERVES ZEROS STARS!!! I booked a 2 night stay at La Quinta at Northwest Fwy Houston TX. I am a cancer patient there in Houston for treatments and have difficulty walking due to pain. When we arrived we found that renovations were going on and none of the workers were wearing masks. Also found the elevator out of order. Our room was on the 3rd floor. Stairs were not an option as I have pain related to my cancer and walking hurts. We asked to cancel and asked for a refund. Refund was denied. Corporate office for La Quinta also denied my refund due to me scheduling through I am so offended that is booking appointments at places not following protocols related to the spread of covid and that they would not refund our money when it is truly not safe for someone stay at the motel. There are masks ordinances and signs up at the motel to follow protocol yet no one was following any policies. We had to rush to find another place to stay!!!"

Jess says

"Great prices but not always very good with replying if you need help..."

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